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Erasmus University RotterdamAccounting & Financial Management full-time Rotterdam
The MScBA in Accounting & Financial Management provides up-to-date knowledge of accounting and financial management. In this master programme you will be trained as a broad specialist in this field.
Erasmus University RotterdamAccounting, Auditing and Control full-time Rotterdam
Think critically. Master the latest rules and become an expert in finance and economics.
Erasmus University RotterdamAdvanced Management and Leadership Programme full-time Rotterdam
An intensive, 10-day modular Advanced Management and Leadership programme for seasoned professionals to boost leadership, strategy and finance capabilities.
Erasmus University RotterdamArts and Culture Studies full-timepart-time Rotterdam
Do you want to become a professional in the field of arts and culture studies? Here you will study all facets of this dynamic field, from production to consumption, from an international perspective.
Erasmus University RotterdamBrand Strategy full-time Rotterdam
Understand the strategic implications of branding for your organisation and learn how to create and position your brand for success.
Erasmus University RotterdamBusiness and Management full-time Rotterdam
Combining education with research in a programme for academically talented and highly motivated students, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University offers a research master in Business and Ma
Erasmus University RotterdamBusiness Information Management full-time Rotterdam
Combining business and IT, the MSc in Business Information Management at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University focuses on using information management to improve business performance.
Erasmus University RotterdamClinical Research full-time Rotterdam
Patient care and clinical research: what a combination. Learn both how to produce the best diagnoses and provide the best treatment, and get ready for a dual career as a clinician and a researcher.
Erasmus University RotterdamCommercial Law full-time Rotterdam
Erasmus School of Law offers four specializations in Commercial Law: Commercial & Company Law, International Arbitration & Business Law, International Trade Law and Maritime & Transport law.
Erasmus University RotterdamCommunication with Power and Impact for Women full-time Rotterdam
Understand and master the effects of body language and tone to increase your power and influence through communication.
Erasmus University RotterdamCorporate Branding full-time Rotterdam
The three-day Corporate Branding programme teaches participants how to lead the building process for a strong and enduring corporate brand.
Erasmus University RotterdamCorporate Communication part-time Rotterdam
The Part-time Executive International Master of Corporate Communication Programme is designed for experienced corporate communications professionals looking for advanced knowledge and proficiencies in
Erasmus University RotterdamCrisis Communication full-time Rotterdam
Crisis Communication is a three-day programme that explores all aspects of crisis communication, and teaches participants tools to apply before, during and after a crisis hits.
Erasmus University RotterdamCustomer-Centric Strategy for B2B Markets full-time 
Acquire a deep understanding of creating customer value and value renewal in B2B markets.
Erasmus University RotterdamDeep Learning full-time Amsterdam
This one-week Deep Learning course covers theoretical and practical aspects, state-of-the-art deep learning architectures and application examples.
Erasmus University RotterdamDeveloping Social Housing Projects - Property Management with a Social Mandate (IHS) full-time Rotterdam
One of the characteristics of developing countries is fast growing cities and the lack of affordable housing. This short course tunes your skills to improve housing conditions of people in real need.
Erasmus University RotterdamDevelopment Studies (ISS) full-timepart-time Den Haag
The programme will be tackling issues such as: Human Rights, Governance and Development Policy, Poverty, Food politics, Migration, Refugee, Agrarian and Environmental studies, gender equality & rights
Erasmus University RotterdamDigital Analytics full-time Rotterdam
Are you drowning in data? Do you feel your department is falling behind in collecting, analysing, and using data? Do you want to create new value streams for your organisation from internal and extern
Erasmus University RotterdamDigital Innovation full-time Rotterdam
Respond to change driven by digital disruption by leveraging fundamental digital technologies and turning them into concrete business opportunities.
Erasmus University RotterdamDigital Leadership and Change full-time 
Develop the critical skills and responsibilities needed to adapt team and organisational capabilities to effectively integrate digital transformations.
Erasmus University RotterdamDigital Strategy full-time Rotterdam
This programme will help you and your company to take advantage of emerging disruptive technologies (e.g.: Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain) threatening to disrupt your industry
Erasmus University RotterdamDiploma Programme in Customs and Supply Chain Compliance full-time Rotterdam
The nine-day Diploma Programme in Customs and Supply Chain Compliance enables you to better understand EU customs law, auditing, IT and supply chain to improve co-operation in international trade.
Erasmus University RotterdamDiploma Programme in Digital Transformation full-time Rotterdam
Turn digital disruption from threat into opportunity in your company with RSM's Diploma Programme in Digital Transformation.
Erasmus University RotterdamDiploma Programme in General Management full-time Rotterdam
Erasmus University RotterdamDouble Degree in Arts and Sciences (RASL) full-time Rotterdam
The Rotterdam Arts & Sciences Lab offers students a double degree, one from a research university and one from from an applied sciences university. It is the first of its kind in The Netherlands.
Erasmus University RotterdamDouble degree with Philosophy (Wijsbegeerte van een bepaald Wetenschapsgebied) full-time Rotterdam
Are you an ambitious student who is interested in exploring academic fields beyond the borders of your own programme? If yes, you might want to take up the challenge to get a second degree in philosop
Erasmus University RotterdamEconometrics / Economics - BSc2 - Double degree full-time Rotterdam
Erasmus School of Economics offers you a unique opportunity to acquire both profound economic insights and practical quantitative econometrical skills in only four years.
Erasmus University RotterdamEconometrics and Management Science full-time Rotterdam
Take the challenge: be a problem-solver for government or business. Get the latest economic theories and quantitative methods, and apply them to practical problems in one of four specialised areas.
Erasmus University RotterdamEconomics and Business full-time Rotterdam
If you seek to link economic theory with practice through the involvement of industry and governments, then the MSc in Economics and Business is the programme for you.
Erasmus University RotterdamEconomics of Health Inequality full-time Rotterdam
This course will arm you with tools to measure health inequality and make you familiar with models developed to explain socioeconomic disparities in health and competent in empirical methods used to e
Erasmus University RotterdamEffective Negotiating Skills full-time Rotterdam
Effective Negotiating Skills is a three-day programme to find the skills and the confidence needed to develop your own style of negotiation and learn how to apply the fundamental concepts.
Erasmus University RotterdamEmployee Communication full-time Rotterdam
This masterclass will equip professionals in corporate communication, strategic communication, internal communication and HR with knowledge and a deep toolkit to keep employees informed and engaged.
Erasmus University RotterdamEssentials of Coaching full-time Rotterdam
The two-days Essentials of Coaching programme provide you with a coaching toolbox to develop and get the best out of others.
Erasmus University RotterdamEssentials of Leadership full-time Rotterdam
The three-days Essentials of Leadership Programme helps you to become a successful leader with the latest knowledge and techniques to enhance your personal leadership style and physical intelligence.
Erasmus University RotterdamEuropean Master in Health Economics and Management full-time Rotterdam
Eu-HEM chases excellence in health economics and management, with the joint European Master's programme being taught in the top four European universities in this field.
Erasmus University RotterdamEuropean Master in Law and Economics full-time Rotterdam
This joint programme organised by the Erasmus Mundus Law and Economics Consortium covers one academic year and is subdivided into three terms.
Erasmus University RotterdamExecutive MBA part-time Rotterdam
The part-time weekend Executive MBA Programme is designed for working professionals aiming to further develop their cross-functional capabilities and improve their business skills.
Erasmus University RotterdamFinance & Investments full-time Rotterdam
Explore decision-making and its implications for finance, investments and financial management in the MSc in Finance and Investments from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University.
Erasmus University RotterdamFinance for Communication Professionals full-time Rotterdam
This three-day programme expands your knowledge of financial markets and how they interact with corporate communication.
Erasmus University RotterdamFinance for Engineers full-time Rotterdam
Are you a manager with a quantitative background in engineering or sciences? Grasp the important aspects of finance, helping you to understand the financial aspects of your role.
Erasmus University RotterdamFinance for Non-Financial Managers full-time Rotterdam
In the two-day Finance for Non-Financial Managers programme you gain essential knowledge of the most widely used financial tools, helping you to understand the financial aspects of your role.
Erasmus University RotterdamFinance for Pharmacists full-time Rotterdam
The Finance for Pharmacists programme will equip you with all the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully manage the financial aspects of running a pharmacy business.
Erasmus University RotterdamFinance for Senior Managers full-time Rotterdam
With the three-day Finance for Senior Managers programme you will get the know-how about financial statements, investment decisions and value-based management to give your career a boost.
Erasmus University RotterdamFoundations of Strategy full-time Rotterdam
Develop a solid understanding of strategy and the analytical and conceptual skills to contribute to the success of your company.
Erasmus University RotterdamFrom S&OP to IBP full-time 
Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) and Integrated Business Planning (IBP) are back on the radar for many organisations. However, organisations interested in moving towards IBP need to identify clear b
Erasmus University RotterdamGlobal Business & Sustainability full-time Rotterdam
A Master in Sustainable Business: The MSc Global Business & Stakeholder Management is a world leading programme dealing with the complex sustainability challenges faced by business in an integrated ma
Erasmus University RotterdamGlobal Executive OneMBA part-time Rotterdam
The Global Executive OneMBA Program is a 21-month modular executive MBA Program at the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam.
Erasmus University RotterdamGreen Cities for Eco-efficiency (ECO)(IHS) full-time Rotterdam
Half the world's population now live in built-up areas, with an estimated 60 million people being added every year. It is necessary to develop sustainable urban energy policies for efficient land use.
Erasmus University RotterdamHealth Care Management full-time Rotterdam
Do you aspire to be a critical thinking manager in the healthcare sector? Study Health Care Management in Rotterdam and be ideally prepared for a promising career.
Erasmus University RotterdamHealth Economics, Policy & Law full-time Rotterdam
Get a comprehensive view by exploring the economic, political and legal approaches to the complexities of healthcare systems.
Erasmus University RotterdamHealth Sciences full-timepart-time Rotterdam
Explore the potential of medical research. In upcoming years, important discoveries will be made in the health sciences. Take part in unearthing these discoveries.
Erasmus University RotterdamHealth Sciences full-time Rotterdam
Explore the potential of medical research. In upcoming years, important discoveries will be made in the health sciences. Take part in unearthing these discoveries.
Erasmus University RotterdamHistory full-timepart-time Rotterdam
Understanding the past is key to understanding the present. In this programme, you approach history from multiple angles, examining social, political and cultural issues in historical cases.
Erasmus University RotterdamHuman Resource Management full-time Rotterdam
Understand the interactions of people with an MSc in Human Resource Management from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, for more effective, creative and community-oriented employees.
Erasmus University RotterdamInfection and Immunity full-time Rotterdam
Get the latest and most in-depth knowledge of the workings of infectious disease and immuno-deficiencies. Translate between basic science and clinical medicine, and go on to a top research career.
Erasmus University RotterdamInfrastructure and Green Cities: Managing Sustainable Water, Transport, Energy, Waste and Drainage Services full-time Rotterdam
This programme focuses on how local governments can manage, finance and provide infrastructure to deliver quality services while improving the cities' green performance.
Erasmus University RotterdamInternational Bachelor Arts and Culture Studies full-time Rotterdam
In the International Bachelor Arts and Culture Studies you gain insight into what goes on behind the scenes in the world of arts and culture.
Erasmus University RotterdamInternational Bachelor Communication and Media full-time Rotterdam
Explore the world of media and its political, economic, and cultural impact. Pursue opportunities for international exchange, and go on to advanced studies or a top-flight career in communications.
Erasmus University RotterdamInternational Bachelor Econometrics and Operations Research full-time Rotterdam
The International Bachelor Econometrics and Operations Research is a three year programme that focuses on the application of mathematical and statistical techniques to answer economic questions.
Erasmus University RotterdamInternational Bachelor Economics and Business Economics full-time Rotterdam
The International Bachelor Economics and Business Economics is a captivating three year programme that focuses on worldwide issues related to economics and business.
Erasmus University RotterdamInternational Bachelor History full-time Rotterdam
This programme takes a unique approach by focusing on how history shapes present-day societies. You focus on modern history and political, cultural, social and economic issues.
Erasmus University RotterdamInternational Bachelor in Psychology full-time Rotterdam
Do you strive to understand why humans behave the way they do? Find out if the International Bachelor in Psychology at Erasmus University Rotterdam is the right choice for you.
Erasmus University RotterdamInternational Business Administration full-time Rotterdam
The three-year BSc in International Business Administration at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University is the ideal start to a career in international business or further studies abroad.
Erasmus University RotterdamInternational Course on Housing and Urban Development (ICHUD) (IHS) full-time Rotterdam
Specialize yourself as an urban professional! This course offers the opportunity to join part of the specialisation period of the master programme in Urban Management and Development.
Erasmus University RotterdamInternational Full-time MBA full-time Rotterdam
Transform your career with the RSM MBA. We are proud of our MBA and we believe that this programme can truly serve your personal and career goals.
Erasmus University RotterdamInternational Management full-time Rotterdam
A joint degree programme in 18-months: the MSc in International Management / CEMS from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University is highly regarded in the international business community.
Erasmus University RotterdamInternational Public Management and Policy full-time Rotterdam
The master programme in International Public Management and Policy focuses on the increasingly international nature of public management and public policy-making.
Erasmus University RotterdamLeadership and Communication full-time Rotterdam
It's essential that communication professionals gain a deep and solid understanding of general management, in order to effectively communicate their organisation's objectives and goals.
Erasmus University RotterdamLeadership Challenges with Data Analytics full-time Rotterdam
Guide your organisation in your transformation towards a data-driven company through a combination of in-class sessions, e-learning and team coaching on company-specific use cases.
Erasmus University RotterdamLean Six Sigma Black Belt Excellence Programme full-time Rotterdam
Complete Lean Six Sigma training complemented with a high level leadership programme designed by RSM. Explore the essence of effective leadership to make Lean Six Sigma work.
Erasmus University RotterdamLiberal Arts & Sciences full-time Rotterdam
A small scale, intensive and residential approach to Liberal Arts & Sciences.
Erasmus University RotterdamMake Strategy Work full-time Rotterdam
Learn how to successfully turn high-level strategic imperatives and concepts into action for teams and individuals.
Erasmus University RotterdamManagement for Lawyers full-time 
How can law firms better position themselves in a fiercer and more competitive market? Lawyers can learn how to speak the language of management in a four-day programme.
Erasmus University RotterdamManagement of Innovation full-time Rotterdam
The MSc in Management of Innovation at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University focuses on what you need to do to generate good ideas and turn them into a commercial success.
Erasmus University RotterdamManagement of International Social Challenges full-time Rotterdam
Are you interested in solving social problems that transcend national borders? Learn more about the bachelor programme Management of International Social Challenges at Erasmus University Rotterdam.
Erasmus University RotterdamMaritime Economics and Logistics full-timepart-time Rotterdam
The MSc in Maritime Economics and Logistics (MEL) is a unique, postgraduate/post-experience programme aimed at advancing promising young professionals into the future leaders of the maritime sector.
Erasmus University RotterdamMarketing Management full-time Rotterdam
International faculty at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University teaching students on the MSc in Marketing Management are able to demonstrate marketing strategies and tactics that influence
Erasmus University RotterdamMaster in Management full-time Rotterdam
Ranked in the top ten by FT for Masters in Management and with the Netherlands' widest selection of MSc programmes, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University equips you for business.
Erasmus University RotterdamMastering Performance Management  Rotterdam
Enterprises operating in a world full of uncertainties see demand affected in ways that are not yet understood. New complexities and challenges add risk to financial plans. Modernising finance functio
Erasmus University RotterdamMedia Impact on Reputation full-time Rotterdam
Media Impact on Reputation is a three-day programme that focuses on how the media affects corporate reputations. The programme is open for professionals in corporate communication and related fields.
Erasmus University RotterdamMedia Studies full-timepart-time Rotterdam
Stay tuned to changes in the media. Track developments in the sector, explore its pervasive impact and clout, and launch a top-flight career in a professional field or research.
Erasmus University RotterdamMedia Studies - Sociology of Culture, Media and the Arts full-time Rotterdam
Immerse yourself. Get in-depth, internationally focused, social-scientific training. Study key issues in media, arts and society, and go on to a PhD or a career in research, policy, or consultancy.
Erasmus University RotterdamMolecular Medicine full-time Rotterdam
Bring yourself to the forefront of developments in biomedical science. Work with acclaimed research groups, do extensive research, and write up a thesis.
Erasmus University RotterdamMundus MAPP full-time Den Haag
The overall objective of the programme is to provide scholarly education and practical training for future academic and policy leaders in the public, private and non-profit sectors.
Erasmus University RotterdamNanobiology full-time Rotterdam
Nanobiology is a new field of research that borders on physics and biology. The programme focuses on the interactions between molecules, cells and organisms, based on fundamental principles of physics
Erasmus University RotterdamNanobiology full-time Rotterdam
The successful application of Nanobiology will require true disciplinary integration of physics and biology.
Erasmus University RotterdamNegotiating for Success: Women, Careers and Business full-time Rotterdam
This workshop gives you tools, techniques and a theoretical framework to improve your negotiation skills.
Erasmus University RotterdamNeuromarketing full-time Rotterdam
Learn insights from neuromarketing to find more business opportunities, and reduce waste of marketing resources while increasing your effectiveness and success in marketing.
Erasmus University RotterdamNeuroscience full-time Rotterdam
The RM Neuroscience programme is a fulltime, two-year study programme of 120 EC hosted by the dept. Neuroscience. This programme trains students to become researchers in the field of Neuroscience.
Erasmus University RotterdamNew Business Development full-time Rotterdam
Understand new approaches to design, implement, and integrate new business development into your organisation.
Erasmus University RotterdamNordic Leadership Expedition full-time 
Erasmus University RotterdamOperations Management full-time Rotterdam
Deal with your company's operational challenges and opportunities. Start competing effectively and successfully by influencing the role and impact of supply chain and operations in your organisation.
Erasmus University RotterdamOrganisational Change full-time Rotterdam
The three-day Organisational Change programme optimises your ability to communicate effectively about change, in order to gain acceptance from your relevant stakeholders.
Erasmus University RotterdamOrganisational Change and Consulting full-time Rotterdam
Firms face constant upheaval. An MSc in Organisational Change & Consulting from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University helps you become an agent of change, stimulating sustainable changes.
Erasmus University RotterdamPedagogy and Education full-time Rotterdam
Interested in youth, families and schools with multiple and complex urban problems? Become a policymaker, consultant or researcher by enrolling in the master programme in Pedagogy and Education.
Erasmus University RotterdamPersuasive Leadership full-time Rotterdam
A highly experiential programme aimed at helping you master internal power and political networks.
Erasmus University RotterdamPhilosophy full-timepart-time Rotterdam
The MA Philosophy is the place where cutting edge philosophical research meets the classroom. This enables our students to engage in contemporary philosophical debates.
Erasmus University RotterdamPhilosophy - Philosophy and Economics full-time Rotterdam
Get a solid analytical and critical grasp of new views. Be part of an advanced discussion in the philosophy, methodology, history and culture of economics, and go on to a research or academic career.
Erasmus University RotterdamPhilosophy in Business full-time Rotterdam
Erasmus University RotterdamProject Management in Practice full-time Rotterdam
Explore the best-practice tools, management models and people skills you need to become an effective project manager.
Erasmus University RotterdamPsychology full-time Rotterdam
Do you wish to comprehend human behaviour? We offer you one of the best master programmes in Psychology in the Netherlands.
Erasmus University RotterdamPublic Administration full-time Rotterdam
In the master programme of Public Administration at Erasmus University Rotterdam you learn how to manage complex societal problems within the public sector.
Erasmus University RotterdamPublic Administration and Organisational Science full-time Rotterdam
Explore core issues in Public Administration and Organisational Science. This master programme prepares you for a career as a researcher, management consultant, or policy advisor.
Erasmus University RotterdamRSM Business Valuation full-time Rotterdam
Learn and thoroughly understand the valuation tools you need to become an independent business valuator.
Erasmus University RotterdamRSM Diploma Programme in General Management full-time Rotterdam
The fast track for young professionals who move into the role of a manager or supervisor for the first time. Acquire techniques and competences to run your team smoothly and effectively.
Erasmus University RotterdamRules for Effective Decision-Making full-time Rotterdam
Adjust your organisational decision-making according to new found insights fueled by A.I. and machine learning.
Erasmus University RotterdamSocial Entrepreneurship full-time Rotterdam
Erasmus University RotterdamSociology full-time Rotterdam
Do you want to research and analyse social developments? Then the master programme in Sociology at Erasmus University Rotterdam is the right choice for you.
Erasmus University RotterdamStrategic Account Management full-time Rotterdam
During the three day Strategic Account Management programma you will gain the knowledge and practical skills you need to confidently manage long-term strategic relationships with your key clients.
Erasmus University RotterdamStrategic Communication full-time Rotterdam
This three-day programme will make you conversational on key concepts such as positioning and globalisation, and the consequences for corporate communication.
Erasmus University RotterdamStrategic Entrepreneurship full-time Rotterdam
Eager for an entrepreneurial job developing new business or want to start your own company? Then do the MSc in Strategic Entrepreneurship from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University.
Erasmus University RotterdamStrategic Management full-time Rotterdam
Msc in Strategic Management from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University focuses on three activities: analysis, formulation and implementation to formulate business strategy and direction.
Erasmus University RotterdamStrategic Problem-Solving full-time Rotterdam
In the two-day Strategy Consultant's Approach to Problem Solving programme you will explore best-practice methods and tools for solving problems, developed by global top management consulting firms.
Erasmus University RotterdamStrategic Urban Planning and Policy: Managing Socio-Spatial Dynamics for Sustainable Cities full-time Rotterdam
This programme focuses on how planning can respond flexibly to the urban dynamics and how various stakeholders can engage in the co-production of a commonly desired urban development.
Erasmus University RotterdamSuccessful People Management full-time Rotterdam
Learn to deal with your daily leadership challenges. Over three days, RSM's leadership experts will teach you the most effective management, people management and team management skills.
Erasmus University RotterdamSummer Course in Corporate Communication full-time 
The five-day Summer Course in Corporate Communication is designed for professionals in corporate communication and related fields.
Erasmus University RotterdamSupply Chain Management full-time Rotterdam
As a neighbour of Europe's busiest port, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University is a leader in researching Supply Chain Management (SCM).
Erasmus University RotterdamSustainable Finance full-time Rotterdam
This three-day programme addresses the why, what and how of sustainable finance, providing you with practical tools for implementing sustainable investing and lending.
Erasmus University RotterdamSustainable Local Economic Development (LED) – Supporting Firms and Farms (IHS) full-time Rotterdam
Create and manage multi-stakeholder processes that take place in the local and regional urban economy. This postgraduate course focuses on instruments for policies to support SME development.
Erasmus University RotterdamSustainable Urban Development full-time Rotterdam
Erasmus University RotterdamTeam Leadership full-time Rotterdam
Develop your own practical team leadership strategies and solutions to overcome challenges, and to realise your team's potential.
Erasmus University RotterdamTechical Medicine (joint degree) full-time Rotterdam
Erasmus University Rotterdam offers a unique interdisciplinary joint-degree Master programme in technical medicine together with TU Delft, Leiden University and their academic medical centers.
Erasmus University RotterdamThe Challenge of Leadership full-time Rotterdam
A four-day programme 'The Challenge of Leadership' to master the core skills needed to deliver outstanding leadership skills that builds teams and business.
Erasmus University RotterdamThe New Sales Manager full-time 
Sales professionals must find their place in this new era with undergoing digitalisation, and an increasing need for customer centricity. How do you deal with them as sales manager?
Erasmus University RotterdamThe Power of Presence full-time Rotterdam
Focus on your non-verbal presentation and strengths, and learn how to communicate with power and impact.
Erasmus University RotterdamThe Power of Storytelling full-time Rotterdam
During the one-day Power of Storytelling programme you will learn how to use stories to attract and engage your customers, colleagues and business partners.
Erasmus University RotterdamThought Leadership full-time Rotterdam
The three-day Thought Leadership programme stretches the edges of your thinking by exploring how thought leaders go about in navigating the future.
Erasmus University RotterdamTinbergen Institute Master of Philosophy in Economics full-time Rotterdam
The programme is a two year research master in economics, econometrics and finance. Fully dedicated to preparing students for PhD thesis research.
Erasmus University RotterdamTransitions to Land-based Financing full-time Rotterdam
Land-based financing is increasingly recognised as an important way for cities to attract resources to fund their public, social and environmental goods
Erasmus University RotterdamUrban Economic Development and Resilience: Innovative and Entrepreneurial Cities in the Global Economy full-time Rotterdam
This programme examines how cities use innovation and entrepreneurship to drive growth and build economic resilience in a competitive globalised economy.
Erasmus University RotterdamUrban Environment, Sustainability and Climate Change: Nature-Based Solutions for Smart and Resilient Cities full-time Rotterdam
This programme focuses on different analytical and practical approaches to foster resilience and environmental sustainability in urban areas worldwide.
Erasmus University RotterdamUrban Heritage Strategies full-time Rotterdam
Urban Heritage Strategies (UHS) aims to develop a better understanding of the complex relationship between urban development and heritage management.
Erasmus University RotterdamUrban Housing, Equity and Social Justice full-time 
Erasmus University RotterdamUrban Housing, Equity and Social Justice: Adequate Housing from a Human Rights and Gender Perspective full-time Rotterdam
This programme focuses on evaluating the complex process of providing adequate housing from a human rights and gender perspective.
Erasmus University RotterdamUrban Land Governance for Sustainable Development: Bridging Land, Water and Natural Resources full-time Rotterdam
This programme focuses on how land and natural resources are accessed, managed and how these aspects contribute to, or hinder the development of equitable and sustainable cities.
Erasmus University RotterdamUrban Management and Development (UMD)(IHS) full-time Rotterdam
The 12-month MSc in Urban Management and Development (UMD) is a multidisciplinary programme designed to equip students with the knowledge and the skills to become competent urban managers.
Erasmus University RotterdamUrban Management and Development Theories (UMDT)(IHS) - Sustainable, inclusive and food secure urbanisation full-time Rotterdam
This course offers urban professionals the latest knowledge on urban development and management theory to analyze the development of their cities and to transform them to the cities of the future.
Erasmus University RotterdamUrban Management Tools for Climate Change (UMTCC) – Enhancing Urban Climate Resilience and Low Carbon Development in the Practice of Urban Management (IHS) full-time Rotterdam
Cities undertake actions to adapt to climate change and reduce their GHG emissions. This course offers management tools covering sectors from water and food security to energy and transport.
Erasmus University RotterdamUrban Management: Good Governance in Complex Contemporary Cities full-time Rotterdam
Erasmus University RotterdamWinter Course in Corporate Communication full-time 
The four-day Winter Course in Corporate Communication is designed for professionals in corporate communication and related fields. It explores four key themes in corporate communication in four days.
Erasmus University RotterdamWomen in Leadership full-time Rotterdam
Prepare yourself for your next career step. Learn how to manage yourself, manage relationships, and manage networks.