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Tilburg University Accountancy full-time Tilburg
The Master's program in Accountancy offers you an unbeatable start to an international career as an auditor, controller or financial specialist.
Tilburg University Art and Media Studies full-time Tilburg
The MA Art and Media Studies addresses art, literature, and entertainment culture in the modern digitalized and mediatized public sphere.
Tilburg University Business Analytics and Operations Research full-time Tilburg
Do you like a mathematical challenge? Do you want to specialize in solving the most complex optimization problems with help of mathematical models and methods? Look at the Master Business Analytics an
Tilburg University Business Communication & Digital Media full-time Tilburg
In the Master's track in Business Communication and Digital Media you will focus on learning important aspects of internal and external business communication of organizations
Tilburg University Children's and Young Adult Literature full-time Tilburg
Tilburg University Christianity and Society full-time Tilburg
Are you fascinated by religion and Christianity in particular? Have you ever wondered what the impact of Christianity is on society, or how society influences Christianity?
Tilburg University Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence full-time Tilburg
Studying the Bachelor Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence you will learn about artificial intelligence in relation to the science of human cognition and technological innovation.
Tilburg University Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence full-time Tilburg
Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence provides you with a deep understanding of human cognition and communication, as well as the creative and technical skills to apply this knowledge in Artif
Tilburg University Communication and Cognition full-time Tilburg
Combine knowledge about form, process and psychological aspects of communication to contribute to the optimization of communication expressions; both online and offline.
Tilburg University Communication and Information Sciences full-time Tilburg
The MSc in Communication and Information Sciences offers a unique program in which you learn how people acquire/transfer information and how new means of communication can be used innovatively.
Tilburg University Communication and Information Sciences full-time Tilburg
Tilburg University Culture Studies full-time Tilburg
Immerse yourself not only in diverse cultural expressions in words and pictures, but also in the way in which culture is viewed from the perspective of the arts and the public.
Tilburg University Data Science full-time Tilburg
In the Joint Bachelor Data Science, you learn how to analyze the large amounts of data that today's society operates on, spot trends for businesses, government agencies or nonprofit organizations.
Tilburg University Data Science and Society full-time Tilburg
Become a Data Analyst who provides solutions for societal challenges using complex data sets. Specialize in Business, Governance, Media, or Health.
Tilburg University Digital Culture Studies full-time Tilburg
Learn how to analyze the way digital technology re-arranges and innovates the way we relate to others. And how it changes our identities, communities and norms for conduct.
Tilburg University Econometrics and Mathematical Economics full-time Tilburg
If you enjoy mathematics and statistics, and would like to apply this to produce solutions to real-world economic and business challenges, then this is the right program for you.
Tilburg University Econometrics and Operations Research full-time Tilburg
Specialize in solving the most complex business and economics issues, by applying mathematical models to real economic problems. An example is calculating the monthly contributions for health care.
Tilburg University Economics full-time Tilburg
Gain sought-after expertise from some of Europe's leading economists. This specialized degree will give you the foundations you need to become a top economist (Macro, Micro, Statistics, Maths).
Tilburg University Economics full-time Tilburg
Tilburg University's Master's in Economics program equips you with analytical skills and advanced practical tools needed to help companies and governments operate successfully in the modern economy.
Tilburg University Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation full-time Tilburg
Study all aspects of entrepreneurship and business innovation and become an academically trained entrepreneur.
Tilburg University European Law and Global Risk (track van International and European Law) full-time Tilburg
The track European Law and Global Risk focuses on EU law that aims to secure economic prosperity, environmental integrity, proper responses to migration, and continued respect for the rule of law.
Tilburg University Finance full-time Tilburg
The Master's in Finance delivers broad business knowledge and specialized expertise in both financial management and investment analysis.
Tilburg University Global Law full-time Tilburg
LLB Global Law helps you develop the skills to understand and deal with complex legal challenges from multiple points of view, and become the linking pin in large organizations.
Tilburg University Global Management of Social Issues (track of Organization Studies) full-time Tilburg
Understand and manage international societal challenges by combining insights from human resource studies, organization studies, and sociology.
Tilburg University Health Humanities full-time Tilburg
In this program you will study the meaning of health and illness in our society and investigate how these concepts relate to cultural norms and how they address issues of equality and justice.
Tilburg University Health, Wellbeing and Society (track of Master Sociology) full-time Tilburg
Health,Wellbeing and Society is the understanding that sustainability depends on creating resilient and healthy communities,which can adapt to changing conditions without losing fundamental identities
Tilburg University Human Resource Studies full-time Tilburg
Strong international focus. In this master you learn to combine insights from social sciences and business studies in HR-policies that improve individual and, ultimately, organizational performance.
Tilburg University Human Resource Studies: People Management full-time Tilburg
Study the management of people at work by combining insights from psychology, sociology, economics and management studies.
Tilburg University Human Resource Studies: People Management full-time Tilburg
Study the human side of business (people management) and focus on the performance and efficiency of organizations and the well-being of employees, from different perspectives: psychology, sociology, e
Tilburg University Information Management full-time Tilburg
This Master prepares you for a career working at the interface of IT and business, where business departments will depend on your expertise to translate their strategic needs into information systems
Tilburg University International and European Law full-time Tilburg
Conducted over one intensive year, this program offers students the opportunity to gain in-depth specialized knowledge.
Tilburg University International Business Administration full-time Tilburg
IBA at Tilburg University is the ideal preparation for an international career in business. The program is built on the four core pillars of business: Management, Marketing, Finance and Accounting.
Tilburg University International Business Law full-time Tilburg
An outstanding preparation for a legal career in the international business arena, combining quality business law theory with a distinctly practical real-world approach.
Tilburg University International Business Tax Economics (track from MSc International Business Taxation) full-time Tilburg
This Master equips you with the advanced tools needed to understand and manage the complex problems facing companies and governments in the field of international business taxation.
Tilburg University International Business Tax Law (track of International Business Taxation) full-time Tilburg
Understand how tax and legal considerations relate, and manage complex problems multinationals are facing in the field of international business taxation law.
Tilburg University International Business Taxation full-time Tilburg
This program equips you with the advanced tools needed to understand and manage the complex problems facing companies and governments in the field of international business taxation.
Tilburg University International Law and Global Governance (track van International and European Law) full-time Tilburg
Gain expertise across three areas of international law: (1) International Law and International Relations (2) Human Rights and Human Security (3) Global Sustainability and Environmental Law
Tilburg University International Management full-time Tilburg
Are you interested in an international career in business? Do you want to work at a major multinational or at a consulting firm in an international environment? Then this is the right program for you.
Tilburg University International Sociology full-time Tilburg
In the bachelor program International Sociology, you learn how people's lives are influenced by their environment and you investigate the social issues that arise here.
Tilburg University Labour Law and Employment Relations full-time Tilburg
The LLM Labour Law and Employment Relations integrates the study of labour law with related areas such as employment relations, labour market and social policy, from an international perspective.
Tilburg University Law and Technology full-time Tilburg
Providing cutting-edge knowledge within the burgeoning field of technology regulation, Law and Technology gives answers to challenges of today's technology-driven society.
Tilburg University Liberal Arts and Sciences full-time Tilburg
University College Tilburg offers motivated (inter)national students with (international) ambition an English-taught three-year Bachelor's program in Liberal Arts and Sciences.
Tilburg University Management of Cultural Diversity full-time Tilburg
Become an expert in managing a culturally diverse workforce within companies and organizations.
Tilburg University Marketing Analytics full-time Tilburg
The Master's in Marketing Research program equips you with the expertise needed to pursue a career as a highly-trained marketing analyst.
Tilburg University Marketing Management full-time Tilburg
Get oriented towards the practice of a marketing manager.
Tilburg University Medical Psychology full-time Tilburg
This Master´s program is mainly in Dutch.
Tilburg University New Media Design full-time Tilburg
Focus on online content strategy, production, and design. Predict trends in communication based on technological and social developments, and connect theory with practice in case-based projects.
Tilburg University Online Culture: Art, Media and Society full-time Tilburg
In the Bachelor's program in Online Culture: Art, Media and Society you study the interplay of digital media, art, and culture in a world shaped by digitalization and globalization.
Tilburg University Organization Studies full-time Tilburg
The master in Organization Studies provides you with a critical understanding of organizational behavior and its theoretical foundations. Specific focus on organizational complexity and dynamics.
Tilburg University Organizing for Global Social Challenges (track of Organization Studies) full-time Tilburg
Address global societal challenges such as poverty, migration, climate change, or humanitarian interventions from the viewpoint of organizations and private businesses.
Tilburg University People Management for Global Social Challenges (track of track of Human Resource Studies) full-time Tilburg
Address global societal challenges such as poverty, migration, climate change, or humanitarian interventions and focus on the drivers of sustainable development from the viewpoint of workforce and lab
Tilburg University Philosophy full-time Tilburg
Philosophy in Tilburg is in line with the profile of our university: humanities and social sciences. Three tracks, each in their own way anticipate on this.
Tilburg University Philosophy full-time Tilburg
Tilburg University Philosophy of Contemporary Challenges full-time Tilburg
Study philosophical and ethical issues that arise with respect to populism, migration, terrorism, inequality, sustainability, and the role that science and technology play in our society.
Tilburg University Philosophy of Humanity and Culture full-time Tilburg
Study modern European philosophical classics. You learn to pose fundamental questions, analyze theories and apply critical thought to the understanding of contemporary art, culture, and media society.
Tilburg University Politics, Policy and Societal Development (track of MSc Sociology) full-time Tilburg
Address global societal challenges such as poverty, migration, climate change, or humanitarian interventions from a societal, policy and political perspective.
Tilburg University Psychology full-time Tilburg
Study human behavior and its influencing factors, and specialize in the areas of your choice in Psychology. This program has a flexible and innovative curriculum that is only offered in Tilburg.
Tilburg University Public administration full-time Tilburg
Tilburg University Public Governance: Public Administration, Economics and Law full-time Tilburg
The Master's program in Public Governance prepares you for a leading position in the public sector all around the world.
Tilburg University Quantitative Finance and Actuarial Science full-time Tilburg
If you are interested in mathematics and finance and you want to learn how to use mathematics and statistics to solve real financial and actuarial problems, this is the program for you!
Tilburg University Research Master Business (CentER Graduate School) full-time Tilburg
This cutting-edge research program in Business offers a broad basis for research in Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Operations Research, Information & Supply Chain and Organization & Strategy
Tilburg University Research Master Economics (CentER Graduate School) full-time Tilburg
The program offers a broad basis for research in econometrics, macroeconomics and microeconomics. It's an in-depth study program which is focused on cutting-edge research in Economics.
Tilburg University Research Master in Linguistics and Communication Sciences full-time Tilburg
This unique programme takes an integrated approach between communication and language and covers the numerous ways in which written and spoken language is used to persuade, inform, and exchange ideas.
Tilburg University Research Master in Psychology: Individual Differences and Assessment full-time Tilburg
Become a research expert in the area of individual differences and assessment: personality, character, and temperament. Study how differences affect people's lives in the domains of work and health.
Tilburg University Research Master Social and Behavioural Sciences full-time Tilburg
Are you an excellent student and interested in conducting scientific research in the social and behavioral sciences? Then this is the Master program for you!
Tilburg University Social Psychology, Track Economic Psychology full-time Tilburg
Economic Psychology studies the psychological mechanisms that underlie consumption and other economic behaviors. It deals with economic preferences, choices and decisions, as well as the consequences.
Tilburg University Social Psychology; Track Work and Organisational Psychology full-time Tilburg
In the Master's track in Work and Organizational Psychology you will concentrate on science based solutions to human problems in work and organizational settings.
Tilburg University Sociology full-time Tilburg
Focus: politics, policy and society in a comparative perspective.Translate social problems into sociological research from both micro& macro perspectives.Learn to evaluate & derive policy from results
Tilburg University Strategic Management Consultancy full-time Tilburg
The Consultancy track in Strategic Management gives you the business acumen needed to make and implement the vital decisions facing every organization.
Tilburg University Strategic Management Entrepreneurship full-time Tilburg
Learn how to recognize business challenges and make strategic management decisions that can make or break a company. The Entrepreneurship track specializes in entrepreneurial behavior in large firms a
Tilburg University Summer Course 2019: Spanish Intermediate full-time Tilburg
Lift your Spanish skills to B1 Level in two short weeks in this small-scale Spanish intensive summer course!
Tilburg University Summer Course 2019: Sustainable and Social Entrepreneurship: Triple Business Models full-time Tilburg
In this summer course you will discover hands-on how the entrepreneurial mindset, knowledge and skills can deliver novel and radical solutions to society's biggest challenges.
Tilburg University Summer Course 2019: Travelling through the world of pension systems full-time Tilburg
Do solid pension systems exist somewhere in the world? This 1-week summer course intends to fuel our thinking for the future.
Tilburg University Summer Course 2020: Justice for Victims of Conflict-Related Sexual Violence and Human Trafficking? (ONLINE COURSE) full-time Tilburg
This intensive two-week course you will delve into the opportunities and challenges in addressing conflict-related sexual violence and human trafficking.
Tilburg University Summer Course 2020: Understanding Data with R (ONLINE COURSE) full-time Tilburg
In this dynamic course, you will discover the importance of data analysis in multiple disciplines and learn how to use data to answer a wide range of questions, using the programming language R.
Tilburg University Supply Chain Management full-time Tilburg
This Master's program is a world-class degree program that equips you with the expertise to design and manage competitive operations processes and global supply and distribution networks
Tilburg University Theology full-time Utrecht
The appeal of theology is that it is a broad and multi-perspective study, with textual, historical, philosophical and sociological approaches. You will reflect on questions about God and humanity.
Tilburg University Track Positive Psychology and Well-being full-time Tilburg
Positive Psychology and Well-being trains you to become a scientist-practitioner in the broad field of Psychology. As a positive psychologist you focus on people's strengths and talents.