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Our programme offers students a greater understanding of the current European political and legal issues by examining national agendas, opposition to political union and the roles of NATO and the UN.

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typeshort course, 32 EC
taalvolledig English
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Human rights, democracy and the rule of law are at the core values of the European Union (EU). Yet in light of challenges such as migration and societal integration, Brexit and the rise of Euro-scepticism, the future of the EU is far from certain. In a world of converging cultures and different political and legal systems, Politics, Law and International Relations in Europe students explore how policy-makers negotiate between member states with a range of different nationalities, languages and agendas.

Within the programme, you are directly enrolled at Maastricht University and able to take classes at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences –recently awarded the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence for outstanding education and research on European integration- as well as the Center for European Studies.

Waarom aan de Maastricht University?

The programme begins with the five day European Study Trip to Berlin. It also includes a 'Get to the know Netherlands' cultural weekend and a Cultural Weekend Trip to Paris.

You can choose from more than 400 bachelor-level courses in English offered at Maastricht University.


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opbouwOur semester is 18 weeks long and starts with an extensive 2-week introduction, followed by two 'block periods' of classes. Students take two or three courses per 8-week block period depending on the number of credits required. Students can earn a minimum of 24 and maximum of 32 ECTS per semester. The number of hours in class varies from 12-15 hours per week; for every hour in class students are expected to spend 2-3 hours on study.
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taal van onderwijs100% en
case study, literature study, colloquium, oral presentation, research, research project, excursion, research proposal, tutorial, lecture, working group, group assignment, portfolio, group discussion, individual assignment, self study, project, seminar

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Proficient in English

Minimum 3.0 GPA


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