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Utrecht University full-time Utrecht
Utrecht University full-time Utrecht
NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences full-time Breda
Do you see to it that iPads make it onto store shelves in time? Do you prevent hospitals having long waiting lists? Or are you in charge of visitor flows at an airport? Everything is possible!
Utrecht University full-time Utrecht
In de master Meertaligheid en taalverwerving bestudeer je meertaligheid en taalverwerving en pas je deze kennis toe op het gebied van onderwijs en taalbeleid.
Utrecht University full-time Utrecht
Utrecht University full-time Utrecht
Utrecht University full-time Utrecht
NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences full-time Breda
This English-taught professional bachelor's programme prepares you for a career in the international leisure industry.
Utrecht University full-time Utrecht
University of Amsterdam full-time Amsterdam
How can you successfully guide organisational change? How do you handle conflict in organizations? How do you create effective teams? How do you develop a learning organisation?
NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences full-time Breda
Are you in charge of supplying a warehouse most efficiently? Do you want to organise the chain from raw materials up until the final product effectively and efficiently? Or do you want to be responsib
Maastricht University full-time Maastricht
Utrecht University full-time Utrecht
University of Amsterdam[Winter Academy] Artificial Intelligence and International law full-time Den Haag
The Winter Academy offers you foundational knowledge on key issues at the interface of international law and artificial intelligence, and provides a platform for critical debate and engagement on emer
Hanze University of Applied Sciences, GroningenAbdominal Ultrasound full-time Groningen
After completing this course, you are able to descibe the basics of ultrasound physics, the production and interaction of ultrasound and more.
Fontys University of Applied SciencesAcademy of Music and Performing Arts full-time Tilburg
Fontys Academy of Music and Performing Arts (AMPA) is an ambitious, innovative conservatory program that emphasizes high quality performance, chamber music and creativity.
ArtEZ Institute of the ArtsAcademy of Pop Music full-time Enschede
Tilburg University Accountancy full-time Tilburg
The Master's program in Accountancy offers you an unbeatable start to an international career as an auditor, controller or financial specialist.
The Hague University of Applied SciencesAccountancy full-time Den Haag
University of AmsterdamAccountancy and Control full-time Amsterdam
The intensive and selective MSc in Accountancy & Control is designed to prepare you for a financial position, not only in auditing and consultancy, but also in industry, banking or government.
University of GroningenAccountancy and Controlling full-time Groningen
How can you ensure that shareholders and managers receive the right information? How do modern-day developments, such as IT and Corporate Social Responsibility, affect the provision of information?
VU University AmsterdamAccounting and Control full-timepart-time Amsterdam
Are you looking to fast-track your way to a career in accounting?
Radboud University NijmegenAccounting and Control full-time Nijmegen
The specialisation Accounting and Control provides you with the knowledge, attitudes and skills to become a professional in the domains of auditing, accountancy, controlling and financial management.
Erasmus University RotterdamAccounting, Auditing and Control full-time Rotterdam
Think critically. Master the latest rules and become an expert in finance and economics.
University of AmsterdamActuarial Science full-time Amsterdam
In Actuarial Science, you will learn to make the complex considerations involved in risk management.
University of AmsterdamActuarial Science and Mathematical Finance: Quantitative Risk Management full-time Amsterdam
Become a high-level risk professional and specialize subjects such as Financial Econometrics and Banking Risk Management in the master track Quantitative Risk Management.
Radboud University NijmegenAdaptive Organisms full-time Nijmegen
This Master's specialisation offers a challenging research-orientated programme that covers the fundamental processes involved in stress responses of plants, micro-organisms and animals.
Erasmus University RotterdamAdvanced Management and Leadership Programme full-time Rotterdam
An intensive, 10-day modular Advanced Management and Leadership programme for seasoned professionals to boost leadership, strategy and finance capabilities.
Maastricht UniversityAdvanced Master in Intellectual Property Law and Knowledge Management full-timepart-time Maastricht
Intellectual Property Law and Knowledge Management is an advanced master's for lawyers, non-lawyers, and those with a degree in science of technology
Hogeschool Arnhem NijmegenAdvanced Mobility Implementing high-tech mobility solutions full-time Arnhem
University of AmsterdamAdvanced Summer Institute om Sexuality, Culture & Society full-time Amsterdam
The Summer Institute on Sexuality, Culture and Society is an intensive four-week summer course, which focuses on the study of sexuality across cultures and is taught by an international faculty team.
University of TwenteAdvanced Technology full-time Enschede
This uniquely multidisciplinary Bachelor’s will prepare you for an exciting career as researcher, consultant, engineer or entrepreneur in almost any area of science and tech.
Radboud University NijmegenAdvances in Environmental Life Cycle Modelling full-time Nijmegen
Focused on the strengths and limitations of determining environmental impacts of a product with LCA methods, this course will provide you with insights in inventory modelling and impact assessment.
Delft University of TechnologyAerospace Engineering full-time Delft
The MSc programme aims to develop the basic competences acquired in a BSc programme and take them to a higher level in terms of knowledge, critical reflection, making judgements and working independen
Delft University of TechnologyAerospace Engineering full-time Delft
How do you ensure that a satellite is launched into orbit around the earth or how do you design a micro-aircraft that can save people's lives?
Wageningen UniversityAfrica Nutrition Leadership Programme (ANLP) full-time 
2 weeks very intensive course with emphasis on group work, it is a leadership and networking seminar aimed at developing leadership capabilities in nutrition in Africa
Leiden UniversityAfrican Studies full-time Leiden
Africa is home to around 1.5 billion inhabitants in 54 countries, with a wide range of cultures and languages.
Leiden UniversityAfrican Studies full-time Leiden
The master in African Studies at Leiden University is an advanced area studies qualification that combines world-class scholarship with practice-based learning.
Leiden UniversityAfrican Studies (Research) full-time Leiden
The Research Master's programme in African Studies at Leiden University is unique in continental Europe for the interdisciplinary range of subjects offered and the variety of perspectives.
Van Hall Larenstein, University of Applied SciencesAgricultural Production Chain Management - Agroforestry full-time Velp
Agroforestry – growing annual crops with woody species (trees and shrubs) and/or livestock – is an agroecological practice that can contribute to the transformation of conventional agriculture.
Van Hall Larenstein, University of Applied SciencesAgricultural Production Chain Management - Forest Chains full-time Velp
The Master of Agricultural Production Chain Management (MSc) is intended for specialists working in companies and organisations dealing with agricultural production.
Van Hall Larenstein, University of Applied SciencesAgricultural Production Chain Management - Horticulture Chains full-time Velp
Learn to anticipate and make use of recent developments in the horticulture sector by examining each stakeholder in the chain: suppliers, farmers, processors, traders, retailers and consumers.
Van Hall Larenstein, University of Applied SciencesAgricultural Production Chain Management - Livestock Chains full-time Velp
Study, understand and improve the complex series of chains involved in livestock produce and use the impact of technological advancements and international regulations to your advantage.
Wageningen UniversityAgris Mundus full-time Wageningen
The Agris Mundus Masters course objectives are to train you to cope with the current global/international concerns in agriculture and rural development.
Wageningen UniversityAgrotechnology full-time Wageningen
Agrotechnology is an engineering program focussing on plant, animal and environment. We design innovative and sustainable solutions for the production of food, flowers and fuel.
University of AmsterdamAids in the 21st Century: A Medical Anthropological Perspective full-time Amsterdam
This module provides an overview of the anthropology of AIDS, promotes understanding and analysis in a broad social, political and economic context, and explores qualitative and quantitative methods.
Amsterdam University of Applied SciencesAirline Network planning and Terminal Layout full-time Amsterdam
This programme will help you better understand, manage, and optimise airline network planning and terminal layout design.
Amsterdam University of Applied SciencesAmerican and Russian Foreign Policy in the Caucasus full-time 
The course clarifies the specificity of the South Caucasus Region, as Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia, the crossing-place of different cultures and political systems.
Amsterdam University of Applied SciencesAmerican and Russian Foreign Policy in the Caucasus full-time Amsterdam
University of GroningenAmerican Studies full-time Groningen
Interdisciplinary in Approach. Dynamic in Teaching. Relevant in Practice. American Studies at The University of Groningen.
University of GroningenAmerican Studies full-time Groningen
How did Donald Trump become president of the United States? How did Nike sneakers become associated with "Black Lives Matter"? How did gun ownership become a central question of American politics? Wha
Radboud University NijmegenAmerican Studies full-time Nijmegen
As an American Studies student, you will study the major political and economic influence that America exerts on the rest of the world; especially on the Netherlands and Europe.
Amsterdam University of Applied SciencesAmfi - Amsterdam Fashion Institute (English programme) full-time Amsterdam
Are you creative, ambitious, outspoken and passionate about fashion? A four-year Bachelor's degree programme at the AMFI-Amsterdam Fashion Institute provides a solid basis for your career.
Amsterdam University of Applied SciencesAmsterdam and I full-time Amsterdam
Radboud University NijmegenAn Introduction to the Fascinating World of Cardiology full-time Nijmegen
See description below
Radboud University NijmegenAn Introduction to Visualisation and Modelling of Spatial data (in R) full-time Nijmegen
Spatial data are common in many fields like environmental monitoring and public health, however communicating spatial data is difficult.
Radboud University NijmegenAnalyzing Neural Time Series Data - August full-time Nijmegen
See description below
Radboud University NijmegenAnalyzing Neural Time Series Data - July full-time Nijmegen
See description below
Radboud University NijmegenAncient and Medieval Mediterranean Worlds full-time Nijmegen
Exploring the Mediterranean, with Rome at its heart, to become acquainted with the ancient, byzantine and medieval worlds through various perspectives and disciplines.
University of GroningenAncient History full-time Groningen
What are the classical roots of modern politics? How did religious landscapes interact with political networks? What made the Roman Empire so successful? Why was sport so important to the Greeks?
Leiden UniversityAncient Near Eastern Studies full-time Leiden
VU University AmsterdamAncient Studies full-time Amsterdam
In today's world, which revolves around smartphones and likes, it is useful and insightful to look back on the world of antiquity, especially since the influence of antiquity continues to this day.
University of AmsterdamAncient Studies full-time Amsterdam
In today's world, which revolves around smartphones and likes, it is useful and insightful to look back on the world of antiquity, especially since the influence of antiquity continues to this day.
Utrecht UniversityAncient, Medieval and Renaissance Studies full-time Utrecht
The Research Master's programme in Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance Studies focuses on the interdisciplinary study of Classical Antiquity, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.
Van Hall Larenstein, University of Applied SciencesAnimal Husbandry full-time Velp
Within the Bachelor of Animal Husbandry, you can specialise in the following professional fields: Animals, Society and Business or Equine, Sports and Business.
Van Hall Larenstein, University of Applied SciencesAnimal Management full-time Leeuwarden
The key focus of the Animal Management (BSc) programme is the management of human-animal relationships and animal welfare.
Wageningen UniversityAnimal Sciences full-time Wageningen
Wageningen UniversityAnimal Sciences full-time Wageningen
The master programme Animal Sciences is a continuation of a BSc in Animal Sciences or an equivalent programme in the field of livestock, companion animals and fisheries.
ArtEZ Institute of the ArtsAnimation Design full-time Zwolle
Radboud University NijmegenAnthropology and Development Studies full-time Nijmegen
The programme in Anthropology & Development creates an in-depth understanding of the most relevant current local and global issues concerning social and cultural anthropology and development science.
University of TwenteApplications of Geo-information Science and Earth Observation full-time Enschede
This 12-week course focuses on solving problems within a specific application field.
University of GroningenApplied Cognitive Neuroscience full-time Groningen
What are the latest trends in cognitive neuroscience? How do you develop practical applications based on fundamental research? Do you want to bridge the gap between the lab and the world?
Utrecht UniversityApplied Cognitive Psychology full-time Utrecht
Learn to apply knowledge of human cognitive, sensory and motor systems in real-life situations.
Delft University of TechnologyApplied Earth Sciences full-time Delft
The earth is our home, shared with millions of other living species.
Delft University of TechnologyApplied Earth Sciences full-time Delft
How do you heat a building with geothermal energy? Can groundwater be exploited sustainably? Which earth strata can be used to safely store the greenhouse gas CO2? How do you prevent subsidence?
Utrecht UniversityApplied Ethics full-timepart-time Utrecht
The Utrecht Master in Applied Ethics is an interdisciplinary and international programme focused on the interaction between moral practice and ethical theory.
Delft University of TechnologyApplied Geophysics - IDEA league full-time Delft
University of GroningenApplied Linguistics - TEFL full-time Groningen
Can you learn a second language the same way you learned your mother tongue? How does our brain cope with two or more languages? What is the best way to test the language proficiency level of students
University of GroningenApplied Mathematics full-time Groningen
Why does one car have more air resistance than another? How can the frequency of the electric power smart grid be kept constant under external disturbances?
University of TwenteApplied Mathematics full-time Enschede
As an applied mathematician, you occupy a key position in the scientific world. Through mathematical models, you grasp the essence of a problem and see links between seemingly unrelated phenomena.
University of TwenteApplied Mathematics full-time Enschede
Get theoretically and practically equipped to bring mathematical clarity to complex societal challenges in mobility, technology, banking, healthcare or the environment domain.
University of GroningenApplied Mathematics full-time Groningen
Why do some cars or aeroplanes experience more drag than others? How do we calculate the orbit of a satellite? How are partially autonomous vehicles controlled? How fast does blood flow through our ve
Eindhoven University of TechnologyApplied Mathematics full-time Eindhoven
In the Bachelor program Applied Mathematics, you will learn to transform everyday problems into mathematical models that help you solve problems and improve situations in everyday life.
Delft University of TechnologyApplied Mathematics full-time Delft
Whether it is accelerating wound healing, reducing traffic congestion or understanding the financial crisis, mathematical models play a major role in physical, technical and social phenomena.
Delft University of TechnologyApplied Mathematics full-time Delft
Applied Mathematics aims to provide its students with knowledge of applicable mathematics and to develop their expertise in applying the methods and tools to problems in science and engineering.
Utrecht UniversityApplied Musicology full-timepart-time Utrecht
Applied Musicology focuses on the musical infrastructure and offers the specific knowledge and skills required for a musicologist to operate successfully within international musical practice.
University of GroningenApplied Physics full-time Groningen
Physics is concerned with describing and predicting natural phenomena. Applied physics is concerned with applying physics in technical solutions. Design and construction are important aspects of this.
Eindhoven University of TechnologyApplied Physics full-time Eindhoven
For a physicist physical phenomena are fascinating questions to investigate. As an student you apply your knowledge of these phenomena in new technological developments.
University of TwenteApplied Physics full-time Enschede
Apply yourself to one of the oldest fields of science: physics. Gain fundamental insights into your own research field while honing your research skills.
University of GroningenApplied Physics full-time Groningen
Do you want to contribute to the development of computer devices that operate like a human brain? Design semi-conductor materials for the future's high-efficiency solar cells? Create an anti-icing coa
Eindhoven University of TechnologyApplied Physics full-time Eindhoven
University of TwenteApplied Physics full-time Enschede
This Dutch-taught Bachelor’s will equip you to develop fundamental knowledge of physics, converting it into working technologies that impact society.
Delft University of TechnologyApplied Physics full-time Delft
Applied knowledge to meet society's needs. The Applied Physics Master's programme is designed to educate students to be able to stay at the forefront of fundamental understanding, and to develop prac
Delft University of TechnologyApplied Sciences full-time Delft
Do you want to know how protons can be used to cure people? Or how you can produce better solar cells with nanotechnology?
University of GroningenApplied Social Psychology full-time Groningen
How can psychology contribute to solving conflicts between groups, to a better environment, or health?
Wageningen UniversityAquaculture and Marine Resource Management full-time Wageningen
Oceans, seas, estuaries and lakes are major providers of ecosystem goods and services such as food, tourism and coastal protection.
University of GroningenArabic full-time 
The Arabic language courses of the University of Groningen Language Centre are introductions to the most spoken version (Egyptian/standard Arabic).
Leiden UniversityArchaeology full-time Leiden
Study past societies, cultures, and human behaviour, with the aim to reconstruct and revive them. Lay a strong foundation for an international career in archaeology or heritage management.
Leiden UniversityArchaeology full-time Leiden
Studying archaeology at Leiden University is all about studying societies and cultures from the past, trying to reconstruct them and bring them back to life.
University of GroningenArchaeology full-time Groningen
Welcome to the best Archaeology degree programme in the Netherlands! Our versatile programme will help you become a top-level archaeologist. All pre-university profiles are accepted!
University of GroningenArchaeology full-time Groningen
Are you interested in archaeology and want to increase your chances in the competitive job market? Do you want a graduate programme which combines intensive training and a flexible structure?
VU University AmsterdamArchaeology full-time Amsterdam
In the Bachelor's programme Archaeology, you will study past societies – from the Celts and the Romans to the Middle Ages and beyond – and their importance in today's world.
University of AmsterdamArchaeology full-time Amsterdam
In the Bachelor's programme Archaeology, you will study past societies – from the Celts and the Romans to the Middle Ages and beyond – and their importance in today's world.
Leiden UniversityArchaeology (research) full-time Leiden
The research master’s programme in Archaeology is the most diverse in the Netherlands.
Leiden UniversityArchaeology: Applied Archaeology full-time Leiden
The master's specialisation in Applied Archaeology offers you an academic programme to start your professional career in archaeology.
Leiden UniversityArchaeology: Archaeological Science full-time Leiden
Archaeological Science delves into the specifics of archaeological methods and techniques. The combination of hands-on field experience and laboratory work offers a challenging and rewarding research
University of AmsterdamArchaeology: Archaeology full-time Amsterdam
The Master's in Archaeology will immerse you in the material culture of Europe's past from the Bronze Age until the Early Modern Period.
VU University AmsterdamArchaeology: European Archaeology full-time Amsterdam
From Roman villa landscapes in the southern Netherlands to the shipyards of the VOC. The European Archaeology programme combines the best of two worlds.
Leiden UniversityArchaeology: Global Archaeology full-time Leiden
With Global Archaeology the study of our past can help you understand and resolve current societal issues. Explore the dynamics in past societies:
Leiden UniversityArchaeology: Heritage and Museum Studies full-time Leiden
VU University AmsterdamArchaeology: Mediterranean Archaeology full-time Amsterdam
Material culture and cultural interconnections in the Mediterranean.
Delft University of TechnologyArchitecture full-time Delft
Are there beautiful and ugly buildings? Can you make buildings of curved glass? Should the green heart at the centre of the Randstad be built up or not?
Amsterdam University of Applied SciencesArchitecture and Architectural Technology full-time Amsterdam
You will develop a strong understanding of the principles of architectural design and technology and learn how to cooperate effectively and confidently with other students and professionals.
Hogeschool ZeelandArchitecture and Construction Engineering full-timepart-timedual VLISSINGEN
Nog in te vullen
The Hague University of Applied SciencesArchitecture and Construction Engineering full-time Den Haag
Eindhoven University of TechnologyArchitecture, Building and Planning full-time Eindhoven
Building engineers have a high degree of responsibility in finding the right balance between science, technology and design.
Delft University of TechnologyArchitecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences full-time Delft
The international MSc Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences programme at TU Delft is especially strong in design, research, management, technology and research-by-design.
Eindhoven University of TechnologyArchitecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences full-time Eindhoven
AUBS is focused on all aspects relevant to the making or transforming of the Built Environment i.e.quality of life, safety, usefulness of the building, the city and surroundings.
Radboud University NijmegenArt and Visual Culture full-time Nijmegen
Art & Visual Culture is a rich research field. It covers various aspects of Dutch art history & visual culture. Specialisations are Greek & Roman Archaeology, Western Art History or Cultural Studies.
Utrecht UniversityArt History full-time Utrecht
The Research Master's programme in Art History is devoted to the art and architecture of the Low Countries (Netherlands and Belgium) from the late Middle Ages to the present day.
University of GroningenArt History full-time Groningen
Are you fascinated by art, architecture and cultural landscapes, modern, and old? Are you curious about the meaning, history, and impact of art? Then Art History is your program.
Leiden UniversityArt History full-time Leiden
University of GroningenArt History full-time Groningen
Do you want to be well prepared for a career in the world of the Visual Arts? The Master Program in Art History offers all the knowledge and expertise that you need.
Utrecht UniversityArt History and Archeology full-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityArt History: Education and Communication full-time Utrecht
Maastricht UniversityArt, Literature and Society (label: Arts & Culture) full-time Maastricht
The Master in Art, Literature and Society addresses contemporary debates in literature, art, religion, philosophy, and culture. It is a one year programme, taught in English.
Radboud University NijmegenArtificial Intelligence full-time Nijmegen
Understanding naturally intelligent systems, building artificially intelligent systems, and improving the interactions between humans and artificial systems.
University of GroningenArtificial Intelligence full-time Groningen
What is intelligent behaviour? How can computers recognize faces and objects? In this programme you will learn how to design and implement intelligent systems.
VU University AmsterdamArtificial Intelligence full-time Amsterdam
Utrecht UniversityArtificial Intelligence full-time Utrecht
VU University AmsterdamArtificial Intelligence full-time Amsterdam
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has so many potential applications – in healthcare, banking, transport, entertainment and more.
University of GroningenArtificial Intelligence full-time Groningen
How can you develop an autonomous car? How can you teach a computer to recognize speech or even emotions? How can software and devices be aligned to the way humans think?
University of AmsterdamArtificial Intelligence full-time Amsterdam
Artificial Intelligence is a field that develops intelligent algorithms and machines, like self-driving cars, smart cameras, robotic manufacturing, internet searches and product recommendations.
Utrecht UniversityArtificial Intelligence full-time Utrecht
Artificial Intelligence offers a unique integrated and modern approach from the viewpoints of Informatics, Logic, Cognition, Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics.
Radboud University NijmegenArtificial Intelligence full-time Nijmegen
Are you interested in creating smart computers and systems, and in unravelling human intelligence? Then our Bachelor's programme in Artificial Intelligence is the perfect fit for you!
ArtEZ Institute of the ArtsArtist Educator full-time Arnhem
University of GroningenArts & Culture full-time Groningen
Are you interested in Art and Culture? Is a career in research something you aspire to? Then this is the Master's degree you are looking for.
VU University AmsterdamArts & Culture full-time Amsterdam
Are you fascinated by the world of art and culture? Then follow the master's programme in Arts and Culture.
VU University AmsterdamArts & Culture: Comparative Arts and Media Studies full-time Amsterdam
The Comparative Arts and Media Studies specialisation focuses on the interrelations within and between various old and new media, as well as between media and visual arts.
VU University AmsterdamArts & Culture: Contemporary Art History full-time Amsterdam
The specialisation in Contemporary Art History focuses on visual, process-based and digital art from the 1960s until today.
VU University AmsterdamArts & Culture: Design Cultures full-time Amsterdam
The specialisation in Design Cultures focuses on how our world has been designed. Interiors, fashion, artefacts, graphics and digital design coexist in our society.
University of GroningenArts and Culture full-time Groningen
What do art forms like painting, film, music or theatre contribute to societies? Why have humans in every culture and throughout history engaged in activities we categorize as art?
Leiden UniversityArts and Culture full-time Leiden
Radboud University NijmegenArts and Culture Studies full-time Nijmegen
This Bachelor's suits you if you are interested in music festivals, Shakespearean tragedies, art-house-films, television and poetry slams.
Erasmus University RotterdamArts and Culture Studies full-timepart-time Rotterdam
Do you want to become a professional in the field of arts and culture studies? Here you will study all facets of this dynamic field, from production to consumption, from an international perspective.
University of AmsterdamArts and Culture: Art Studies (research MA) full-time Amsterdam
Art Studies lets you dig deeper into the part of the (art)world where your interests lie most. It is an intensive academic programme that gives you the freedom to follow your own line of study.
Leiden UniversityArts and Culture: Art, Architecture and Interior before 1800 full-time Leiden
In the Master's programme Art, Architecture and the Interior before 1800 you will explore the role of the arts in medieval and early modern societies.
University of AmsterdamArts and Culture: Artistic Research (research MA) full-time Amsterdam
The Research Master's programme Artistic Research seeks to form a bridge between art and standard scholarly research by offering insight into and training in new forms of research.
University of AmsterdamArts and Culture: Arts of the Netherlands (research MA) full-time Amsterdam
Arts of the Netherlands is a two-year Research Master's programme that focuses on the artistic tradition of the Netherlands, from circa 1400-1900.
Leiden UniversityArts and Culture: Contemporary Art in a Global Perspective full-time Leiden
In the Master's programme Art of the Contemporary World and World Art Studies at Leiden University you will be studying the developments in art in the broad context of visual culture.
University of AmsterdamArts and Culture: Cultural Analysis (research MA) full-time Amsterdam
The two-year Research Master's programme Cultural Analysis is dedicated to the interdisciplinary analysis of culture at large, including art, literature, cinema, and new media.
University of AmsterdamArts and Culture: International Dramaturgy full-time Amsterdam
The professional Master's in International Dramaturgy at the UvA is geared at training future generations of dramaturges who will work across cultural, linguistic, social or national boundaries.
Leiden UniversityArts and Culture: Museums and Collections full-time Leiden
In the Master's programme Museums and Collections at Leiden University you will learn about the ethical, political and practical dilemmas that affect museums today.
University of AmsterdamArts and Culture: Music Studies full-time Amsterdam
The one-year Master's programme Music Studies enables you to specialise in historical, cultural or cognitive musicology, or a combination of the three.
University of AmsterdamArts and Culture: Theatre Studies full-time Amsterdam
The Master's programme Theatre Studies at the University of Amsterdam provides opportunities to acquire insight into the processes of theatrical creation and perception.
Maastricht UniversityArts and Heritage: Policy, Management and Education (Label: Arts & Culture) full-time Maastricht
Arts and Heritage is an interdisciplinary programme focusing on the theory & practice of cultural policy, management and education.
Utrecht UniversityArts and Society full-timepart-time Utrecht
With a mix of theory, research approaches, and practical work, Arts and Society prepares creative thinkers and doers for a professional career on the cutting edge between art and society.
University of GroningenArts, Cognition and Criticism full-time Groningen
This track studies the role of the arts in culture from a multi-disciplinary perspective, drawing on cognitive sciences, hermeneutics, narrative & critical theory, discourse analysis & arts sociology.
University of GroningenArts, Culture and Media full-time Groningen
Are you fascinated by films, music or theater? Do you love to discuss what art is, how to interpret a particular movie, pop song and performance and to study the effects that media can have on our soc
University of GroningenArts, Media and Literary Studies full-time Groningen
Are you curious, eager to learn and ready to shape the role of the arts and the media in society and culture? Then you are the right person for this Research Master!
Leiden UniversityArts, Media and Society full-time Leiden
Visual art today is strongly interlinked with today’s society, a connection which is reinforced and deepened by social and other media.
University of GroningenArts, Policy and Cultural Entrepreneurship full-time Groningen
Art is inherently public. In this programme, you will study and reflect upon how public arts policy, arts management, arts marketing and education affect the realisation of artistic values in society.
Leiden UniversityAsian Studies (120EC) full-time Leiden
Leiden UniversityAsian Studies (60EC) full-time Leiden
Leiden UniversityAsian Studies (Research) full-time Leiden
The master in Asian Studies (Research) gives you access to Leiden University's leading expertise in the countries of Asia, from their politics and literature to their languages.
Leiden UniversityAsian Studies: Chinese Studies (120EC) full-time Leiden
Taught by leading experts in the field, the Master's in Chinese Studies at Leiden University combines in-depth knowledge with advanced language proficiency.
Hogeschool Arnhem NijmegenAsian Studies: Doing Business in China full-time Arnhem
Leiden UniversityAsian Studies: East Asian Studies (60EC) full-time Leiden
The one-year Master's in East Asian Studies at Leiden University offers focused study of either China, Japan or Korea.
Leiden UniversityAsian Studies: History, Arts and Culture of Asia (60EC) full-time Leiden
Leiden UniversityAsian Studies: Japanese Studies (120EC) full-time Leiden
This internationally-respected master offers specialised knowledge into the most important aspects of modern and pre-modern Japan.
Leiden UniversityAsian Studies: Korean Studies (120EC) full-time Leiden
Leiden UniversityAsian Studies: Politics, Society and Economy of Asia (60EC) full-time Leiden
The Master in Politics, Society and Economy of Asia at Leiden University takes a social science approach to the study of modern or contemporary Asia.
Leiden UniversityAsian Studies: South Asian Studies (60EC) full-time Leiden
Leiden UniversityAsian Studies: Southeast Asian Studies (60EC) full-time Leiden
Leiden UniversityAstronomy full-time Leiden
This programme, taught by internationally renowned staff, emphasises the interface between observation and theory of astronomy: interpretation, modelling and simulation.
University of GroningenAstronomy full-time Groningen
How old is the Universe? How do galaxies develop? What is found between the stars? How are planetary systems formed? Are you fascinated by questions like these? Then Astronomy is right for you!
University of GroningenAstronomy full-time Groningen
A Master's degree in Astronomy is a gateway into a wide world of science and technology.
Leiden UniversityAstronomy: Astronomy and Business Studies full-time Leiden
This MSc track prepares students for a career in science-related business and administration and for innovation and enterprise from an astronomy perspective.
Leiden UniversityAstronomy: Astronomy and Cosmology full-time Leiden
Cosmology is positioned at the interface between Observational Astronomy and Theoretical Physics an is offerd by the Leiden Observatory in collaboration with the Leiden Institute of Physics.
Leiden UniversityAstronomy: Astronomy and Data Science full-time Leiden
In the master's specialisation Astronomy and Data Science you focus on development and application of new data-mining technologies, fully embracing modern astronomy as a data rich science.
Leiden UniversityAstronomy: Astronomy and Education full-time Leiden
The Astronomy and Education specialisation comprises a one-year astronomy research component and a one-year education component.
Leiden UniversityAstronomy: Astronomy and Instrumentation full-time Leiden
Working in astronomy puts you at the forefront of science. As our ambitions have grown, so have the technological challenges that enable us to further increase our understanding of the Universe.
Leiden UniversityAstronomy: Astronomy and Science Communication and Society full-time Leiden
Leiden UniversityAstronomy: Astronomy Research full-time Leiden
In this Research specialisation you will focus on astronomical data analysis using models and large-scale simulation, combining the fields of Astronomy, Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science.
Hogeschool Arnhem NijmegenAutism through the lifespan full-time Nijmegen
Fontys University of Applied SciencesAutomotive full-time Eindhoven
Leer alles over ontwerpen, maken en testen van de nieuwste en slimste voertuigen. Met focus op ontwikkeling van besturingssystemen, elektronische systemen, drive trains, power trains, voertuigdynamica
Hogeschool Arnhem NijmegenAutomotive Engineering full-time Arnhem
The Automotive Engineering course is an international 4-year bachelor and is taught entirely in English. It trains students for testing complete vehicles and components in the automotive industry.
Hogeschool Arnhem NijmegenAutomotive Research Semester full-time Arnhem
Hogeschool Arnhem NijmegenAutomotive Specialisation Semester full-time Arnhem
Eindhoven University of TechnologyAutomotive Systems Design full-time Eindhoven
Are you ready to kick-start your career in high-tech automotive? Then join TU/e's Automotive Systems Design program!
Eindhoven University of TechnologyAutomotive Technology full-time Eindhoven
The Automotive industry is undergoing significant change. Automotive is a Bachelor program where you learn all the knowledge and skills to become an applied engineer in the automotive industry.
Eindhoven University of TechnologyAutomotive Technology full-time Eindhoven
Automotive Technology offers a Master's degree program based on a systems approach, providing multidisciplinary knowledge. There are no comparable programs in Europe.
Hogeschool Arnhem NijmegenAutotronics (Automotive Electronic Systems) full-time Arnhem
Radboud University NijmegenBaby & Child Research Center: How Early Life Shapes Human Development full-time Nijmegen
This online, interactive course looks into exciting and recently discovered environmental factors that shape early and long-term human development, using psychological and biological perspectives.
Radboud University NijmegenBaby & Child Research Center: Translating Developmental Science from Research to Practice full-time Nijmegen
See description below
Nyenrode Business UniversiteitBachelor of Science in Business Administration full-time Amsterdam
Do you have the ambition to play a leading role in tomorrow's business world? Then our three-year full-time academic Bachelor of Science in Business Administration could be for you!
NHTV Breda University of Applied SciencesBachelor of Science Leisure Studies full-time Breda
International Leisure Studies is an academic programme in leisure. In 3 years' time, you will become an expert at finding and understanding answers to complex issues in the leisure sector.
NHTV Breda University of Applied SciencesBachelor of Science Tourism full-time Breda
The Bachelor of Science Tourism is an English-taught interdisciplinary academic programme offered jointly by Wageningen University and BUas.
Utrecht UniversityBanking and Finance full-time Utrecht
In this one-year programme, you'll learn how to contribute to an efficient and effective international industry, with special attention to international financial markets, institutions and regulation.
ArtEZ Institute of the ArtsBase Experiment Art & Research (BEAR) full-time Arnhem
Radboud University NijmegenBehaviour and Policy full-time Nijmegen
The Master's programme in Economics & Policy examines how people and policy makers make decisions that affect economic, societal and personal welfare, and what lessons follow for policy design.
Radboud University NijmegenBehaviour Change full-time Nijmegen
University of GroningenBehavioural and Cognitive Neurosciences full-time Groningen
Are you interested in the neural basis of cognition, the mechanisms of neurodegeneration or the evolution of behaviour?
University of GroningenBehavioural and Social Sciences full-time Groningen
Are you considering a research career in an academic or an applied setting? Do you want to specialize within the field of behavioural and social sciences and receive a multidisciplinary training?
Radboud University NijmegenBehavioural Science (research) full-time Nijmegen
The Research Master's programme in Behavioural Science is a two-year international programme for social scientists who want to discover the how and why behind human behaviour.
Utrecht UniversityBestuurs- en organisatiewetenschap full-time Utrecht
University of GroningenBeyond Horizons: Migrant and Minority Literature Transmitting and Writing New Identities full-time Groningen
This school will examine the function and meaning of cultural transfer of new narratives written by minorities and migrants. We will study their works as tools in building sustainable societies.
Radboud University NijmegenBiblical Exegesis full-time Nijmegen
How is meaning attributed to biblical texts? In the Master's specialisation in Biblical Exegesis core concepts in Bible texts are explored in connection to their cultural and historical context.
Utrecht UniversityBio Inspired Innovation full-time Utrecht
This Master's programme equips you with research, design, and collaborative skills to facilitate sustainable innovations that take their lessons from nature.
Hogeschool Arnhem NijmegenBio-Nanotechnology full-time Nijmegen
Leiden UniversityBio-Pharmaceutical Sciences full-time Leiden
In the Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences master's programme you are trained at the edge of drug-design and fundamental research of new drugs, optimization of existing drugs, and personalised medicine.
Leiden UniversityBio-Pharmaceutical Sciences: Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences and Business Studies full-time Leiden
In the master's specialisation BPS and Business Studies, you combine high quality research in Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences with training in management and entrepreneurship.
Leiden UniversityBio-Pharmaceutical Sciences: Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences and Education (NL) full-time Leiden
The master's specialisation BPS and Education prepares you for a career as a teacher in Dutch secondary schools. After completion you obtained the qualifications to be a chemistry teacher.
Leiden UniversityBio-Pharmaceutical Sciences: Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences and Science Communication and Society full-time Leiden
The master's specialisation Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences and Science Communication & Society focuses on the interaction between science and society.
Leiden UniversityBio-Pharmaceutical Sciences: BioTherapeutics full-time Leiden
In the BioTherapeutics master's specialisation you focus on the development of novel therapeutic approaches to treat immune-based disorders by applying systems immunological and metabolism methods.
Leiden UniversityBio-Pharmaceutical Sciences: Drug Discovery and Safety full-time Leiden
This master offers you scientific training with a range of techniques, required for the discovery and characterization of novel drug targets and the synthesis and optimization of new drugs.
Leiden UniversityBio-Pharmaceutical Sciences: Industrial Pharmacy full-time Leiden
The master's specialisation Industrial Pharmacy trains you in quality control and safety in the production of medicinal products.
Leiden UniversityBio-Pharmaceutical Sciences: System Biomedicine and Pharmacology full-time Leiden
The distinguishing feature of the Leiden MSc in Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences is its research-oriented approach. This research orientation is unique in Europe and enjoys a high international profile.
University of GroningenBiobanking full-time Groningen
Please join us for the sixth UMCG summer school exploring the fundamentals of biobanking and cohort research.
Hogeschool Arnhem NijmegenBioBased Innovations full-time Nijmegen
Wageningen UniversityBiobased Sciences full-time Wageningen
MSc Biobased Sciences focuses on the transition from a petrochemical to a biobased and circular economy.
Utrecht UniversityBiofabrication full-time Utrecht
Creating functional tissue models with 3D printing technologies: Biofabrication combines advanced fabrication techniques with biological systems to prepare designed tissue constructs.
Wageningen UniversityBioinformatics full-time Wageningen
Bioinformatics is a scientific discipline with roots in computer science, statistics and molecular biology.
Utrecht UniversityBioinformatics and Biocomplexity full-time Utrecht
VU University AmsterdamBioinformatics and Systems Biology full-time Amsterdam
To be able to understand the secrets of life, Bioinformatics and Systems Biology converts huge volumes of genomics data into real understanding.
University of AmsterdamBioinformatics and Systems Biology (joint degree) full-time Amsterdam
Vast amounts of data collected through genomics initiatives provide a opportunity to research the secrets of life, to understand its complexities, to improve quality of life and to conquer diseases.
University of AmsterdamBiological Sciences full-time Amsterdam
University of AmsterdamBiological Sciences: Ecology and Evolution full-time Amsterdam
Sustaining natural biodiversity and protecting the environment is impossible without extensive knowledge of ecology and evolution.
University of AmsterdamBiological Sciences: Freshwater & Marine Biology full-time Amsterdam
In the two-year track Freshwater & Marine Biology in the Master's programme Biological Sciences you will immerse yourself in research ranging from tropical marine biology to the ecology of wetlands.
University of AmsterdamBiological Sciences: General Biology full-time Amsterdam
The two-year track General Biology in the Master's programme Biological Sciences is designed for students who do not wish to restrict their focus to one subject in the field of biology.
University of AmsterdamBiological Sciences: Green Life Sciences full-time Amsterdam
The two-year track Green Life Sciences in the Biological Sciences is a research oriented programme that focuses on studying plants and their interactions with the environment at the molecular level.
Wageningen UniversityBiology full-time Wageningen
The master Biology is a two-year MSc programme. You can specialise in Cell and Molecular Biology: Organismal Adaptation and Development: Humand and Animal Health Biology: Ecology and Biodiversity.
Radboud University NijmegenBiology full-time Nijmegen
Integrating all levels of organisation, from molecules up to ecosystems, to understand the mechanisms that lie underneath environmental adaptation.
University of GroningenBiology full-time Groningen
What are the effects of climate change on marine life? What causes a disease like cancer and how can you prevent or cure it? What happens in the brain while you are asleep?
Leiden UniversityBiology full-time Leiden
University of GroningenBiology full-time Groningen
Would you like a tailor-made programme in Biology? Specialize in mathematical modelling and computational biology to be applied in various biology research domains?
Wageningen UniversityBiology full-time Wageningen
Radboud University NijmegenBiology full-time Nijmegen
Are you fascinated by climate change, genetic diseases and biodiversity? Do you want to know how they relate to animal evolution, the human brain and molecular research?
Utrecht UniversityBiology of Disease full-time Utrecht
The Master's in Biology of Disease focuses on the translation of disease into a scientifically secure experiment/model, in order to study its underlying mechanisms and reveal potential therapies.
Leiden UniversityBiology: Biodiversity and Sustainability full-time Leiden
The Biodiversity and Sustainability master specialisation aims to discuss and answer societal relevant biological questions.
Leiden UniversityBiology: Biology and Business Studies full-time Leiden
In the master's specialisation Biology and Business Studies, you combine high quality research in Biology with training in management and entrepreneurship.
Leiden UniversityBiology: Biology and Education full-time Leiden
The master's specialisation Biology and Education prepares you for a career as a teacher in secondary schools.
Leiden UniversityBiology: Biology and Science Communication and Society full-time Leiden
The Biology and Science Communication and Society master's specialisation focuses on the interaction between science and society.
Leiden UniversityBiology: Evolutionary Biology full-time Leiden
In the master's programme Evolutionary Biology you identify evolutionary changes over time and study the origin and maintenance of biological variation all over the tree of life.
Leiden UniversityBiology: Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology full-time Leiden
This specialisation integrates genetics, molecular biology, and biotechnology into an attractive programme, with excellent career perspectives.
Leiden UniversityBiology: Molecular, Cellular and Organismal Biology full-time Leiden
This specialisation offers you the unique possibility to integrate molecular, cellular and organismal levels of research, but also provides the possibility to specialize in one of these levels.
Hanze University of Applied Sciences, GroningenBiomedical Engineering full-time Assen
The focus of this programme lies on designing and producing medical devices either for diagnosis or treatment.
Eindhoven University of TechnologyBiomedical Engineering full-time Eindhoven
During the Bachelor Biomedical Engineering (BME) at the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) you will learn how to implement technological methods to solve biomedical questions.
University of GroningenBiomedical Engineering full-time Groningen
Would you like to improve healthcare by developing and applying new technologies? To decrease the number of patients through preventive technology? Or to find safer solutions to treat patients?
University of GroningenBiomedical Engineering full-time Groningen
MSc Biomedical Engineering offers you the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge on a broad-range of topics within the field of medical device (design) and state-of-the-art health technology.
Delft University of TechnologyBiomedical Engineering full-time Delft
As medical science has advanced, physicians and patients have relied on increasingly sophisticated medical devices for diagnosis, treatment, and long-term health care.
Eindhoven University of TechnologyBiomedical Engineering full-time Eindhoven
Today's technology has become an essential part of modern healthcare. We use physics, chemistry, mathematics and electrical engineering, together with a medical and biological understanding.
University of TwenteBiomedical Engineering full-time Enschede
Biomedical Engineering is about the design and development of healthcare technology to improve lives: from rehabilitation robots and artificial organs, to imaging techniques and prosthetics.
Hogeschool Arnhem NijmegenBiomedical Research full-time Nijmegen
University of GroningenBiomedical Sciences full-time Groningen
As of the academic year '22-'23, the master's degree programme in Biomedical Sciences will be selective. Only students with a background in biomedical sciences or a strong related field will be admitt
Leiden UniversityBiomedical Sciences full-time Leiden
In this programme you will gain a thorough understanding of health and disease.
VU University AmsterdamBiomedical Sciences full-time Amsterdam
Do you want to combine human biology with molecular biology? Or learn about the other possibilities of biomedical sciences after a year of research? This master's programme will offer you just that!
Leiden UniversityBiomedical Sciences full-time Leiden
University of AmsterdamBiomedical Sciences full-time Amsterdam
The Master's programme in Biomedical Sciences is a two-year programme. It offers two clusters 1. Medical Biology 2. Neurobiology
Radboud University NijmegenBiomedical Sciences full-time Nijmegen
The Master's in Biomedical Sciences is designed for students aiming to do research or applying biomedical research in practice. It prepares you for a career dedicated to improving human health.
Utrecht UniversityBiomedical Sciences full-time Utrecht
VU University AmsterdamBiomedical Sciences full-time Amsterdam
How does your body convert food into energy? What happens in the immune system when someone falls ill? How do you research new treatment methods for a disease like cancer?
Leiden UniversityBiomedical Sciences: Communication full-time Leiden
Leiden UniversityBiomedical Sciences: Education full-time Leiden
This specialisation aims to provide you with a theoretical background and with general academic competences in multidisciplinary research in Biomedical Sciences.
Leiden UniversityBiomedical Sciences: Management full-time Leiden
In the Biomedical Sciences Management specialisation you gain knowledge and skills in the area of management, business and entrepreneurship with a focus on science- and research driven companies.
University of AmsterdamBiomedical Sciences: Medical Biology full-time Amsterdam
Medical Biology is a study for those who are fascinated by acquiring in-depth fundamental knowledge of the biochemical and molecular biological background of medical phenomena.
University of AmsterdamBiomedical Sciences: Neurobiology full-time Amsterdam
Neurobiology is a relative young field of study on the cutting edge of multiple disciplines such as biology, psychology, philosophy and computer science.
Leiden UniversityBiomedical Sciences: Research full-time Leiden
University of TwenteBiomedical Technology full-time Enschede
Within this Bachelor's, you will learn to design and develop new healthcare technologies, from rehabilitation robots, artificial organs, medical scans, to prostheses.
VU University AmsterdamBiomedical Technology and Physics full-time Amsterdam
Create the future of high-tech healthcare! Translate fundamental research into biomedical engineering solutions. The Master's in Biomedical Technology and Physics combines Medical Physics, Biophysics
VU University AmsterdamBiomolecular Sciences full-time Amsterdam
If you are interested in the molecular basis of every day health problems like cancer, antibiotics or food production, come study Biomolecular Sciences!
University of GroningenBiomolecular Sciences full-time Groningen
Are you interested in unraveling essential processes in living cells in order to understand 'life' at a molecular level? Would you like to excel in biomolecular sciences and use frontier know-how to s
Wageningen UniversityBiosystems Engineering full-time Wageningen
The Biosystems Engineering programme focuses on development of technology for the production, processing and storage of food and agricultural non-food, management of the rural area, renewable
Hogeschool Arnhem NijmegenBiotechnology full-time Nijmegen
Imagine getting in on the ground floor of a new biotechnology company. As a future lab technician, you need to know not only molecular biology.
Wageningen UniversityBiotechnology full-time Wageningen
Biotechnology studies use of (parts of) organisms in technical and industrial applications. Applications can be found in food, pharma, fine chemical, vaccine and bioenergy production.
Wageningen UniversityBiotechnology full-time Wageningen
Biotechnology is defined as the industrial exploitation of living organisms or the exploitation of components derived from these organisms.
University of GroningenBone, Joint & Tendon Care full-time Groningen
The goal of this summer school in Bone, Joint & Tendon Care is to teach an, English-taught, 7 day program using a multidisciplinary approach to the subject of healthy ageing and movement disorders.
University of AmsterdamBootcamp: Ethnography and Design full-time 
This online bootcamp provides participants with tools and frameworks for using ethnography and design to benefit work outside of purely academic fields, and impact organisations.
University of AmsterdamBrain and Cognitive Sciences (research MSc) full-time Amsterdam
The brain is an immensely powerful and intricate processing device dedicated to the perception, transformation and storage of the indispensable information we use to interact with our environment.
Radboud University NijmegenBrain, Bacteria and Behaviour: Understanding the Gut-Brain Axis full-time Nijmegen
See description below
University of AmsterdamBuilding Brands and Influencing Behaviour full-time Amsterdam
Branding is a promise made, and a promise kept. What factors go into creating a winning brand, the strategy behind it, and continued loyalty of costumers?
NHTV Breda University of Applied SciencesBuilt Environment full-time Breda
Do you want to find out how you can keep your country and cities accessible in the future? Want to map out problems in disadvantaged districts?
University of GroningenBusiness Administration full-time Groningen
Study business administration in Groningen and choose from one of the five profiles in change management, strategic innovation, management accounting, health and entrepreneurship.
The Hague University of Applied SciencesBusiness Administration full-time Den Haag
Business Administration full-timepart-time Leeuwarden
Business Administration is a 4-year bachelor programme created for natural leaders. Learn how to keep a company running smoothly, how businesses function, and how to improve them.
University of TwenteBusiness Administration full-time Enschede
In today’s evolving world it makes no sense to do business as usual. This Master’s turns you into an innovative, entrepreneurial business leader who prepares businesses for the challenges of tomorrow.
Radboud University NijmegenBusiness Administration full-timepart-time Nijmegen
In the Business Administration programme at Radboud University, you examine all aspects of conducting business, with a focus on the role that humans and their interactions play in running a company.
University of GroningenBusiness Administration full-time Groningen
How can you produce efficiently while keeping your organisation financially healthy and your staff motivated? Business Administration focuses on all aspects of entrepreneurship.
University of AmsterdamBusiness Administration full-time Amsterdam
In Business Administration you will learn all the ins & outs of crucial business processes such as strategy, marketing and human resources – as well as how to use them to grow a successful company.
Radboud University NijmegenBusiness Administration full-time Nijmegen
The Master's in Business Administration focuses on management and organisations from different areas of specialisation, with an emphasis on the social processes that constitute organisations.
VU University AmsterdamBusiness Administration: Financial Management full-time Amsterdam
How do you decide how much capital an organization needs? The Financial Management specialization of Business Administration is about acquisition, administration and allocation of financial resources.
University of GroningenBusiness Administration: Health full-time Groningen
Make a difference! Add value to health and care. How can healthcare improve health outcomes and patient experiences while containing costs and guaranteeing access for all?
VU University AmsterdamBusiness Administration: Human Resource Management full-time Amsterdam
What is the key to creating successful, sustainable careers? How can organizations effectively manage their human capital, given major disruptions like digitalization and an ageing workforce?
VU University AmsterdamBusiness Administration: International Management full-time Amsterdam
How can companies compete in a global environment? What do international teams need in order to overcome challenges and work effectively?  The Business Administration:
VU University AmsterdamBusiness Administration: Leadership and Change Management full-time Amsterdam
How can you effectively lead a group of people to a common goal when they each have differing interests? How can you create a compelling call to action when addressing multiple stakeholders?
VU University AmsterdamBusiness Administration: Management Consulting full-time Amsterdam
Want to find out if a career as a consultant is for you?
VU University AmsterdamBusiness Administration: Strategy and Organization full-time Amsterdam
How do you formulate and implement a business strategy that keeps you competitive in a dynamic market?
University of AmsterdamBusiness Admnistration: Consumer Marketing full-time Amsterdam
In the Consumer Marketing track of the MSc Business Administration, you gain an in-depth understanding of consumer characteristics, behaviours and motivations as inputs for effective marketing strateg
Radboud University NijmegenBusiness Analysis and Modelling full-time Nijmegen
The master specialisation in Business Analysis and Modeling focuses on responsible strategic decision making from an analytical and a social perspective, by applying modeling and group facilitation.
VU University AmsterdamBusiness Analytics full-time Amsterdam
How can you use the power of data science, big data, statistics, and machine learning to help organisations make strategic decisions?