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Avans University of Applied SciencesAnimation - Master full-time Den Bosch
This one-year Master of Animation is directed towards realizing your creative potential. You will learn to critically and creatively integrate innovatory studio work with theoretical principles.
Avans University of Applied SciencesEcology Futures - Master graduation track full-time Den Bosch
The two-year graduation track Ecology Futures focuses on how bioart and biodesign can create alternative futures. In which present-day ecological concerns are addressed.
Avans University of Applied SciencesEnvironmental Science for Sustainability, Ecosystems and Technology full-time Breda
You want to solve problems like climate change and plastic soup. Environmental Science for Sustainability, Ecosystems and Technology turns you into an environmental professional.
Avans University of Applied SciencesFinance & Control (international) full-time Breda
In the English taught International Finance & Control bachelor you learn how companies can improve their financial health and how they can grow internationally by decision-making based on information.
Avans University of Applied SciencesHealth by Design - Master graduation track full-time Den Bosch
During the two-year graduation track Health by Design you co-design with students from various disciplines in practice-led design research. And in art thinking projects in health and wellbeing.
Avans University of Applied SciencesInternational Business full-time Breda
You will become an expert in doing business in a cross-cultural setting and learn how companies can sustainably grow internationally. The bachelor International Business is taught in English.
Avans University of Applied SciencesMaterials & Energy Transition - Master full-time Breda
The Master of Materials & Energy Transition focuses on engineering solutions for the energy transition and the circular economy. You learn to implement these technologies and make impact as a professi
Avans University of Applied SciencesSituated Design - Master graduation track full-time Den Bosch
The graduation track Situated Design recognizes you as a distinct presence in the world. You immerse in modern discourses and focus on prevailing conditions, situated knowledge and design practices.
Avans University of Applied SciencesVisual Arts and Post-Contemporary Practice - Master graduation track full-time Den Bosch
In the graduation track Visual Arts you develop practice- and process-based research with students from other disciplines. In a setting that connects cultural studies, visual and digital cultures.