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VU University Amsterdam full-time 
In deze master wordt het verband tussen hedendaagse vraagstukken en de dynamiek van cultuur uitgelicht en haar invloed vanuit filosofisch oogpunt benaderd.
VU University AmsterdamAccounting & Control full-timepart-time Amsterdam
Are you looking to fast-track your way to a career in accounting? Whether you're on our full-time one-year programme or our two-year part-time programme, Accounting & Control is the way to get there.
VU University AmsterdamAmsterdam in Global Capitalism: 1500-present full-time Amsterdam
Capitalism from its origins operated on a global scale, but it has also always produced dynamic centres of wealth and power. From 1600 onwards, for a long time Amsterdam was at the heart of this proce
VU University AmsterdamAnalysis of EEG data in Matlab full-time Amsterdam
Do you want to learn how to analyze neurophysiological data, but aren't sure how to translate concepts to code or how to implement your ideas in Matlab? During this course, you will learn the necessar
VU University AmsterdamAncient Studies full-time Amsterdam
In today's world, which revolves around smartphones and likes, it is useful and insightful to look back on the world of antiquity, especially since the influence of antiquity continues to this day.
VU University AmsterdamArchaeology full-time Amsterdam
In the Bachelor's programme Archaeology, you will study past societies – from the Celts and the Romans to the Middle Ages and beyond – and their importance in today's world.
VU University AmsterdamArchaeology: Archaeology of North Western Europe full-time Amsterdam
From Roman villa landscapes in the southern Netherlands to the shipyards of the VOC.
VU University AmsterdamArchaeology: Mediterranean Archaeology full-time Amsterdam
Material culture and cultural interconnections in the Mediterranean.
VU University AmsterdamArtificial Intelligence full-time Amsterdam
The Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam's AI Master programme offers two tracks that are oriented towards the practical application of AI technology in a broad, problem-oriented setting.
VU University AmsterdamArtificial Intelligence (Lifestyle Informatics) full-time Amsterdam
Bachelor Artificial Intelligence at VU Amsterdam. Enhancing human life.
VU University AmsterdamArts & Culture: Contemporary Art History full-time Amsterdam
Contemporary Art History is an specialization focusing on visual, process-based, and digital art since the 1960s.
VU University AmsterdamArts & Culture: Contemporary Art History full-time 
VU University AmsterdamArts & Culture: Design Cultures full-time Amsterdam
The MA programme Design Cultures is all about the study of product design, graphic design and fashion in a broad diverse cultural context.
VU University AmsterdamArts and Culture: Comparative Arts & Media Studies full-time Amsterdam
The programme Comparative Arts and Media Studies focuses on intermediality in contemporary visual culture.
VU University AmsterdamBhuddism and Psychology: A Hermeneutical Interface (VU Amsterdam Summer School) full-time Amsterdam
Explore Buddhism's reception in and outside of Asia and critically examine how global modernity tends to “psychologize” the sacred and “sacralize” psychology.
VU University AmsterdamBig Data in Society full-time Amsterdam
VU University AmsterdamBig Data Management and Analysis in Linux full-time Amsterdam
VU University AmsterdamBig Ideas in Computer Science: Understanding the Digitized World (VU Amsterdam Summer School) full-time Amsterdam
Interaction with computers has become a big part of our daily life, but they do much more than help us with practicalities.
VU University AmsterdamBioinformatics and Systems Biology full-time Amsterdam
To be able to understand the secrets of life, Bioinformatics and Systems Biology converts huge volumes of genomics data into real understanding.
VU University AmsterdamBiomedical Sciences full-time Amsterdam
If you want to explore the very essence of human beings, to understand the biology of the healthy human body and the onset of disease, then Biomedical Sciences is the programme for you.
VU University AmsterdamBiomedical Sciences full-time Amsterdam
Do you want to combine human biology with molecular biology? Or learn about the other possibilities of biomedical sciences after a year of research? This master's programme will offer you just that!
VU University AmsterdamBiomedical Technology and Physics (Medical Natural Sciences) full-time Amsterdam
Create the future of high-tech healthcare! Translate fundamental research into biomedical engineering solutions. The Master's in Biomedical Technology and Physics combines Medical Physics, Biophysics
VU University AmsterdamBiomolecular Sciences full-time Amsterdam
If you are interested in the molecular basis of every day health problems like cancer, antibiotics or food production, come study Biomolecular Sciences!
VU University AmsterdamBrain and Mind (VU Amsterdam Summer School) full-time Amsterdam
Thorough introduction to cognitive neuroscience and related research. Special features include field visits and the unique opportunity to execute a cognition experiment from start to finish.
VU University AmsterdamBusiness Administration: International Management full-time Amsterdam
We prepare you to launch a successful international career by combining the theoretical foundation for understanding business in today's global environment with the practical experience and skills nec
VU University AmsterdamBusiness Administration: Specialization in Financial Management full-time Amsterdam
How do you decide how much capital an organization needs? The Financial Management specialization of Business Administration is about acquisition, administration and allocation of financial resources.
VU University AmsterdamBusiness Administration: Specialization in Human Resource Management full-time Amsterdam
Do you want to gain cutting-edge insights into mobilizing people? And how contemporary HRM can deal with major issues such as recruiting, management talent, diversity, etc? Then this is your programme
VU University AmsterdamBusiness Administration: Specialization in Management Consulting full-time Amsterdam
Do you want to play a crucial and challenging role in helping organizations to find answers to questions like: what strategy should we follow and how do we guide organizations during implementation?
VU University AmsterdamBusiness Administration: Specialization in Strategy & Organization full-time Amsterdam
Do you want to become an expert in managing strategic and organizational challenges based on profound skills in analytics, critical thinking and reflexivity and the ability to act responsibly and fore
VU University AmsterdamBusiness Analytics full-time Amsterdam
This is a multidisciplinary programme, aimed at improving business processes by applying a combination of methods based on mathematics, computer science and business management.
VU University AmsterdamBusiness Analytics full-timepart-time Amsterdam
In Business Analytics you can improve and evaluate the power of data science, big data, statistics, mathematics and machine learning.
VU University AmsterdamBusiness in Society full-time Amsterdam
During this multidisciplinary program you will learn to develop your own theories on new ways of doing business by taking into account how organizations and society affect each other.
VU University AmsterdamCardiovascular Research full-time Amsterdam
Become the linking pin between clinical and fundamental research, work with top researchers and clinicians, engage in challenging research and prepare yourself for your PhD.
VU University AmsterdamChemistry full-time Amsterdam
Are you interested in finding out how to use inexpensive organic materials to capture CO2 or discovering whether carbon can form a fifth bond? Come study chemistry!
VU University AmsterdamClassics and Ancient Civilizations full-time Amsterdam
Disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives on the material and literary culture of Antiquity.
VU University AmsterdamClassics and Ancient Civilizations: Ancient History full-time Amsterdam
The Master's programme in Ancient History is developed for students wanting to dedicate most of their Master's studies to the history of the Mediterranean and West Asian worlds during antiquity.
VU University AmsterdamClassics and Ancient Civilizations: Ancient Studies full-timepart-time Amsterdam
A different approach, experience the antiquity from your own passion.
VU University AmsterdamClassics and Ancient Civilizations: Classics full-timepart-time Amsterdam
Linguistics, literature and cultural history of the Greco-Roman antiquity.
VU University AmsterdamClinical and Developmental Psychopathology: research full-time Amsterdam
Are you interested in different perspectives on psychopathology and ready to unravel trends in brain and behavior?
VU University AmsterdamCognitive Neuropsychology: research full-time Amsterdam
The Master's in Cognitive Neuropsychology is a two-year Research Master's programme that operates on the cutting edges between cognitive psychology and clinical neuropsychology.
VU University AmsterdamCommunication and Information Studies full-time Amsterdam
The BA in Communication and Information Studies is a broad program that offers various insights on language, communication and media.
VU University AmsterdamCommunication Science full-time Amsterdam
Do social media influence how you vote? Does your Instagram account show the real you? During the Bachelor's in Communication Science, you learn about the world behind our many forms of communication.
VU University AmsterdamComputer Science full-time Amsterdam
At VU University Amsterdam, we educate the experts who devise, build and perfect the systems that connect our world. Come join the Talent Network!
VU University AmsterdamComputer Science full-time Amsterdam
Computer Science studies the technology that has become ubiquitous in our global, connected society.
VU University AmsterdamContextual Biblical Interpretation (VU Amsterdam Summer School) full-time Amsterdam
Millions of people read the Bible every day, in hundreds of languages and versions, and every one of them interprets it in their own way. For some, every verse is to be taken literally; others draw th
VU University AmsterdamCorporate Leadership full-time Amsterdam
Taught by a former corporate CEO and CFO who is now a leadership scholar, this course will provide students with a comprehensive understanding of leadership, focusing specifically on leadership in cor
VU University AmsterdamCourse in Clinical Epileptology full-time Amsterdam
SEIN ± The Epilepsy Institute in the Netherlands (SEIN) and the Free University Medical Centre in Amsterdam (VUmc) organise an annual 2-week Course in Clinical Epileptology.
VU University AmsterdamCreativity and Innovation (in collaboration with Cardiff University) (VU Amsterdam Summer School) full-time Amsterdam
Investigate the complex relationship between innovation and success in the corporate environment. Go behind company lines to apply the basics of design thinking and creative management.
VU University AmsterdamCrime and Location: Spatial Analysis and Mapping (VU Amsterdam Summer School) full-time Amsterdam
From the cruel slaughter of critically endangered rhinos for their horns to illegal hunting and the destruction of protected habitats, crimes involving wildlife evoke a visceral emotional response in
VU University AmsterdamCrime in Numbers: From Correlation to Causation (VU Amsterdam Summer School) full-time Amsterdam
Randomized controlled trials are the gold standard for causal inference. Using an experimental and a control group, double-blind and with a placebo, the effect of an intervention can be neatly determi
VU University AmsterdamCrime On Candid Camera: Observe Undisturbed Human Interaction (VU Amsterdam Summer School) full-time Amsterdam
Social scientists rarely get to observe undisturbed human interaction “in the raw”. Recently, however, real-world observations of human behaviour have become accessible to social scientists.
VU University AmsterdamCultural Anthropology and Development Sociology full-time Amsterdam
VU Amsterdam's Bachelor's programme in Anthropology is rated the highest in the Netherlands, according to the Keuzegids Universiteiten 2019.
VU University AmsterdamCulture, Organization and Management full-time Amsterdam
Explore key issues of culture and identity in the ever-changing world of management and organizations.
VU University AmsterdamData Analysis in R full-time Amsterdam
Thorough introduction to various R software packages, linear regression, and variable analysis. Practical training in writing functions, data presentation, and multi-item scales.
VU University AmsterdamDecolonizing Europe: History, Ideas and Praxis (in collaboration with the Center for the Study of Slavery & Justice at Brown University) full-time Amsterdam
Explore Amsterdam as an open air laboratory and examine Europe's post-colonial notions of citizenship. Co-sponsored by Brown University and the Dutch National Museum of World Cultures.
VU University AmsterdamDecolonizing Europe: History, Memory, Redress (with Brown University) full-time Amsterdam
Take a fresh approach to current debates surrounding notions of citizenship and belonging within postcolonial, post-Cold War Europe.
VU University AmsterdamDentistry full-time Amsterdam
VU University AmsterdamDigital Business Innovation full-time Amsterdam
Digital technologies are changing businesses. But how do these technologies come about in the first place? What are their consequences for both people and organisations? And how are they disrupting en
VU University AmsterdamDigital Marketing and Technology for Commerce full-time Amsterdam
VU University AmsterdamDiscover (the) Dutch: Dutch Language and Culture (VU Amsterdam Summer School) full-time Amsterdam
Dive head-first into Dutch society! Enjoy a crash-course primer in basic Dutch and an interactive study of Dutch culture in an international context. Featuring a special visit to the Rijksmuseum.
VU University AmsterdamDoing Research with Discourse Analysis: A Discourse Perspective on Making Sense of Social Change (in collaboration with Lancaster University) full-time Amsterdam
Gain advanced academic skills for interdisciplinary research design and discourse analysis. Open to students from all disciplines with an interest in the social relevance of their study.
VU University AmsterdamDoing Research with Discourse Analysis: A Discourse Perspective on Making Sense of Social Change (with Lancaster University) (VU Amsterdam Summer School full-time Amsterdam
VU University AmsterdamDrug Discovery and Safety full-time Amsterdam
If you are fascinated by the development new pharmacological therapies and studying interactions between molecules and the human body, then this is the Master's program for you.
VU University AmsterdamDutch Literature on (Post)colonialism, Jewish Amsterdam and Painting (Course in Dutch) full-time Amsterdam
VU University AmsterdamEarth sciences full-time Amsterdam
VU Amsterdam will help you become a geoscientist who is aware of how crucial it is to learn about the intriguing interrelations of System Earth, because that is important for everyone.
VU University AmsterdamEcology full-time Amsterdam
Do you want to investigate the relationship between organisms and environment from the molecular level to the global scale, and contribute to science and sustainability? Then this is your master!
VU University AmsterdamEconometrics and Operations Research full-time Amsterdam
Are you interested in Management Science and mathematical modelling? The programme Econometrics and Operations Research is about economic analysis for today, quantitative forecasting for tomorrow.
VU University AmsterdamEconometrics and Operations Research full-time Amsterdam
How do airports schedule flights so that millions of passengers can get from A to B? How do doctors decide on the best treatments for their patients, based on big data?
VU University AmsterdamEconometrics and Operations Research: Econometrics and Data Science full-time Amsterdam
In today's society, massive amounts of data are collected. But how is all that data used? And what are the ethics behind collecting and storing all this data?
VU University AmsterdamEconomics full-time Amsterdam
Interested in a science concerned with virtually every aspect of society? Economics equips you with essential tools of Economics and teaches how to apply these in important real-life policy fields.
VU University AmsterdamEconomics (MPhil) full-time Amsterdam
Do you wish to pursue PhD studies? The two-year Research Masters in Economics is an ideal programme if your ambitions are focused on an academic career in Economics, Econometrics or Finance.
VU University AmsterdamEconomics and Business Economics full-time Amsterdam
Economics and Business Economics at the VU is small-scale, which allows you to have more interaction with your teachers and fellow students.
VU University AmsterdamEmpirical Legal Studies: An Introduction to Research Methods for Legal Scholars (VU Amsterdam Summer School) full-time Amsterdam
Thorough introduction to the basics of social science research methodology and opportunity to gain hands-on, know-how training by conducting your own field study. No prior study required.
VU University AmsterdamEntrepreneurship full-time Amsterdam
Entrepreneurship is a state of mind. It's about turning opportunities into action. Welcome to the joint VU and UvA MSc in Entrepreneurship.
VU University AmsterdamEnvironment & Resource Management full-time Amsterdam
The Master Environment and Resource Management (ERM) is designed to train the next generation of environmental decision-makers to work on the sustainability challenges of our time.
VU University AmsterdamErfgoedstudies: Curating Art & Cultures full-timedual Amsterdam
The Dual Master's in Curating Art and Cultures is a unique, two-year programme offered jointly by the VU, UvA, and leading museums and cultural institutions in the Netherlands.
VU University AmsterdamExploring Religious and Global Identity in Africa full-time Amsterdam
This course is designed to be an introduction to African Studies within a global context. In the course, you will explore how Africans have grappled with both their religious and cultural identity.
VU University AmsterdamExploring the Archaeology of the Roman Frontier (VU Amsterdam Summer School) full-time Amsterdam
With Julius Caesar's conquest of Gaul in the first century BC, the Netherlands became part of Rome's northern frontier zone on the European continent.
VU University AmsterdamFeeding the Billions: Challenges and Innovation in Food and Water Security (VU Amsterdam Summer School) full-time Amsterdam
There are 7 billion people to feed today, and this number is expected to increase to 9 billion by 2050. This implies that more food is needed. How?
VU University AmsterdamFinance full-time Amsterdam
The world of finance looks for bright minds with a critical attitude that can face up today's challenges. The programme focuses on sustainable growth through the eyes of the corporate, the investor an
VU University AmsterdamFintech and Emerging Financing Models in a Dynamic World full-time Amsterdam
Many of the jobs we will be doing in five years do not exist today. The world is changing rapidly and the world of finance has to change with it. New innovations will take place both within and beyond
VU University AmsterdamFootball Behaviour Management: How Conditioning Can Improve Conduct Within The Sport full-time Amsterdam
Curioous how professional football organisations operate?
VU University AmsterdamFoundations of International Business full-time Amsterdam
VU University AmsterdamFoundations of Strategy, How to Succeed as a Strategist full-time Amsterdam
In this course you will gain a keen understanding of strategic issues and how to succeed as a strategist.
VU University AmsterdamGenes in Behaviour and Health (research) full-time Amsterdam
This master will equip you with the knowledge of the relevant research methods, needed to design and carry out high-quality research within the field of behaviour genetics and genetic epidemiology.
VU University AmsterdamGeographical Information Science part-time Amsterdam
Do you want to study the science behind technologies for collecting and dealing with geographic information? Then the Master's in Geographical Information Science is your programme.
VU University AmsterdamGezondheid en leven full-time Amsterdam
VU University AmsterdamGlobal Health full-time Amsterdam
Take a holistic approach to health and disease-related problems around the world in a global classroom setting. Complement your learning with field visits and critical data analysis.
VU University AmsterdamGlobal Health (Research Master) full-time Amsterdam
Are you ready to unravel the complexity of global health challenges and contribute to better health for all? Then this Research Masters in Global Health may be the Master's you are looking for.
VU University AmsterdamGoverning Climate Change: Theory and Practice | VU Amsterdam Summer School full-time Amsterdam
Climate change may well be the most pressing environmental challenge facing humankind. Yet despite scientific consensus on its main cause – us – politicians and governments still lack the will and amb
VU University AmsterdamHands-on Anthropology and Collaborative Storytelling in Amsterdam (VU Amsterdam Summer School) full-time 
This course focuses on hands-on anthropology with strong orientation toward storytelling and narrating the life of others from cultural anthropological perspectives.
VU University AmsterdamHands-on Anthropology and Ethnographic Storytelling | VU Amsterdam Summer School full-time Amsterdam
Ethnography or what Clifford Geertz called 'deep-hanging out' (1998) is becoming an increasingly popular research method among the main social science disciplines like anthropology and sociology. Ethn
VU University AmsterdamHealth Sciences full-time Amsterdam
In the Master's programme in Health Sciences, you will learn to analyse various complex factors that contribute to health. You will be able to tackle the health challenges of the future!
VU University AmsterdamHeritage at War: Cultural Objects in Times of Conflict (VU Amsterdam Summer School) full-time Amsterdam
Cultural artefacts and antiquities have always been part of the arsenal of warfare and violent conflict.
VU University AmsterdamHeritage Studies full-timepart-time Amsterdam
Heritage Studies: Departing from Space and Memory
VU University AmsterdamHistory & International Studies full-time Amsterdam
Learning about the historical origins of global society
VU University AmsterdamHistory and International Studies full-time Amsterdam
Understand today's world by studying the past! History and International Studies at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
VU University AmsterdamHistory: Global History and International Studies full-time Amsterdam
Global History and International Studies Discover the relationship between the great global changes from the 15th century until the present and the flows of people, goods, ideas and knowledge.
VU University AmsterdamHistory: Medical and Health Humanities  full-time Amsterdam
Medical and Health Humanities Learn to situate medical knowledge in the time and culture where it was produced, and in this way to appreciate the interaction between science and society!
VU University AmsterdamHistory: Religion and Society full-time Amsterdam
Religion and Society Learn to understand the changing role of religion(s) in society from Antiquity up until the present!
VU University AmsterdamHow to Conduct a Meta-Analysis Using Open-Science Software full-time Amsterdam
During this course, students will learn how to formulate a problem and analyze it conducting a meta-analysis in JASP, an open-science software.
VU University AmsterdamHow to Conduct a Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Psychological Interventions | VU Amsterdam Summer School full-time Amsterdam
VU University AmsterdamHuman Movement Analysis (VU Amsterdam Summer School) full-time Amsterdam
Practical exploration of human movement sciences in a laboratory setting. Featuring hands-on learning at the Adidas MiCoach Performance Centre and Amsterdam Rehabilitation Research Centre.
VU University AmsterdamHuman Movement Sciences: Sport, Exercise and Health full-time Amsterdam
The Master's program in Human Movement Sciences teaches you how to translate multidisciplinary scientific knowledge to applications in sports and healthcare practice.
VU University AmsterdamHuman Movement Sciences: Sport, Exercise and Health (research) full-time Amsterdam
Two-year Research Master's program that integrates fundamental scientific research with relevant questions from clinical and sports practice. You will be trained for a career in scientific research.
VU University AmsterdamHumanities Research : Global History full-time Amsterdam
The Global History program is designed for talented students who are exceptionally motivated to develop their skills in the field of historical research.
VU University AmsterdamHumanities Research: Critical studies in art and culture full-time Amsterdam
The Research Master's programme Critical Studies in Art and Culture focuses on current developments in visual arts, architecture, design and media, from a theoretical and historical perspective.
VU University AmsterdamHumanities Research: Linguistics full-time Amsterdam
Do you want to indulge your linguistic passion and engage in linguistic research? Then the Research Master Linguistics is the program for you.
VU University AmsterdamHumanities Research: Literature & contested spaces full-time Amsterdam
Literature plays a role in the representation and shaping of contested spaces. In this master, you explore how literary texts have played a role in shaping our experience of such contested spaces.
VU University AmsterdamHydrology full-time Amsterdam
Do you want to understand the dynamics of Earth's water? And want to promote more sustainable use of our water resources? Then the Master's in Hydrology is your programme.
VU University AmsterdamInformation Sciences full-time Amsterdam
Information Sciences is the multidisciplinary area spanning Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and its practical application in society.
VU University AmsterdamInformation Sciences full-time Amsterdam
Do you want to improve the applicability of ICT in society and business? Do you want to be the connecting link between ICT and the users? Then Information Sciences is your study!
VU University AmsterdamInternational Business Administration full-time Amsterdam
Are you curious about other cultures? Looking to create a platform for your future business success? At the heart of business is people.
VU University AmsterdamInternational Business Law: Climate Change and Sustainability full-time Amsterdam
Targeting the most complex legal challenge of our time
VU University AmsterdamInternational Business Law: Finance and Behavior full-time Amsterdam
The modern lawyer: not just the law, but finance and behavior as well
VU University AmsterdamInternational Business Law: Transactions and Trade full-time Amsterdam
Become a world-class business lawyer
VU University AmsterdamInternational Course in Health Development full-time Amsterdam
VU University AmsterdamInternational Crimes, Conflict and Criminology full-time Amsterdam
Gain a true understanding of international crimes
VU University AmsterdamInternational Criminal Justice | VU Amsterdam Summer School full-time Amsterdam
Take advantage of Amsterdam's proximity to the legal capital of the world, The Hague, and work directly with experts in the field to analyze pressing challenges in international criminal law.
VU University AmsterdamKick start your Career: Academic Skills During and After Grad School full-time Amsterdam
This course will explore how to make the most out of your time in graduate school and understand the valuable skillset you have been provided with.
VU University AmsterdamLaw and Governance in Contemporary China (1990s-now) | VU Amsterdam Summer School full-time Amsterdam
'China is not a threat but a challenge'; look beyond the stereotypes and misunderstandings about China and learn more about China's law and governance.
VU University AmsterdamLaw and Politics of International Security full-time Amsterdam
Develop a broad view of international security
VU University AmsterdamLaw in Society full-time Amsterdam
The Law in Society Bachelor's at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is unique – you won't find law taught this way anywhere else.
VU University AmsterdamLaw: European and International law full-time Amsterdam
You will study the core principles of European and international law in depth, and go beyond this to understand the role of law in a globalizing world.
VU University AmsterdamLaw: International Migration and Refugee Law full-time Amsterdam
This specialization studies international migration from the perspective of international and European law, and focuses on how they function in domestic legal orders.
VU University AmsterdamLaw: International Technology Law full-time 
VU University AmsterdamLaw: International Technology Law full-time Amsterdam
Technological progress makes us re-examine questions such as what it means to be a human being, and how we relate to each other and to the natural world. Law shapes and reflects the answers we find.
VU University AmsterdamLaws in Antiquity: Law and Legal Systems from Mesopotamia, Egypt, Rome and Byzantium (in collaboration with Leiden University) (VU Amsterdam Summer School) full-time Amsterdam
Understand the historical roots of present-day legal reality in Europe and other parts of the world by comparing different legal systems in the ancient world and their cultural background.
VU University AmsterdamLiberal Arts and Sciences (joint degree) full-time Amsterdam
Amsterdam University College is a joint institute of the VU University Amsterdam and the University of Amsterdam, and offers an international and interdisciplinary liberal arts and sciences programme.
VU University AmsterdamLinguistics full-time Amsterdam
Do you want to indulge your linguistic passion and engage in linguistic research? Then the Research Master's in Linguistics is the programme for you.
VU University AmsterdamLinguistics: Text Mining full-time Amsterdam
Text mining is trying to extract knowledge and information from text by using software and AI methodologies. Since most big data is text, Text Mining is extremely relevant for all fields of knowledge.
VU University AmsterdamLiterary Studies: English literature in a visual culture full-time Amsterdam
This programme focuses on the dynamics between literature and visual culture. The topics studied range from the Renaissance stage to the relation between poetry and photography.
VU University AmsterdamLiterature and Society full-time Amsterdam
The BA program "Literature and Society: English" at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is fully taught in English and allows you to study English-language literature in an innovative manner.
VU University AmsterdamManagement, Policy-Analysis and Entrepreneurship in Health and Life Sciences full-time Amsterdam
The Master's programme offers the ideal opportunity to specialize in a fascinating area of research about new biomedical interventions where a wide range of disciplines meet.
VU University AmsterdamMarketing full-timepart-time Amsterdam
Deep understanding of marketing theory is needed to be successful in today's competitive market. The MSc programme Marketing focuses on (strategic) marketing management as well as marketing research.
VU University AmsterdamMaster of International Health full-time Amsterdam
Academics who have completed the masters specialization International Public Health will have an innovative, practical and broad perspective.
VU University AmsterdamMathematics full-timepart-time Amsterdam
Mathematics is a vibrant and versatile field. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam focuses on pure and applied mathematics, in both research and education.
VU University AmsterdamMathematics (Wiskunde) full-timepart-time Amsterdam
If you opt for the Bachelor's programme in Mathematics at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, you will learn fundamental mathematics and discover the surprising way in which this is applied in our society.
VU University AmsterdamMinding Music, Making Sound full-time 
Incorporating artistic arguments into otherwise rational thinking is an essential prerequisite for understanding 'how art works', and this is why this course is highly interesting not only for music (
VU University AmsterdamMusculoskeletal Physiotherapy Sciences full-time Amsterdam
If you are interested in clinical research and in disorders that affect the musculoskeletal system, the Master's programme Musculoketal Physiotherapy Sciences is exactly what you are looking for.
VU University AmsterdamNature & Nurture: Twin Research and Human Genetics | VU Amsterdam Summer School full-time Amsterdam
Do twins hold the key to understanding complex human traits and diseases?
VU University AmsterdamNeurodegenerative Diseases: Foundation, Tools and Perspectives | VU Amsterdam Summer School full-time Amsterdam
Explore groundbreaking research on neurodegenerative diseases in a global classroom setting. Apply your learnings through hands-on field visits to state-of-the-art laboratories.
VU University AmsterdamNeurosciences full-time Amsterdam
Your goal is to understand the biological basis of how we perceive, act, learn, remember, think and experience emotion. The Master's program Neurosciences expands your horizon.
VU University AmsterdamNew Venture Creation and Entrepreneurship | VU Amsterdam Summer School full-time Amsterdam
A Sustainable Entrepreneurial Approach
VU University AmsterdamNew Venture Creation/Entrepreneurship (VU Amsterdam Summer School) full-time Amsterdam
Examine the economic, social, and ecological considerations of venture creation and develop a new business idea. Open to students of all disciplines interested in entrepreneurship.
VU University AmsterdamOncology full-time Amsterdam
Cancer is one of the main causes of death in the Western world. Research into preventing, detecting and treating it is important. Oncology provides you with the training you need.
VU University AmsterdamOperations Research: A Mathematical Way to Optimize Your World | VU Amsterdam Summer School full-time Amsterdam
To make the difference in analytics you need to be able to turn data and analytical insights into better managerial decisions – and that requires rigorous quantitative tools.
VU University AmsterdamOrganizational Behaviour Management | VU Amsterdam Summer School full-time Amsterdam
Gain hands-on experience in Applied Behavior Analysis at the first European institution to offer a degree in Organizational Behavior Management and first summer course of its kind offered in Europe.
VU University AmsterdamOut of my mind: Embodied Cognition, Mechanistic Explanation and Mental Disorder | VU Amsterdam Summer School full-time Amsterdam
In a very profound way, it appears that human cognition is shaped and structured by the body and features of our socio-cultural environment.
VU University AmsterdamParallel and Distributed Computer Systems full-time Amsterdam
This master program is designed to challenge students with the hardest problems in modern systems-oriented computer science. The program aims at highly talented students and is selective.
VU University AmsterdamPhilosophy full-time Amsterdam
VU University AmsterdamPhilosophy of Neuroscience full-time Amsterdam
VU University AmsterdamPhilosophy, Politics and Economics full-time Amsterdam
This unique 3-year Philosophy, Politics and Economics Bachelor's degree programme at VU Amsterdam will prepare you for future leadership positions in business, politics, academia, and beyond.
VU University AmsterdamPhilosophy: Philosophy of Law and Governance full-timepart-time Amsterdam
The track Philosophy of Law and Governance of the master Philosophy trains students to reflect philosophically upon the presuppositions and basic features of contemporary Western legal systems.
VU University AmsterdamPhilosophy: Philosophy of Neuroscience full-time Amsterdam
Are you interested in the conceptual basis and the social, legal and ethical implications of neuroscience research?
VU University AmsterdamPhilosophy: Specialization Philosophy, Bioethics and Health full-time Amsterdam
Are you interested in philosophy and medical ethics? Then the Philosophy, Bioethics and Health could be your next challenge!
VU University AmsterdamPhysics & Astronomy full-time Amsterdam
The Master's programme in Physics and Astronomy provides you with plenty of opportunities to study and engage in groundbreaking fundamental research and its applications.
VU University AmsterdamPolitical Science full-time Amsterdam
Are you interested in politics? Do you aim to graduate with an university master's degree? Then the master's programme in Political Science at VU Amsterdam might work for you.
VU University AmsterdamPolitical Science: Global Politics full-time Amsterdam
What are the effects of Brexit on the EU? How does fake news influence the political debate? Is the USA still the leading world power, or is it ceding its position to China?
VU University AmsterdamPolitical Science: specialization Democracy, Power and Inequality full-time Amsterdam
What explains the rise of populism and the legitimacy crisis of Western democracies? In which way does the growing unequal distribution of wealth and resources between haves and have-nots impact polit
VU University AmsterdamPolitical Science: specialization Global Environmental Governance, Sustainability and Climate Change full-time Amsterdam
Human civilization has left no parts of Earth untouched. Protecting the environment and transitioning into a sustainable relationship between people and nature might be the largest challenge of our ti
VU University AmsterdamPolitical Science: specialization International Relations, Security and Global Order full-time Amsterdam
Questions of war and peace, terrorism and economic globalization are not limited to national borders, but increasingly require an international approach.
VU University AmsterdamProgramming for Beginners full-time Amsterdam
Programming is a true twenty-first century skill, allowing you to really explore the wonderful – and crucial – world of data and computers.
VU University AmsterdamPsychology full-time Amsterdam
Psychology at VU Amsterdam focuses on the intersection between health, behavioural patterns and ways of thinking. How do these differ from one person to the next, and how we can influence them?
VU University AmsterdamPsychology full-time Amsterdam
Why is one a leader and does the other follow? How can organizations attract ambitious, competent, and trustworthy employees? How can groups and organizations shape diversity?
VU University AmsterdamPsychology: Work and Organizational Psychology full-time Amsterdam
Work and Organizational Psychology prepares you for practice. You learn to apply the theory studied to everyday situations and the courses are taught by people who have experience in the field.
VU University AmsterdamPushing for Gold: Exercise and Sports for Wheelchair Users (VU Amsterdam Summer School) full-time Amsterdam
After two outstanding Paralympic Games, the standard of adaptive sports is improving faster than ever. This course is for those aspiring to join the next generation of professionals in this field.
VU University AmsterdamResponsible Research and Innovation Boot Camp (VU Amsterdam Summer School) full-time Amsterdam
Any researcher will recognize this fear: your thesis, perfectly written and presenting rich data-rich, lying in some desk drawer and just waiting to be forgotten. Sounds familiar?
VU University AmsterdamScience, Business & Innovation full-time Amsterdam
Are you curious about how to integrate both the scientific and the business side of innovations? Do you want to play a crucial part in determining the economic success of innovations? Come study SBI!
VU University AmsterdamSingle Cell Technologies in Life Sciences | VU Amsterdam Summer School full-time Amsterdam
Life Sciences research at the level of individual cells is a rapidly developing research area.
VU University AmsterdamSocial and Cultural Anthropology full-time Amsterdam
Study the cultural and social complexity in today's world by delving into the nitty-gritty reality of how people experience daily life. Ready to learn about anthropology ánd to put it into practice?
VU University AmsterdamSocial Psychology: research full-time Amsterdam
This Research Master's programme takes a multidisciplinary approach to the fundamental social psychological processes that illuminate how people are influenced by their social environment.
VU University AmsterdamSocietal Resilience (research) full-time Amsterdam
How does society deal with complex global issues like migration? How do communities bounce back after tragedies? This Research Master's investigates and develops solutions for broad social issues.
VU University AmsterdamSpatial, Transport and Environmental Economics (STREEM) full-time Amsterdam
Spatial, Transport and Environmental Economics offers you a thorough education in the modern theory and empirics of regional, urban, transport and environmental-economic issues.
VU University AmsterdamStochastics and Financial Mathematics full-time Amsterdam
What is the result of a general election? Why do share prices fluctuate? The Master's programme in Stochastics and Financial Mathematics examines phenomena in which chance plays a central role.
VU University AmsterdamSyriac Christianity: Past and Present (VU Amsterdam Summer School) full-time Amsterdam
Gain a broad knowledge of the most significant characteristics of Syriac Christianity, its history, and theology and explore the complex interaction between the Bible and Syriac culture.
VU University AmsterdamThe Beautiful Mind: Global Perceptions of Mental Health | VU Amsterdam Summer School full-time Amsterdam
What is normal – and does “normal” even exist?
VU University AmsterdamThe City Through a Philosopher's Eye | VU Amsterdam Summer School full-time Amsterdam
You will be introduced to the practical world of philosophy and will learn how to look at the city through the perspective of the philosopher.
VU University AmsterdamThe Economics of Urbanization | VU Amsterdam Summer School full-time Amsterdam
Study in Amsterdam, one of the world's most densely populated cities, and explore the economic forces that drive urbanization. Consider why some cities are successful and others not.
VU University AmsterdamThe Entrepreneurial Family Business (VU Amsterdam Summer School) full-time Amsterdam
Explore the specific challenges family businesses face and gain practical experience needed to manage or support a family business. Featuring practical assignments, fieldwork sessions, and excursions.
VU University AmsterdamThe Gentle Art of Helping, Practical Lessons for Young Professionals (VU Amsterdam Summer School) full-time Amsterdam
Many recent graduates face the same problem as they enter the professional arena for the first time.
VU University AmsterdamThe Global Energy Transition in a Fossil World | VU Amsterdam Summer School full-time Amsterdam
Challenges and Solutions for Policy and Society
VU University AmsterdamThe Heart of Capitalism, Amsterdam from 1600-present (VU Amsterdam Summer School) full-time Amsterdam
Capitalism does have a heart, at least in an economic and geographical sense. From 1600 onwards, for a long time that heart was Amsterdam. Amsterdam still is a major player in the capitalist world.
VU University AmsterdamTheology & Religious Studies (research) full-time Amsterdam
The Theology & Religious Studies research Master's programme offers you the opportunity to conduct research in any specialization offered and get more in-depth knowledge in these fields.
VU University AmsterdamTheology & Religious Studies: Building Interreligious Relations full-time Amsterdam
Become an expert with the knowledge and skills to build bridges between people from different (faith) traditions in the masterprogramme Building Interreligious Relations.
VU University AmsterdamTheology & Religious Studies: Exploring a Discipline full-timepart-time Amsterdam
If you want to explore or deepen your knowledge about a certain discipline or topic within theology or religion studies, this is the masterprogramme for you!
VU University AmsterdamTheology & Religious Studies: Media full-timepart-time Amsterdam
The media bombard us with reports on clashes between different religions. New forms of spirituality find their way in society. But religion is also part of popular culture.
VU University AmsterdamTheology & Religious Studies: Peace, Trauma and Religion full-timepart-time Amsterdam
The master programme Peace, Trauma and Religion offers a distinct theological and interreligious perspective on questions of violence, peace-building and conflict transformation.
VU University AmsterdamTransnational Policing, Security and Justice full-time 
Policing and security have become key priorities in regional, national and international politics and policy-making. At the same time, they are issues at the centre of polarizing political and public
VU University AmsterdamTransport and Supply Chain Management full-time Amsterdam
How do you manage product flows in fast-moving industries such as food or fashion? How does government transport policy impact the environment?
VU University AmsterdamVisual Arts, Media & Architecture full-time Amsterdam
The Research Master's programme Critical Studies in Art and Culture focuses on current developments in visual arts, architecture, design and media, from a theoretical and historical perspective.
VU University AmsterdamVU Amsterdam Summer School full-time 
The VU Amsterdam Summer School offers interactive small-scale courses (max. 25 students). You will participate in engaging discussions with a unique group of peers, from all parts of the world.