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specialisatie Management Forest and Nature

Our specialisation in Management Forest and Nature focuses on the management, conservation and upkeep of our forests and natural areas, which are a scarce but highly valued asset in the Netherlands.

If you consider that a forest can be a place for recreation, a source of timber, oxygen producer and a water reservoir, you probably agree that we need more of it! Since our forests and natural areas are very important for our health and wellbeing, it is essential to make sure to protect these areas and manage them in a suitable way. This is where you come in! As an urban forester, you make sure our valuable forests and nature are properly managed and know how to strike a balance between the needs and demands of people and those of our natural areas. As responsible forestry and nature management is playing an ever-more important role in both the Netherlands and abroad, you will have plenty of jobs to choose from after graduation.

specialisatie International Timber Trade

Within our specialisation in International Timber Trade, timber and timber trade obviously play a central role. Timber is more important to us than you might think.

If you look around, you will realise that a lot of things you see and use on a daily basis are made of wood, such as houses, doors, stairs, furniture and paper. Wooden objects are everywhere. The question is, will there be enough timber for everybody in the future? Rapid globalisation, evolving economies and a swiftly growing world population are putting our forests under pressure. That is why sustainable timber production is becoming ever more important. Timber is one of the most transported materials in the world and goes through a long production chain while it makes its way from the forest to becoming a finished product. Your task will be to monitor the entire chain and the processes involved in timber production and trade. After graduation, you will be an expert in sales, transport, timber processing and the corresponding rules and regulations. The dynamic field of international timber trade has a lot in store for you!

specialisatie Human, Health and Nature

The specialisation in Human, Health and Nature revolves around the relationship and the effect nature has on people have and vice versa..

This specialisation teaches you the reasons why people feel better when they are outside and why we are healthier if we spend time outdoors.You learn how to organise fun outdoor events and trips for various kinds of people. From designing a playground to coming up with outside activities for elderly people with Alzheimer disease, you will be the first they turn to. How about creating a meeting room for managers in a natural setting, or developing an educational walking path together with community residents? You will be able to set these projects in motion using the knowledge, skills and competences you acquire in the specialisation in Human, Health and Nature. In the programme, you take courses in nature education, psychology, children, health and community work. You ensure that as many people as possible are able to enjoy nature in various pleasant ways, and know how to communicate effectively with different target groups. In the first two years of the Bachelor of Forestry and Nature Management (BSc) programme, you acquire a solid theoretical basis in nature management, which you can build on when you specialise in Human, Health and Nature. Nature organisations, authorities and local communities are waiting for professionals who know the ins and outs of nature management, so they will welcome you with open arms!

specialisatie Applied Ecology

How can we, in a densely populated country such as the Netherlands, ensure that our unique natural areas are well protected? How do we reintroduce certain plants and animal species?

Apart from natural areas, the nature and environment in our cities also need our attention. Think of ways of creating different kinds of urban nature, improving the quality of urban living environments and making cities more pleasant. Do you have an affinity with 'green' environments? Do you excel in Biology, Ecology and Geography, but are also interested in people? Would you like to learn how to work with GIS (geographical information systems), with which you can make new plans and test their effects directly? In that case, you should choose the professional field in Applied Ecology!

specialisatie Tropical Forestry

In our specialisation in Tropical Forestry, tropical rainforests are key.

A third of the world's forest areas lies in the tropics, but they are disappearing at an alarming rate. Tropical forests are a valuable source of timber, protect our climate and our soil, and have the richest biodiversity on Earth. This unique biodiversity attracts more and more tourism and eco-tourism. The biggest challenge lying ahead of you as an expert in tropical forestry is to minimise or even stop the decrease in the rainforest's surface and quality. In order to preserve tropical forests for our future generations, various national and international initiatives are being developed. Besides the rainforest's role as the lungs of the Earth and provider of a home to a large number of exotic species, they are also a source of trees and timber, which contribute to the economy and sustainable use of land in rural areas. Sustainable management of tropical resources contributes to fighting poverty, mainly in the frame of international development projects. Thanks to the extensive specialisation in Tropical Forestry, you can contribute to the sustainable development of tropical forests in your future job!

specialisatie Stewardship

Our specialisation in Stewardship is all about finding solutions for optimally using the space that is available to us.

Population growth, increasing mobility and global warming are only a few of the issues we will increasingly need to deal and learn to live with in the future. All these issues require solutions, and a lot of them involve a reorganisation of our land and property, including real estate. As a specialist in Stewardship, you will know how to optimally use our scarce space and combine various functionalities. Because of your professional knowledge, you will be consulted as a taxation officer of real estate, a consultant to governmental authorities or an enterprise in the private sector, or as the superintendent of an estate. There are a lot of different roles you can play, which are sometimes challenging but make your work very exciting. This also holds true for the specialisation in Stewardship!


taal van onderwijs50% nl
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onderwijsopzet30% zelfstudie
30% theorie
40% praktijk
case study, practicum, colloquium, project, computer exercise, lecture, self study, excursion, research project, working group, group assignment, individual assignment
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1 september 2019

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