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typesummer course, 2 EC
taalvolledig English
opleidingsduur5 dagen voltijd

Do you want to learn more about neural time series analysis but are missing a formal background in mathematics? Then this course is for you! You will learn the foundational concepts underlying spectral and synchronization analyses, and how to implement them in MATLAB.


taal van onderwijs100% en

After this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the mechanics of the Fourier transform and how to implement it in Matlab.
  • Use complex wavelet convolution to extract time-frequency information from time series data.
  • Simulate data to test the accuracy of data analysis methods and effects of parameters.
  • Implement non-parametric statistics to evaluate statistical significance while correcting for multiple comparisons.

study load
Pre-course assignments/reading: 5 hours
Class attendance: 40 hours
Self-study: 5 hours
Assignment(s): 5 hours
Presentation(s): 1 hours
Other: 5 hours
Total: 56 hours

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