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Van Hall Larenstein, University of Applied Sciences

Van Hall Larenstein is the most sustainable university of applied sciences in the Netherlands. We train high-quality, ambitious and innovative professionals who contribute to a more sustainable world.

Our curricula focus on Food & Dairy, Animals & Business and Delta Areas & Resources. As a university of applied sciences, we conduct high-quality practice-based research which enhances both our teaching and our position as a research institute. As a research institute, we supply practice-based solutions for issues from national and international business and society. Alongside Bachelor programmes we also provide Master's programmes, postgraduate higher vocational training programmes and courses for regional, national and international students. Van Hall Larenstein has been rated the most sustainable University of Applied Sciences!


Info desk
Larensteinselaan 26a
6882 CT Velp (bij Arnhem)

e: info@hvhl.nl
t: 026-369 5795
w: % website


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