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Radboud University NijmegenAccounting and Control full-time Nijmegen
The specialisation Accounting and Control provides you with the knowledge, attitudes and skills to become a professional in the domains of auditing, accountancy, controlling and financial management.
Radboud University NijmegenAdaptive Organisms full-time Nijmegen
In this research-oriented specialisation, you will become an expert in the fundamental processes involved in stress adaptation of individual organisms, for example plants, micro-organisms and animals.
Radboud University NijmegenAdvances in Environmental Life Cycle Modelling full-time Nijmegen
Focused on the strengths and limitations of determining environmental impacts of a product with LCA methods, this course will provide you with insights in inventory modelling and impact assessment.
Radboud University NijmegenAmerican Studies full-time Nijmegen
As an American Studies student, you will study the major political and economic influence that America exerts on the rest of the world; especially on the Netherlands and Europe.
Radboud University NijmegenAn Introduction to the Fascinating World of Cardiology full-time Nijmegen
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Radboud University NijmegenAn Introduction to Visualisation and Modelling of Spatial data (in R) full-time Nijmegen
Spatial data are common in many fields like environmental monitoring and public health, however communicating spatial data is difficult.
Radboud University NijmegenAnalyzing Neural Time Series Data - August full-time Nijmegen
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Radboud University NijmegenAnalyzing Neural Time Series Data - July full-time Nijmegen
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Radboud University NijmegenAncient and Medieval Mediterranean Worlds full-time Nijmegen
Exploring the Mediterranean, with Rome at its heart, to become acquainted with the ancient, byzantine and medieval worlds through various perspectives and disciplines.
Radboud University NijmegenAnthropology and Development Studies full-time Nijmegen
The programme in Anthropology & Development creates an in-depth understanding of the most relevant current local and global issues concerning social and cultural anthropology and development science.
Radboud University NijmegenArt and Visual Culture full-time Nijmegen
Art & Visual Culture is a rich research field. It covers various aspects of Dutch art history & visual culture. Specialisations are Greek & Roman Archaeology, Western Art History or Cultural Studies.
Radboud University NijmegenArtificial Intelligence full-time Nijmegen
Are you interested in creating smart computers and systems, and in unravelling human intelligence? Then our Bachelor's programme in Artificial Intelligence is the perfect fit for you!
Radboud University NijmegenArtificial Intelligence full-time Nijmegen
Understanding naturally intelligent systems, building artificially intelligent systems, and improving the interactions between humans and artificial systems.
Radboud University NijmegenArts and Culture Studies full-time Nijmegen
Are you passionate about culture? Do you like sitting front row at music festivals and plays? Are you ready to join the debate on the arts? Then Arts & Culture Studies might be the programme for you.
Radboud University NijmegenBaby & Child Research Center: How Early Life Shapes Human Development full-time Nijmegen
This online, interactive course looks into exciting and recently discovered environmental factors that shape early and long-term human development, using psychological and biological perspectives.
Radboud University NijmegenBaby & Child Research Center: Translating Developmental Science from Research to Practice full-time Nijmegen
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Radboud University NijmegenBehaviour and Policy full-time Nijmegen
The Master's programme in Economics & Policy examines how people and policy makers make decisions that affect economic, societal and personal welfare, and what lessons follow for policy design.
Radboud University NijmegenBehaviour Change full-time Nijmegen
Radboud University NijmegenBehavioural Science (research) full-time Nijmegen
The Research Master's programme in Behavioural Science is a two-year international programme for social scientists who want to discover the how and why behind human behaviour.
Radboud University NijmegenBiblical Exegesis full-time Nijmegen
How is meaning attributed to biblical texts? In the Master's specialisation in Biblical Exegesis core concepts in Bible texts are explored in connection to their cultural and historical context.
Radboud University NijmegenBiology full-time Nijmegen
At Radboud University, you can choose from eight specialisations to define your field of interest within Biology.
Radboud University NijmegenBiology full-time Nijmegen
Do you want to know how climate change affects biodiversity? Or how to improve the diagnosis and treatment of human diseases? Then Biology is what you are looking for.
Radboud University NijmegenBiomedical Sciences full-time Nijmegen
The Master's in Biomedical Sciences is designed for students aiming to do research or applying biomedical research in practice. It prepares you for a career dedicated to improving human health.
Radboud University NijmegenBrain, Bacteria and Behaviour: Understanding the Gut-Brain Axis full-time Nijmegen
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Radboud University NijmegenBusiness Administration full-timepart-time Nijmegen
In the Business Administration programme at Radboud University, you examine all aspects of conducting business, with a focus on the role that humans and their interactions play in running a company.
Radboud University NijmegenBusiness Administration full-time Nijmegen
The Master's in Business Administration focuses on management and organisations from different areas of specialisation, with an emphasis on the social processes that constitute organisations.
Radboud University NijmegenBusiness Analysis and Modelling full-time Nijmegen
The master specialisation in Business Analysis and Modeling focuses on responsible strategic decision making from an analytical and a social perspective, by applying modeling and group facilitation.
Radboud University NijmegenBusiness Law full-time Nijmegen
The Business Law programme brings together business and law thanks to its focus on private law. Its main study area is the legal challenges major companies face when operating in Europe.
Radboud University NijmegenChemistry full-time Nijmegen
In the Bachelor's Chemistry, you will get theoretical knowledge and practical skills to understand the world at a molecular level, with the ultimate goal to design new molecules and materials.
Radboud University NijmegenChemistry of Life full-time Nijmegen
In the Master's specialisation Chemistry of Life you will focus on complex molecular systems in a biological context; using chemistry to understand life at the molecular level and interact with it.
Radboud University NijmegenChemometrics: Introduction to Advanced Data Analysis full-time Nijmegen
During your chemical career, you will generate lots of data. Only with advanced data analysis methods, this data 'tsunami' can be made insightful and interpreted further.
Radboud University NijmegenCities, Water and Climate Change full-time Nijmegen
This Master's specialisation prepares students for working on the nexus between urban planning, water and environmental management.
Radboud University NijmegenCitizenship and Migration: Europe's 21st Century Challenges full-time Nijmegen
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Radboud University NijmegenClinical biology full-time Nijmegen
Combine fundamental human biology with clinical studies. Bridge the gap between biomedical research results and clinical practice. Get the chance to work together with highly regarded research groups.
Radboud University NijmegenClinical Skills in the Treatment of Anxiety and Depression: Hands-on Practice and Heads-on Theory full-time Nijmegen
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Radboud University NijmegenCognitive Computing full-time Nijmegen
The specialisation in Cognitive Computing focuses on human cognition and its interaction with artificial intelligence by studying and designing artificial cognitive systems.
Radboud University NijmegenCognitive Neuroscience (research) full-time Nijmegen
Cognitive Neuroscience is designed to unravel the way human brain works by exploring the cognitive and neural basis for mental functions such as perception, action, language, attention and memory.
Radboud University NijmegenComparative European History full-time Nijmegen
The bachelor's programme Comparative European History offers an intriguing journey through Europe's past and future
Radboud University NijmegenComparative Politics full-time Nijmegen
This specialisation focuses on political challenges for contemporary (non-) democracies, such as new demands on representative institutions and pressures created by migration and demographic change.
Radboud University NijmegenComparative Politics, Administration and Society full-time Nijmegen
This programme offers a unique combination of the theoretical foundations of Comparative Politics and the practical side of Public Administration. It focuses on the politics of public policymaking.
Radboud University NijmegenComplexity Methods for Behavioural Science: A Toolbox for Studying Change full-time Nijmegen
Radboud University NijmegenComputing Science full-time Nijmegen
Information technology has plays a part in almost every aspect of our lives. This programme teaches you to solve social problems and making smart, user-friendly and secure digital tools.
Radboud University NijmegenComputing Science full-time Nijmegen
The Computing Science Master's programme offers a solid, theoretical understanding of computer technology with plenty of attention for the wide range of ICT applications.
Radboud University NijmegenConflict, Power and Politics full-time Nijmegen
This specialisation offers students insights into the origins, causes and processes of conflict and conflict resolution. It combines comparative politics, international relations and conflict studies.
Radboud University NijmegenConflicts, Territories and Identities full-time Nijmegen
The world has seen many violent conflicts within and between nation states. You will study (inter)national conflict, war and the physical and mental borders that come along with these.
Radboud University NijmegenConservation and Restoration Ecology full-time Nijmegen
Focus on the relationships between communities within an ecosystem. Learn how they respond to environmental stress and unravel ecosystem dynamics to contribute to nature conservation and restoration.
Radboud University NijmegenCorporate Finance and Control full-time Nijmegen
The specialisation in Corporate Finance and Control aims to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skill set to become successful financial managers in multinational corporations.
Radboud University NijmegenCorporate Sustainability full-time Nijmegen
In this specialisaton you study innovations and socio-economic transformations that enhance an environmentally sustainable economy, in particular affects the role of business and the market.
Radboud University NijmegenCreative Industries full-time Nijmegen
Understanding the field that is buzzing with creativity: where art meets commerce, and where culture generates innovation and social cohesion.
Radboud University NijmegenCultural Geography and Tourism full-time Nijmegen
In this specialisation you will learn to understand and interpret advanced theories and practices of leisure and tourism and their influence on the social and physical environment.
Radboud University NijmegenCurrent Issues in Environmental Science full-time Nijmegen
Radboud University NijmegenCyber Security full-time Nijmegen
In this Master's specialisation, the focus is on learning to assess the security of existing ICT solutions, and on how to develop more secure solutions for the future.
Radboud University NijmegenData Science full-time Nijmegen
This Master's specialisation will teach you how to turn real-world data sets into tools and useful insights, with the help of software and algorithms.
Radboud University NijmegenDecarbonising Industry: Technology, Policy, and Societal Readiness full-time Nijmegen
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Radboud University NijmegenDiversities in Youth Care full-time Nijmegen
In this specialisation, you will learn how diversities like ethnicity, religion, sex, sexual preference or socio-economic class influence the kinds of problems children and young people experience.
Radboud University NijmegenEconomic Geography full-time Nijmegen
The Master's specialisation in Economic Geography explores how regions are embedded in a globalising economy through the role of business networks, territorial branding and the diffusion of practices.
Radboud University NijmegenEconomics full-time Nijmegen
The Master's programme in Economics is well recognised by its research approach, which allows to call this programme 'Economic plus' providing its students with excellent analytical skills.
Radboud University NijmegenEconomics and Business Economics full-time Nijmegen
The emphasis of this English-taught programme lies on economic issues and how to analyze, explain and solve them. The programme also incorporates important business perspectives.
Radboud University NijmegenEnglish Language and Culture full-time Nijmegen
Growing internationalisation increases the importance of the English language in our society. It's is the language of science, politics and business. In this programme you will become an expert in thi
Radboud University NijmegenEnvironment and Society studies full-time Nijmegen
How can we work towards a sustainable future? There's plenty of new sustainable technologies, governmental instruments and ideas on organising the market, but we do not always embrace them. And why?
Radboud University NijmegenEurope: Borders, Identity and Governance full-time Nijmegen
Borders are sites for investigating the of European governance, sovereignty, territory and identit(ies). We focus on (b)ordering processes occurring within Europe's internal cross-border regions.
Radboud University NijmegenEuropean Banking: Strategic and Regulatory Issues full-time Nijmegen
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Radboud University NijmegenEuropean Spatial and Environmental Planning full-time Nijmegen
The Master's specialisation 'European spatial and environmental planning' prepares for a career in the area of strategic spatial planning and European spatial planning and territorial cooperation.
Radboud University NijmegenEuropean Union Governance and Politics full-time Nijmegen
In this unique multidisciplinary Master's specialisation you learn the most up-to-date scientific insights, concepts and debates in the field of European politics and governance
Radboud University NijmegenExcellence Beyond Borders: Breaking Down Barriers in Gifted Education full-time Nijmegen
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Radboud University NijmegenExperiments in Behavioural Economics: Methodology and Applications full-time Nijmegen
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Radboud University NijmegenFinancial Economics full-time Nijmegen
The programme provides 'state of the art'- knowledge in modern financial economics, including asset pricing, risk management, international finance and monetary policy, and financial regulation.
Radboud University NijmegenGender & Diversity Studies: Core Concepts full-time Nijmegen
This course is an introduction to the main concepts around gender inequality and diversity dynamics, and how you can apply them to contemporary issues in society.
Radboud University NijmegenGender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Management full-time Nijmegen
GEM focuses on the challenges related to managing gender equality, diversity and inclusion in organisations, designing interventions and giving content to the social responsibility of organisations.
Radboud University NijmegenGender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Politics full-time Nijmegen
GEP focuses on the topical debates about the role gender, race, and ethnicity play in national, European and global political decision-making?
Radboud University NijmegenGifted Education full-time Nijmegen
In this specialisation, you will learn about in the challenges and problems that gifted and talented children and adolescents meet in and outside of school.
Radboud University NijmegenGlobal Communication and Diversity full-time Nijmegen
In the Master's specialisation in International Business Communication, you'll learn about all the factors that play a role in communication in order to create effective communication strategies.
Radboud University NijmegenGlobal Environment and Sustainability full-time Nijmegen
You will study the way issues of complex global sustainability are addressed by international governance arrangements, rules and organisations, both public and private.
Radboud University NijmegenGlobalisation, Migration and Development full-time Nijmegen
Globalisation affects people all around the world in different ways and extents. This specialisation allows you to take an independent position in debates on globalisation, migration and development.
Radboud University NijmegenHistorical Studies full-time Nijmegen
Historical Studies introduces students to new approaches and an international perspective in today's debates about European and global histories that are grounded in national perspectives.
Radboud University NijmegenHistorical, Literary and Cultural Studies full-time Nijmegen
Gaining insight into methods and theories of the humanities in general as well as specifically for historical, literary or cultural studies.
Radboud University NijmegenHistory full-time Nijmegen
The Master in History is taught at the most ancient Roman city in the Netherlands. Academic excellence is provided through one English-taught specialisation: Ancient and Medieval Mediterranean Worlds.
Radboud University NijmegenHistory of Church and Theology full-time Nijmegen
To better understand Christian belief in contemporary society, History of Church and Theology trains to investigate historical developments of Christian traditions with critical and analytical eye.
Radboud University NijmegenHistory of Philosophy full-time Nijmegen
If you specialise in History of Philosophy, your study will revolve around the development of natural philosophy and metaphysics from the late Middle Ages to early modern and modern times.
Radboud University NijmegenHuman geography full-timedual Nijmegen
The Master's programme in Human Geography is a geopolitical study which explores how individual human's behaviour, nations, countries and the spatial environment interact with each other.
Radboud University NijmegenHuman Rights and Migration full-time Nijmegen
Human Rights & Migration explores the most actual legal challenges within the European Union dealing with issues that go beyond the territorial boundaries, like minority protection and migration.
Radboud University NijmegenInduced Pluripotent Stem Cells: Maintenance, Differentiation, and Uses for Regenerative Medicine full-time Nijmegen
Radboud University NijmegenInformation Sciences full-time Nijmegen
Gain knowledge of how IT affects organisations, also from the perspective of Management Science, and become an expert on how organisations can handle security and privacy concerns.
Radboud University NijmegenInnovation and Entrepreneurship full-time Nijmegen
This specialisation provides the skills and knowledge that enables problem solvers and creative thinkers to understand and challenge the difficulties that entrepreneurs face in their businesses.
Radboud University NijmegenIntellectual Disability and Health: Reducing Inequity full-time Nijmegen
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Radboud University NijmegenIntelligent Technology full-time Nijmegen
The specialisation in Intelligent Technology focuses on developing intelligent machines and new ways for humans and machines to interact, as well as understanding cognition through human behaviour.
Radboud University NijmegenInternational and European Law full-time Nijmegen
This truly international Master's programme in European Law is aimed at students striving for an international legal career in European Law, Business Law or Human Rights and Migration law.
Radboud University NijmegenInternational and European Law Advanced full-time Nijmegen
International and European Law Advanced has a generalist approach concentrating on the core concepts of European Union law.
Radboud University NijmegenInternational Business full-time Nijmegen
International Management focuses on the contemporary issues that multinational companies face in today's globalised world, with an emphasis on the importance of culture, diversity and communication.
Radboud University NijmegenInternational Business Communication full-time Nijmegen
In the IBC programme at Radboud University you can combine the study of communication processes in (international) organisations with learning a foreign language (English, French, German, or Spanish).
Radboud University NijmegenInternational Economics and Development full-time Nijmegen
International Economics & Development offers students the opportunity to study curriculum in International Economics with a strong emphasis on the low and middle income countries of the Global South.
Radboud University NijmegenInternational Grail: Communities-with-a-Heart full-time Nijmegen
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Radboud University NijmegenInternational Political Economy full-time Nijmegen
Many global issues require you to combine economics and political science. In this Master's specialisation you will integrate both perspectives and get a grip on international policy.
Radboud University NijmegenInternational Relations full-time Nijmegen
This specialisation focuses on global cooperation and conflict and the analysis of the players that shape global politics: governments, international organisations, media, businesses, and NGO's.
Radboud University NijmegenIntroduction to Data Science with R and Rstudio for the Social Sciences full-time Nijmegen
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Radboud University NijmegenIntroduction to Design Thinking and Service Design full-time Nijmegen
Radboud University NijmegenIntroduction to Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) full-time Nijmegen
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Radboud University NijmegenIntroduction to Machine Learning with R and Rstudio full-time Nijmegen
Radboud University NijmegenLanguage and Communication full-time Nijmegen
A mature language user has a vocabulary of about thirty to forty thousand words. Speech is produced at a speed of three to five words per second.
Radboud University NijmegenLanguage Variation and Multilingualism full-time Nijmegen
The general Linguistics specialisation covers the ground of Linguistics using theoretical and empirical work: from the description of languages to changes in languages; from phonology to pragmatics.
Radboud University NijmegenLinear Algebra for Neuroscientists full-time Nijmegen
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Radboud University NijmegenLinguistics full-time Nijmegen
Language is an essential tool of communication that is determined by one of the most complex cognitive processes. Understanding these processes contributes greatly to various fields of knowledge.
Radboud University NijmegenLiterary Studies full-time Nijmegen
The research programme in Literary Studies values the meaning of literary texts. It explores how to view a literary text from both past and present in an international perspective & within society.
Radboud University NijmegenLocal Environmental Change and Sustainable Cities full-time Nijmegen
Cities around the world are dealing with environmental issues: air pollution, urban heat islands, stormwater flooding, the growing accumulation of solid waste.
Radboud University NijmegenMarketing full-time Nijmegen
In the Master's specialisation in Marketing you'll learn all about creating long-term sustainable relations in relation to corporate social responsibility.
Radboud University NijmegenMathematical Foundations of Computing Science full-time Nijmegen
This Master's specialisation will focus on understanding the fundamental mathematical concepts of computation and information in order to explore the potentials of computer science.
Radboud University NijmegenMathematics full-time Nijmegen
A Master's in Mathematics opens the door to a wide range of career paths: from research in mathematics to working in biology, on climate change or in finance.
Radboud University NijmegenMedical Biology full-time Nijmegen
Are you going to bridge the gap between biomedical research results and clinical practice? Or would you rather study DNA, RNA and/or proteins? You have a choice between six specialisations.
Radboud University NijmegenMedical Epigenomics full-time Nijmegen
How do all different types of cells each perform their own specific task? The explanation lies in the epigenome: a heritable, cell type-specific set of chromosomal modifications.
Radboud University NijmegenMedicinal Chemistry full-time Nijmegen
In the specialisation Medicinal Chemistry you will deal with the discovery, design, development, targeted delivery, and both pharmacological and analytical characterisation of drug substances.
Radboud University NijmegenMedicine full-time Nijmegen
Radboud University NijmegenMetaphysics and Epistemology full-time Nijmegen
In Metaphysics and Epistemology you focus on the development of the hermeneutic tradition – key figures being Schleiermacher, Dilthey, Heidegger, Gadamer, Ricoeur and Derrida.
Radboud University NijmegenMicrobiology full-time Nijmegen
This Master's specialisation focuses on improving health and environment, and providing in-depth insight into present-day clinical microbiology and microbial research in general.
Radboud University NijmegenMigrant Inclusion Policies and Practices full-time Nijmegen
With increasing migration to Western Europe, inclusion and integration have become buzz words in politics, media and private and public organizations.
Radboud University NijmegenMolecular Chemistry full-time Nijmegen
Molecular Chemistry is a creative science, which involves the synthesis of molecules with new biological or physical properties in order to meet scientific or societal challenges.
Radboud University NijmegenMolecular Life Sciences full-time Nijmegen
In the Bachelor's Molecular Life Sciences you will study molecular processes with the aim of developing innovative solutions for medicine and healthcare.
Radboud University NijmegenMolecular Mechanisms of Disease full-time Nijmegen
This Master's programme provides you with insight into the molecular processes underlying health and disease, which form the basis for new therapies of cancer, metabolic and immunological disorders.
Radboud University NijmegenMolecular Sciences full-time Nijmegen
Molecular Sciences is a two-year research-oriented Master's programme covering all aspects of the synthesis and functioning of molecules.
Radboud University NijmegenNeural Computation and Neurotechnology full-time Nijmegen
Studying the interaction between and within groups of neurons, and how they affect our interactions with the outside world.
Radboud University NijmegenNeurophysics full-time Nijmegen
Our brain has an information processing capacity that exceeds supercomputers. Unravel the neuro-computational mechanisms of this fascinating system using experimental approaches and advanced theory.
Radboud University NijmegenNorth American Studies full-time Nijmegen
North American Studies offers solid expertise about the concept of 'America' in a variety of fields: US history, literature, (popular) culture, politics, constitutional law and social science.
Radboud University NijmegenOrganisational Design & Development full-time Nijmegen
Organisational Design & Development recognises that an organisation is a part of society. Therefore students strive to understand how to design an organisation beneficial to itself and to society.
Radboud University NijmegenParticle and Astrophysics full-time Nijmegen
This Master's specialisation offers a physics programme that covers the inner workings of the universe from the smallest to the largest scale.
Radboud University NijmegenPedagogical Sciences full-time Nijmegen
The Master's programme in Pedagogical Sciences has two English and five Dutch specialisations, each aimed at a certain development domain.
Radboud University NijmegenPedagogical Sciences full-time Nijmegen
The Master's programme in Pedagogical Sciences has two English and six Dutch specialisations, each aimed at a certain development domain.
Radboud University NijmegenPeer Relations and Interactions in Childhood and Adolescence full-time Nijmegen
Radboud University NijmegenPerception, Action and Control full-time Nijmegen
Radboud University NijmegenPhilosophical Anthropology full-time Nijmegen
The Philosophical Anthropology specialisation explores the philosophical significance of psychoanalytical hermeneutics developed by Freud and followers, with a focus on the phenomenological tradition.
Radboud University NijmegenPhilosophical Ethics full-time Nijmegen
The Master's specialisation in Philosophical Ethics covers the subject of the moral implications of human actions from the point of view of virtue ethics, phenomenology and hermeneutics.
Radboud University NijmegenPhilosophy full-time Nijmegen
The master's programme in philosophy turns you into a specialist in one of the philosophical key disciplines.
Radboud University NijmegenPhilosophy (research master) full-time Nijmegen
Do you wish to master the art of thinking? The 2-year research Master's in Philosophy provides an extensive training in academic writing and research methodology in a highly international environment.
Radboud University NijmegenPhilosophy of a specific discipline full-time Nijmegen
This two-year master's programme is unique in the Netherlands. You can follow this programme after having finished your bachelor's training in a number of different disciplines.
Radboud University NijmegenPhilosophy of Language and Logic full-time Nijmegen
Students specialising in Philosophy of Language and Logic examine linguistic expressions such as words, sentences, texts and dialogues; putting emphasis on the context of interpretation.
Radboud University NijmegenPhilosophy of Mind full-time Nijmegen
Students of this specialisation explore problems such as mental causation, phenomenal consciousness and the nature of mental state attribution from the viewpoint of neurophenomenenology.
Radboud University NijmegenPhilosophy, Politics and Society full-time Nijmegen
If you want to help build the ideas that determine the course of humanity, then Philosophy, Politics and Society might be the perfect fit for you.
Radboud University NijmegenPhysical Chemistry full-time Nijmegen
The Master's specialisation Physical Chemistry aims at fundamentally unravelling the properties of molecules and materials, trying to find answers by developing theory and applying physical set-ups.
Radboud University NijmegenPhysics and Astronomy full-time Nijmegen
Applying the laws of physics in real-life situations, ranging from measuring brain activity to designing new materials and investigating space objects.
Radboud University NijmegenPhysics of Molecules and Materials full-time Nijmegen
This Master's specialisation aims to reveal the 'terra incognita' between quantum mechanics and the classical world and inspiring new technologies.
Radboud University NijmegenPlanning, Land and Real Estate Development full-time Nijmegen
The programme aims to prepare students for a future role as city developer, either in the public or in the private sector.
Radboud University NijmegenPlasticity and Memory full-time Nijmegen
Radboud University NijmegenPolitical Science full-time Nijmegen
Power shapes politics, but what shapes power in the 21st Century? Political scientists analyse political behaviour, ideas, events and institutions. At the heart of politics lies power.
Radboud University NijmegenPolitical Theory full-time Nijmegen
This specialisation gives you the opportunity to study various aspects of the relationship between power and morality. Can political principles, institutions, and practices ever be legitimate?
Radboud University NijmegenPractical Theology full-time Nijmegen
The specialisation in Practical Theology aims to provide understanding of the dynamics and meaning of lived religion at four levels: personal, inter-group relations, organisational and societal level.
Radboud University NijmegenPsychology full-time Nijmegen
The Master's programme is taught in Dutch. There is no English taught programme for either the Bachelor or the Master in Psychology.
Radboud University NijmegenPsychology full-time Nijmegen
From brain research to anti-drink and drive campaigns or corporate consultancy; Psychology at Radboud University is much broader than you might think!
Radboud University NijmegenPsychology full-time Nijmegen
From brain research to anti-drink and drive campaigns or corporate consultancy; Psychology at Radboud University is much broader than you might think!
Radboud University NijmegenScience and Education full-time Nijmegen
Radboud University NijmegenScience in Society full-time Nijmegen
Science and technology fundamentally influence society. The reverse is also true: society shapes the ways in which science and technology evolve. You become a critical researcher and bridge-builder.
Radboud University NijmegenScience, Management and Innovation full-time Nijmegen
In Science, Management and Innovation you will gain expertise in societal challenges, work on the Sustainable Development Goals and learn the ability to speak the language of policy and business.
Radboud University NijmegenSocial and Political Philosophy full-time Nijmegen
The focus of this Research Master's specialisation is 'the political' as an essential but conflict-ridden aspect of the human condition, and politics as a way of coping with this.
Radboud University NijmegenSocial Cultural Science full-time Nijmegen
This Master's programme teaches you how to perform high-quality cross-cultural comparative research, with special emphasis on inequality, cohesion and cultural diversity.
Radboud University NijmegenSocial Media Theory and Research full-time Nijmegen
Using a multi-theoretical approach, this course will introduce you to what typical social media data tells us about politicians', journalists' and citizens' engagement in society.
Radboud University NijmegenSoftware Science full-time Nijmegen
In this Master's specialisation, the focus is on learning how to design high-level software that guarantees safety and correctness while still being in control of its complexity.
Radboud University NijmegenSpatial Planning full-time Nijmegen
Our Master's in Spatial Planning offers 6 specialisations which are oriented towards Cities, Climate Change, Regional Mobility and Planning.
Radboud University NijmegenStrategic Human Resources Leadership full-time Nijmegen
The aim is to teach students to analyse (strategic) issues involving personnel and organisation, and enable them to reflect on and to apply their knowledge in real-life case studies and situations.
Radboud University NijmegenStrategic Management full-time Nijmegen
The Master's programme in Strategic Management focuses on strategy processes and their management in organizations in relationship to their dynamic and complex environment.
Radboud University NijmegenSystematic Theology full-time Nijmegen
The specialisation in Systematic Theology focuses on drawing on the compassionate values and insights of the Christian faith to contribute to the welfare of society.
Radboud University NijmegenTheology full-time Nijmegen
Students in Radboud's 1 year Theology programme obtain all skills to identify and discuss intelligently theological influences in everyday life, covering issues from justice to climate change.
Radboud University NijmegenTheology full-timepart-time Nijmegen
The main emphasis in the three-year Master's programme in Theology in Nijmegen is on research on Christian belief in contemporary society.
Radboud University NijmegenTourism and Culture full-time Nijmegen
Become an academic expert in cultural tourism! Radboud University is the only university in the Netherlands that offers an English-taught Master's specialisation in cultural tourism.
Radboud University NijmegenTransatlantic Studies: History, Culture and Politics full-time Nijmegen
This programme examines the multilayered political, cultural and diplomatic connections between the two sides of the Atlantic Ocean, concentrating on processes of exchange between the US and Europe.
Radboud University NijmegenTransnational ecosystem-based Water Management full-time Nijmegen
The Master's specialisation is an international programme for future water managers, combining ecology, hydrology, and socio-economics. The focus is on ecological solutions.
Radboud University NijmegenUrban and Cultural Geography full-time Nijmegen
Cities are centres of society and are creative as well as conflictual places for divergent communities. We focus on how actors create, perform and experience the urban space and how they use it.
Radboud University NijmegenUrban and Regional Mobility full-time Nijmegen
This Master's specialisation prepares students for working on the nexus between mobility and spatial, water and environmental management.
Radboud University NijmegenWater and Environment full-time Nijmegen
Analyse the human impact on nature and become an environmental expert. You will learn to unravel the effects of stressors to connect scientific findings to societal implications or policies.
Radboud University NijmegenWork, Organisation and Health full-time Nijmegen