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Maastricht University full-time Maastricht
Maastricht UniversityAdvanced Master in Intellectual Property Law and Knowledge Management full-timepart-time Maastricht
Intellectual Property Law and Knowledge Management is an advanced master's for lawyers, non-lawyers, and those with a degree in science of technology
Maastricht UniversityArt, Literature and Society (label: Arts & Culture) full-time Maastricht
The Master in Art, Literature and Society addresses contemporary debates in literature, art, religion, philosophy, and culture. It is a one year programme, taught in English.
Maastricht UniversityArtificial Intelligence full-time Maastricht
A two-year advanced programme focused on the understanding, design and creation of intelligent systems: e.g. game playing, robot control and analysing data.
Maastricht UniversityArts and Culture full-time Maastricht
The BA Arts & Culture examines the interrelationships between science, culture, and politics in Western society. During the programme's graduation phase you can customise your programme.
Maastricht UniversityArts and Heritage: Policy, Management and Education (Label: Arts & Culture) full-time Maastricht
Arts and Heritage is an interdisciplinary programme focusing on the theory & practice of cultural policy, management and education.
Maastricht UniversityBiobased Materials full-time Maastricht
Biobased Materials are materials that are (partly) made from biological components. The chemical industry has to look for biological renewable feedstocks to produce sustainable plastics and materials.
Maastricht UniversityBiomedical Sciences full-time Maastricht
From molecule to gene, to cell and organ, to individuals and entire populations: in this programme you explore the relationship between human beings and their environment at the molecular level.
Maastricht UniversityBiomedical Sciences full-time Maastricht
The three-year, English-taught Biomedical Sciences (BMS) bachelor explores how the human body works in day-to-day life, during periods of illness, while ageing and during peak (sports) performance.
Maastricht UniversityBuilding Resilience and Adaptive Governance full-time Maastricht
The course aims to develop an interdisciplinary perspective on resilience and adaptive governance in the light of social-ecological crises and environmental change.
Maastricht UniversityBusiness & Economics in Europe full-time Maastricht
The programme is designed to give business and economics students a greater understanding of the international business practices in Europe and the economic policies of the European Union.
Maastricht UniversityCertificate Courses in Health Education full-time Amersfoort
A programme of Certificate Courses in Health Professions Education has been introduced, in order to cater for participants at the level of course organisers.
Maastricht UniversityComparative Migration Policy full-time Maastricht
The goal of this course is to make students familiar with different types of migration policies and the causes and consequences of these policies.
Maastricht UniversityComparative Regionalism full-time Maastricht
This course will take over from the theory-oriented introductory course 'Introduction to Regions' to explore practices of regional cooperation in different parts of the world.
Maastricht UniversityCountry Risk Analysis: Growth Potential, Economic Policy and External Finances of Emerging Markets full-time 
Maastricht UniversityCurriculum and Course Design in Medical Education full-time Amersfoort
Participants will learn how to systematically design a course or educational programme.
Maastricht UniversityData Collection and Analysis for Migration Studies full-time Maastricht
The goal of this course is to ensure that students are both comfortable with and capable of using the major data methodologies in migration studies.
Maastricht UniversityData Science & Artificial Intelligence full-time Maastricht
Bachelor's programme in which solutions to knowledge problems are found by collecting, adjusting & enriching information using computer science, applied mathematics & artificial intelligence.
Maastricht UniversityData Science for Decision Making full-time Maastricht
Students use tools & models from applied mathematics to examine decision making & the concept of optimisation. English-language, 2-year programme focuses on mathematical and computing skills.
Maastricht UniversityDigital Society full-time Maastricht
You will better understand the history of the digital revolution and the impact of digitalisation on today's society, culture & politics so that you can shape the digital transformations of tomorrow
Maastricht UniversityDutch Law full-time Maastricht
Dutch-language programme focuses on Dutch law & its relationship to European & international law. There are five specialisations & students also can create their own tailor-made specialisation.
Maastricht UniversityDutch Law full-time Maastricht
Students learn how Dutch society is organised & acquire a thorough knowledge of Dutch & European law and international regulation. Dutch Law is a three-year programme taught entirely in Dutch.
Maastricht UniversityEconometrics and Operations Research full-time Maastricht
The Econometrics and Operations Research programme teaches the use of mathematics and statistics to examine economic problems and improve business practices.
Maastricht UniversityEconometrics and Operations Research full-time Maastricht
English-language programme where statistics, mathematics & computer science are used to gain a deeper understanding of business & economic problems. There are four specialisations available.
Maastricht UniversityEconomics full-time Maastricht
English-language programme trains students to become economists who work on the international level for companies, the government & non-profit organisations. Six specialisations are available.
Maastricht UniversityEconomics and Business Economics full-time Maastricht
Economics and Business Economics: a dynamic combination! Economics is the science of choice: it examines why specific alternatives are chosen by organisations, consumers and governmental institutions.
Maastricht UniversityEconomics and Strategy in Emerging Markets full-time Maastricht
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Maastricht UniversityEntrepreneurship: it's all about creating value full-time 
Maastricht UniversityEpidemiology full-time Maastricht
Epidemiology focuses on the occurrence, the distribution and the determinants of health and disease, and on the methods that can be used to study these phenomena.
Maastricht UniversityEuropean Law School full-time Maastricht
The programme combines on European and International law with courses on legal systems of different EU member states. You'll be trained in legal skills like presenting, mooting and pleading a case.
Maastricht UniversityEuropean Law School full-time Maastricht
Offers courses on different areas of European law: competition law, criminal law, family law and financial regulation. You'll also be familiarised with the methods and content of legal argumentation.
Maastricht UniversityEuropean Public Affairs full-time Maastricht
The 1-year English-taught master's programme in European Public Affairs provides advanced professional training in both the theoretical and practical aspects of European policy-making.
Maastricht UniversityEuropean Public Health full-time Maastricht
European Public Health (EPH) is about preventing disease and promoting healthy lifestyles for all Europeans with clear European policy. Because diseases aren't stopped by borders.
Maastricht UniversityEuropean Society & History full-time Maastricht
The European Society & History programme is for students who want to study important societal issues of our time from a European perspective.
Maastricht UniversityEuropean Studies full-time Maastricht
European Studies examines the political, historical, social and cultural aspects of European integration. A three-year, English-language programme with a strong interdisciplinary character.
Maastricht UniversityEuropean Studies full-time Maastricht
The master's programme in European Studies focuses on the international dimensions of European Union policy, governance and administration. It is a one-year master's programme offered in English.
Maastricht UniversityEuropean Studies on Society, Science and Technology full-time Maastricht
This English-language programme teaches students how to approach the impact of new technologies on society - such as the internet, genetic engineering, nanotechnology and alternative energy.
Maastricht UniversityEvidence-Based Policy Research Methods full-time 
Maastricht UniversityExchange Programme Incoming Medical Undergraduate Students full-time Maastricht
Maastricht UniversityExecutive Master in Cultural Leadership full-time Maastricht
Maastricht UniversityFinancial Economics full-time Maastricht
English-language programme combining financial, economic and quantitative expertise to prepare students for careers in investment, finance or management. Three specialisations are available.
Maastricht UniversityFinancing Social Protection full-time Maastricht
The objective of this course is to provide financial analysts in the social protection sector with a methodological toolbox for sound resource management in social protection.
Maastricht UniversityFiscal Economics full-time Maastricht
Three-year programme in Dutch and English examines the implications of tax law for companies, households and the overall economy. Open only to students who have a good command of the Dutch language.
Maastricht UniversityForensic Psychology full-time Maastricht
The two-year Master in Forensic Psychology is aimed at developing the skills and knowledge you need to become a scientist-practitioner in the forensic mental health field.
Maastricht UniversityForensics, Criminology and Law full-time Maastricht
In this multidisciplinary programme, you'll explore the big picture of the criminal justice system. You will study subjects of different forensic disciplines, namely psychology, psychopathology, accou
Maastricht UniversityFoundation Programme full-time Maastricht
The Foundation Programme is for motivated, international students who want to do a bachelor's programme at Maastricht University but do not meet the entry requirements
Maastricht UniversityGlobal Health full-time Maastricht
This programme emphasises the international dimensions of health and disease. It captures the need to work together to tackle health inequalities to improve health around the world.
Maastricht UniversityGlobal Studies full-time Maastricht
Global Studies trains students to understand and develop solutions for complex global issues. You learn to understand global challenges from a variety of perspectives coming from various disciplines.
Maastricht UniversityGlobalisation and Development Studies full-time Maastricht
The Master of Arts in Globalisation and Development Studies (GDS) prepares students for academic and professional careers in the field of globalisation and development.
Maastricht UniversityGlobalisation and Law full-time Maastricht
Examines the effects of globalisation on law and the globalisation of international law. 4 Specialisations: 1. International Economic Law 2. Human Rights 3. Corporate and Commerial law 4. General Prog
Maastricht UniversityGovernance and Leadership in European Public Health full-time Maastricht
This unique programme gives you the skills needed to look across borders and learn from practices in public health and healthcare elsewhere.
Maastricht UniversityHealth Education and Promotion full-timepart-time Maastricht
This programme revolves around developing, evaluating and promoting health education and promotion programmes and policies at individual, community and policy levels.
Maastricht UniversityHealth Food Innovation Management full-time Venlo
This programme spans the entire process of food innovation, from biomedical sciences and nutrition, via food law and regulatory aspects, to consumer behaviour, business development and marketing
Maastricht UniversityHealth Professions Education part-time Maastricht
A part-time, English-language programme where health professionals acquire knowledge and skills relevant to their careers. MHPE is a two-year programme taught both in Maastricht & abroad.
Maastricht UniversityHealth Sciences full-time Maastricht
Trains professionals who are engaged in the illness & health of individuals & society as a whole. The bachelor's in Health Sciences is a three-year programme taught in Dutch.
Maastricht UniversityHealthcare Policy, Innovation and Management full-timepart-time Maastricht
This programmes aims to educate healtcare professionals who can initiate, develop and manage healthcare innovations.
Maastricht UniversityHistory, Culture and Arts in Europe full-time Maastricht
History, Culture and Arts in Europe invites you to investigate Europe by exploring artistic movements and social history, as well as philosophical and cultural ideas, from a European perspective
Maastricht UniversityHuman Decision Science full-time Maastricht
Human Decision Science combines the best of economics and psychology for exploring and analysing human (behavioural) decisions from the individual to the societal level.
Maastricht UniversityHuman Movement Sciences full-timepart-time Maastricht
This programme covers all aspects of the relationship between physical activity, health and performance. From patients trying to get better to top athletes aiming for the pinnacle of their sport
Maastricht UniversityInnovation and Development Patterns around the Globe full-time Maastricht
The goal for the student is to gain understanding about the variety of development patterns and industrial policies across the global economy.
Maastricht UniversityInnovation and the Global Income Distribution full-time Maastricht
The goals is for the students to become acquainted with the basic economic facts and theories about globalization.
Maastricht UniversityInnovation Systems in the Global Economy full-time Maastricht
The goal of the course is for the students to gain a theoretical and empirical understanding of innovation systems.
Maastricht UniversityIntercultural Communication full-time 
Maastricht UniversityInternational and European Tax Law full-time Maastricht
International and European Tax Law focuses on corporate taxation and international tax planning. Its multidisciplinary approach combines tax law, European law, business and politics.
Maastricht UniversityInternational Business full-time Maastricht
The bachelor's programme International Business is a three-year programme (taught in English) that examines the efficiency and effectiveness of international business organisations and their employees
Maastricht UniversityInternational Business full-time Maastricht
Students develop the knowledge and skills to work in an international business environment. The English-language programme offers thirteen distinct specialisations.
Maastricht UniversityInternational Environmental Law full-time Maastricht
The program takes a fundamental approach to discussing the role of international law.
Maastricht UniversityInternational Executive Master of Finance and Control part-time Maastricht
English-language, part-time, 2.5-year programme with Amsterdam University. Two master's awarded: Dutch Registered Controller & Executive Master of Finance and Control. Classes in NL, USA & China.
Maastricht UniversityInternational Intellectual Property Law and Policy full-time Maastricht
International Intellectual Property Law and Policy
Maastricht UniversityInternational Joint Master of Research in Work and Organizational Psychology full-time Maastricht
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Maastricht UniversityInternational Laws full-time Maastricht
Examines the effects of globalisation & European integration on international, European & national law. English-language, 2-year programme includes intensive language training & one year study abroad.
Maastricht UniversityInternational Master in Affective Neuroscience part-time Maastricht
Research oriented postgraduate programme that teaches scientific competences in the subspecialty of affective neuroscience, that forms an excellent complement to, or first step towards, a PhD.
Maastricht UniversityInternational Relations and Politics in the EU full-time Maastricht
The European Union (EU) was created in the wake of the Second World War, largely to prevent further mass conflict by focusing on economic and political integration.
Maastricht UniversityInternational Trade: Theory, Policy, Environment and Development full-time Maastricht
Maastricht UniversityIntroduction to Migration Studies full-time Maastricht
The goal of this course is to give a broad overview of migration studies, the major theories of the movement of people (and money) and familiarity with country cases.
Maastricht UniversityIntroduction to Regions full-time Maastricht
This course provides students with the theoretical foundation required to understand and study regions and processes of regional integration.
Maastricht UniversityLaw and Labour full-time Maastricht
Dutch-language programme that trains legal professionals to work in the fields of labour & health. There are two specialisations: * Labour and Business * Labour and Health
Maastricht UniversityLiberal Arts & Sciences full-time Maastricht
Maastricht University offers you three different university colleges within the Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS).
Maastricht UniversityMaastricht Science Programme full-time Maastricht
Maastricht Science Programme offers you the opportunity to create your personal curriculum from a broad offer of courses in the natural sciences.
Maastricht UniversityMaastricht Summer School full-time 
Maastricht Summer School is a collaboration between Maastricht School of Management, Zuyd University of Applied Sciences and Maastricht University. These institutes jointly offer courses.
Maastricht UniversityMasterclass Assessment of Professional Competence full-time Amersfoort
The focus in this advanced course will be on (new) messages from assessment research and how to translate insights to assessment (design), including programmatic assessment.
Maastricht UniversityMedia Studies: Digital Cultures (label: Media Studies) full-time Maastricht
This English-taught master's programme examines the media's influence on modern society.You focus on analysing recent developments in new media culture & performing research in the field of new media.
Maastricht UniversityMedicine full-time Maastricht
Dutch-language programme focusing on healthcare & research. Graduates are qualified as 'basic doctors'. The programme is three years long (two of clinical rotations and the third as a 'semi-doctor')
Maastricht UniversityMedicine full-time Maastricht
Each year focuses on a central theme. Y1: The human body in health and sickness. Y2: Integration of knowledge and skills. Y3: From paper to patient. There's a Dutch and an English-language bachelor.
Maastricht UniversityMental Health full-timepart-time Maastricht
Mental Health focuses on diagnostic skills, intervention strategies & research related to alleviating mental suffering in patients.
Maastricht UniversityMigration and Remittance Effects full-time Maastricht
The goal of this course is to explore both the positive and negative effects of migration and remittances in the migrant sending and receiving countries.
Maastricht UniversityMigration Management Diploma Programme full-time Maastricht
The course will equip participants with a range of new skills and insights, as well as practical and interactive experiences of how to apply the latest knowledge in the field of migration management.
Maastricht UniversityPhysician - Clinical Investigator full-time Maastricht
A four-year, Dutch-language programme. You simultaneously study for 2 degrees: Medicine & Clinical Research. Focuses on applying medical research to patient care. Excellent prospects for PhD research.
Maastricht UniversityPolitics and Society full-time Maastricht
Politics & technology, multiculturalism, integration, nationalism and meritocracy: these are some of the hottest topics around today, and they are all integrated in this one-year master's programme.
Maastricht UniversityPolitics, Law & International Relations in Europe full-time Maastricht
Our programme offers students a greater understanding of the current European political and legal issues by examining national agendas, opposition to political union and the roles of NATO and the UN.
Maastricht UniversityPositive Psychology full-time Maastricht
The positive psychological movement is concerned with preventative care, its focus is on building positive qualities to prevent future problems as opposed to repairing damage of the past or present.
Maastricht UniversityPositive Psychology - Course full-time 
Maastricht UniversityPsychology full-time Maastricht
Introduces students to the approaches and methodology of psychology, with a dual focus on cognitive & biological psychology. Psychology is a three-year programme taught in English and Dutch.
Maastricht UniversityPsychology full-time Maastricht
Prepares students for a career in biological or cognitive psychology with a focus on research skills. English-language programme has six specialisations within two fields.
Maastricht UniversityPsychology & Neuroscience in Europe full-time Maastricht
The Psychology & Neuroscience in Europe programme offers students insight into the latest topics in European psychology research.
Maastricht UniversityPublic Economics full-time Maastricht
The aim of this course is to allow students to understand the role of the government and the way public sector intervention influences individuals and the economy.
Maastricht UniversityPublic Health & Medicine in Europe full-time Maastricht
The programme is for students studying public health, biology, life sciences or medicine who are interested in public health policy-making and studying medicine in a European context
Maastricht UniversityPublic Policy full-time Maastricht
The goal of the course is to understand how and by whom public policy is made through the perspective of different theories.
Maastricht UniversityPublic Policy Analysis full-time Maastricht
The courses focuses on actors, institutions and policy instruments in order to gain a systematic way of thinking about the development, design and assessment of public sector policies.
Maastricht UniversityPublic Policy and Human Development full-time Maastricht
The Master in Public Policy and Human Development equips students with a variety of skills, tools and knowledge which enable them to work as policy designers and policy analysts.
Maastricht UniversityQuantitative Techniques for Social Protection Policy Design full-time Maastricht
The objective of this course is to give the students the knowledge necessary to establish a social accounting system, undertake social budget projections and use actuarial analysis for policy making.
Maastricht UniversityRegionalism and Multi-Level Governance full-time Maastricht
This course will approach the phenomenon of multi-level governance from both analytical and empirical perspectives.
Maastricht UniversityResearch Master in Business Research full-time Maastricht
Maastricht UniversityResearch Master in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience full-time Maastricht
The Research Master in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience comprises six specialisations in the fields of neuroscience, psychology, mental illness and drug development.
Maastricht UniversityResearch Master in Cultures of Arts, Science and Technology (Label: Kunst- & cultuurwetenschappen research) full-time Maastricht
This Research Master trains academics in the interrelated domains of modern culture, science, technology, & the arts. This is a two-year, full time, English-language programme.
Maastricht UniversityResearch Master in Economic and Financial Research full-time Maastricht
Maastricht UniversityResearch Master in European Studies full-time Maastricht
The two-year research master in European Studies (RMES) is an interdisciplinary programme that combines political science and international relations with history and sociology.
Maastricht UniversityResearch Seminar: Topical Issues in Comparative Regionalism full-time Maastricht
This course will take the format of a seminar to introduce themes and hot topics in the current research on regional integration and multi-level governance.
Maastricht UniversityRisk and Vulnerability Assessment full-time Maastricht
The course aims to advance the knowledge about risks and vulnerabilities of societies exposed to natural hazards and climate change.
Maastricht UniversityRisk Communication full-time Maastricht
The course aims to advance the knowledge about risk communication, arguably a crucial but neglected and misunderstood aspect of risk analysis.
Maastricht UniversityRisk Management in Crisis Situations full-time Maastricht
Risk management
Maastricht UniversityScience, Technology and Innovation Policy full-time Maastricht
The goal of the course is for students to understand the rationale, working and evaluation of innovation policy instruments.
Maastricht UniversityService Innovation and Design full-time 
Innovation is one of the most important issues in business research today, as it is fundamental for sustainable business success.
Maastricht UniversitySimulated & Standardized Patients full-time Amersfoort
A truly international course for SP-educators that gives you the opportunity to meet and work with international colleagues shaping simulated patients' education around the globe.
Maastricht UniversitySocial movements and Protest Politics full-time 
Maastricht UniversitySummer Course in Health Professions Education full-time 
The interactive Summer Course 'Expanding Horizons in Problem-Based Learning (PBL) in Medicine, Health and Behavioural Sciences' aims to inform participants about all aspects of PBL as implemented in t
Maastricht UniversitySummer Course: Academic Skills and acculturation course for non-EU students full-time Maastricht
This course is designed to help you to adapt to the Problem Based Learning environment and explore academic communication skills required at Maastricht University.
Maastricht UniversitySummer Programme in European Studies full-time Maastricht
The six-week Summer Programme in European Studies (SES) is designed for adventurous students looking for an authentic European study experience while earning credits towards their major.
Maastricht UniversitySustainability Science and Policy full-time Maastricht
Focus on sustainability science and policy, and especially in sustainability assessment, through an interdisciplinary curriculum in an international ambience in 1 year.
Maastricht UniversitySystems Biology full-time Maastricht
Do you want to better understand the underlying mechanisms of life? Would you like to contribute to integrating the scientific fields of biology and mathematics in order to open new perspectives for a
Maastricht UniversityTax Law full-time Maastricht
As a tax specialist, you will deal with a broad range of questions regarding business taxes and personal taxes. Those questions don't respect borders: European borders are fading and businesses and pe
Maastricht UniversityTax Law full-time Maastricht
Focuses on a range of legal, economic and tax subjects. Students become all-round jurists & gain in-depth knowledge of tax law & regular legal subjects. It is a three-year programme taught in Dutch.
Maastricht UniversityThe Business Environment in Latin America: Institutions, Politics and Society full-time 
Maastricht UniversityThe Global Social Challenge: Beyond Poverty & Inequality full-time Maastricht
This course presents the students with a wide range of concepts, definitions, and theories of poverty and inequality.
Maastricht UniversityThe Law and Policy of the World Trade Organisation full-time Maastricht
The course examines the role of law in international trade; the mandate, institutions and decision-making procedures of the WTO; trade disputes; market access and unfair trade; trade liberalization.
Maastricht UniversityThe MaastrichtMBA part-time Maastricht
Maastricht UniversityUnderstanding Social Protection full-time Maastricht
This course presents a comprehensive introduction to social protection policy. It provides an overview of the development of the main issues, theories and practices.
Maastricht UniversityUniversity College Maastricht full-time Maastricht
For students who do not want to be limited to a single academic discipline. Liberal Arts & Sciences' UCM offers over 150 courses in almost all academic disciplines. The 3-year programme is in English.
Maastricht UniversityUniversity College Venlo full-time Venlo
In this Liberal Arts & Sciences programme students design their own curriculum out of a range of courses around the themes Health, Nutrition & Business.
Maastricht UniversityWork, Health and Career full-timepart-time Maastricht
This programme focuses on health and well-being throughout employees' careers. It covers positive aspects of work (e.g.: engagement) and the prevention of negative aspects of work (e.g.: burnout).
Maastricht UniversityWriting a PhD Research Proposal full-time Maastricht