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Eurocollege Universty of Applied Sciences

Founded in 1949, EuroCollege University of Applied Sciences is among the best and oldest schools in the Netherlands.

The courses are tough and of a high standard. Our graduation rate is among the highest in the Netherlands.Discipline and professionalism
Studying at EuroCollege requires ambition, perseverance and motivation. To the Dutch way of thinking, it is a tough regime when you study with us - long days and clear rules of the game. It's an approach that's considered perfectly normal in many companies. This means: showing up on time, being present, demonstrating initiative, honouring deadlines, dressing presentably and being polite. Agreements are sacred! You may never keep a fellow student, client or customer waiting. You wear a suit on Thursdays. You will discover that hard work and pleasure go hand in hand. After all, success results in satisfaction. In addition, you'll always want more. This is important, because a solid mental approach is the key to success.


Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht en Eindhoven
Kabel weg 44
1014BB Amsterdam

e: info@eurocollege.nl
t: 0206727575
w: % website


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