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Utrecht University full-time Utrecht
Utrecht University full-time Utrecht
Utrecht University part-time Utrecht
Utrecht University full-time Utrecht
Utrecht University full-time Utrecht
Utrecht University full-time Utrecht
Utrecht University dual Utrecht
Utrecht University full-time Utrecht
In de master Meertaligheid en taalverwerving bestudeer je meertaligheid en taalverwerving en pas je deze kennis toe op het gebied van onderwijs en taalbeleid.
Utrecht University full-time Utrecht
Utrecht University full-time Utrecht
Utrecht University part-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityAncient, Medieval and Renaissance Studies full-time Utrecht
The Research Master's programme in Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance Studies focuses on the interdisciplinary study of Classical Antiquity, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.
Utrecht UniversityApplied Cognitive Psychology full-time Utrecht
Learn to apply knowledge of human cognitive, sensory and motor systems in real-life situations.
Utrecht UniversityApplied Ethics full-timepart-time Utrecht
The Utrecht Master in Applied Ethics is an interdisciplinary and international programme focused on the interaction between moral practice and ethical theory.
Utrecht UniversityApplied Musicology full-timepart-time Utrecht
Applied Musicology focuses on the musical infrastructure and offers the specific knowledge and skills required for a musicologist to operate successfully within international musical practice.
Utrecht UniversityArt History full-time Utrecht
The Research Master's programme in Art History is devoted to the art and architecture of the Low Countries (Netherlands and Belgium) from the late Middle Ages to the present day.
Utrecht UniversityArt History and Archeology full-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityArt History: Education and Communication full-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityArtificial Intelligence full-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityArtificial Intelligence full-time Utrecht
Artificial Intelligence offers a unique integrated and modern approach from the viewpoints of Informatics, Logic, Cognition, Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics.
Utrecht UniversityArts and Society full-timepart-time Utrecht
With a mix of theory, research approaches, and practical work, Arts and Society prepares creative thinkers and doers for a professional career on the cutting edge between art and society.
Utrecht UniversityBanking and Finance full-time Utrecht
In this one-year programme, you'll learn how to contribute to an efficient and effective international industry, with special attention to international financial markets, institutions and regulation.
Utrecht UniversityBestuurs- en organisatiewetenschap full-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityBio Inspired Innovation full-time Utrecht
This Master's programme equips you with research, design, and collaborative skills to facilitate sustainable innovations that take their lessons from nature.
Utrecht UniversityBiofabrication full-time Utrecht
Creating functional tissue models with 3D printing technologies: Biofabrication combines advanced fabrication techniques with biological systems to prepare designed tissue constructs.
Utrecht UniversityBioinformatics and Biocomplexity full-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityBiology of Disease full-time Utrecht
The Master's in Biology of Disease focuses on the translation of disease into a scientifically secure experiment/model, in order to study its underlying mechanisms and reveal potential therapies.
Utrecht UniversityBiomedical Sciences full-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityBusiness Development and Entrepreneurship full-time Utrecht
This English-taught Master's programme provides the analytical tools and skills for new business development in established and new organizations.
Utrecht UniversityBusiness Informatics full-time Utrecht
Within the information and computer science, theories, methods and techniques of the business and organisational domain are combined in this programme, related to current needs in the ICT field.
Utrecht UniversityCancer, Stem Cells and Developmental Biology full-time Utrecht
The Master's in Cancer and Stem Cell Biology guides you in exploring the mysteries of embryonic growth, stem cells, evolution and development in relation to health and disease.
Utrecht UniversityCeltic Languages and Culture full-time Utrecht
Gods, heroes and saints; typical rituals, age-old legends and literary masterpieces: in this Bachelor's programme, you will study every aspect of Celtic culture and literature in great depth.
Utrecht UniversityCeltic Languages and Culture full-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityClimate Physics full-time Utrecht
Climate-related research is highly relevant for society, scientifically interesting and challenging. Human-induced global climate change has grown into a sense of urgency over the last decades.
Utrecht UniversityClinical Child, Family and Education Studies full-time Utrecht
This programme will train you to become a scientist practitioner who is able to analyse, perform assessments and intervene, when problems in raising children or adolescents arise.
Utrecht UniversityClinical Psychology full-time Utrecht
Learn how to treat and prevent psychological problems and disorders. Acquire fundamental knowledge and skills in evidence-based psychotherapies and become familiar with the research methods.
Utrecht UniversityCollege of Pharmaceutical Sciences full-time Utrecht
At the College of Pharmaceutical Sciences (CPS), you will learn how new drugs for diseases such as cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer's can be discovered and developed.
Utrecht UniversityCommunication and Information Sciences full-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityCompanion Animal Medicine full-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityComparative Literary Studies full-time Utrecht
In this Research Master's programme, you study the role of literature in modern societies and its continuing role in the changing media landscapes of the modern world.
Utrecht UniversityComputer Science full-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityComputing Science full-time Utrecht
Students will be provided with a strong foundation in the concepts, analysis techniques, and design methods underlying the development of modern information and software systems.
Utrecht UniversityConflict Studies and Human Rights full-time Utrecht
The Master's programme in Conflict Studies and Human Rights focuses on the analysis of contemporary violent conflict with an emphasis on the interconnectedness of violence.
Utrecht UniversityContemporary Theatre, Dance and Dramaturgy full-timepart-time Utrecht
This Master's programme focuses on contemporary theatre and dance studies and dramaturgy, from an intermedial, interdisciplinary, intercultural and international perspective.
Utrecht UniversityCultural Anthropology: Sociocultural Transformation full-time Utrecht
As a qualified anthropologist, you will study the relation between cultural diversity and power within the process of sociocultural transformation.
Utrecht UniversityCultural Antropology: Sustainable Citizenship full-time Utrecht
Explore the relationship between citizenship, cultural diversity, and social sustainability.
Utrecht UniversityCultural History of Modern Europe full-timepart-time Utrecht
In the Master's programme in Cultural History of Modern Europe, you will study Europe's position in the world from a cultural-historical perspective, with an emphasis on modern history.
Utrecht UniversityDevelopment and Socialisation in Childhood and Adolescence full-time Utrecht
Become a social scientist in the field of developmental psychology, pedagogy, and/or interdisciplinary social sciences.
Utrecht UniversityDrug Innovation full-time Utrecht
The Master's in Drug Innovation focuses on interdisciplinary research in the field of innovation and usage of drugs, biologicals (such as vaccines and gene therapeutics)and diagnostics.
Utrecht UniversityDutch Language and Culture full-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityEarth Structure and Dynamics full-time Utrecht
Earth Structure and Dynamics is the study of the composition, structure and evolution of the Earth's crust, mantle and core.
Utrecht UniversityEarth Surface and Water full-time Utrecht
Earth Surface and Water involves the study of natural and human-induced physical and geochemical processes, patterns, and dynamics of the Earth's continental and coastal systems.
Utrecht UniversityEarth, Life and Climate full-time Utrecht
Earth, Life and Climate is an interdisciplinary study of the processes that govern past, present and future climates, environments and biotic responses.
Utrecht UniversityEconomic Policy full-time Utrecht
In this one-year, English-taught Master's programme in Economics, you will analyse and evaluate government policy and management.
Utrecht UniversityEconomics and Business Economics full-time Utrecht
Economics and Business Economics in Utrecht is a multidisciplinary programme. Combine Economics and Business Economics with another discipline in an international setting.
Utrecht UniversityEducational Sciences full-timepart-time Utrecht
Learn to organise educational learning processes, learning environments and change management. Use this knowledge to improve education and commercial training.
Utrecht UniversityEducational Sciences full-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityEducational Sciences: Learning in Interaction full-time Utrecht
The Master's in Educational Sciences: Learning in Interaction addresses the theory, use and effects of innovative educational developments aimed at making learning more meaningful and enjoyable. In th
Utrecht UniversityEnergy Science full-time Utrecht
Energy Science provides a thorough understanding of energy systems and provides students the capabilities to work towards sustainable energy systems.
Utrecht UniversityEnglish Language and Culture full-time Utrecht
Studying English also means investigating how the language actually works, and how people learn it and use the different varieties. Moreover, the English degree programme is more than language
Utrecht UniversityEnglish Language and Culture: Education and Communication full-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityEnvironmental Biology full-time Utrecht
Interactions between plants, fungi and the environment from an evolutionary and historical perspective, with organisational levels ranging from genes to ecosystems, are explored in this programme.
Utrecht UniversityEpidemiology full-time Utrecht
The Master's in Epidemiology focuses on biomedical research, examining the distribution of health and the spread of disease in both human and veterinary medicine.
Utrecht UniversityEpidemiology Postgraduate full-time Utrecht
Epidemiology Postgraduate (also offered online!) focuses on biomedical research into the spread of disease in human and veterinary medicine. This Master's programme is not state funded.
Utrecht UniversityEquine Health Care full-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityEuropean Criminal Justice in a Global Context full-time Utrecht
The Master's examines the Europeanisation and internationalisation of criminal justice, preparing students to enter a dynamic and fast-changing global landscape.
Utrecht UniversityEuropean Governance full-time Utrecht
European governance is a multifaceted programme that combines insights from economics, law and public administration and prepares you to deal and work with the complexity of European governance.
Utrecht UniversityEuropean Law full-time Utrecht
Our LLM programme will immerse you in this challenging and dynamic field while opening up many new opportunities to you both during and after the programme. It provides a thorough grounding in Europea
Utrecht UniversityExperimental Physics full-time Utrecht
Particle physics deals with the building blocks of matter and the forces between them. The programme offers courses on all aspects of the Standard Model of Particle Physics, including Nuclear Physics.
Utrecht UniversityFarm Animal and Veterinary Public Health full-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityFilm and Television Studies full-timepart-time Utrecht
In de master Film- en televisiewetenschap bestudeer je de ontwikkelingen op het gebied van (de Nederlandse) mediaproductie, -participatie en -curatie.
Utrecht UniversityFinancial Management full-time Utrecht
In this one-year Master's programme, you will learn to to deal with economic, managerial, regulatory, and reporting issues to maximise enterprise value.
Utrecht UniversityFrench Language and Culture full-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityFrench Language and Culture: Education and Communication full-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityGame and Media Technology full-time Utrecht
This Master's programme concentrates on the technological aspects of gaming and multimedia in the context of computer science, with a unique thematic focus for research-minded students.
Utrecht UniversityGEMMA Master degree in Women's and Gender studies full-time Utrecht
GEMMA is the first Erasmus Mundus Master´s Degree in Women's and Gender Studies in Europe.
Utrecht UniversityGender Studies full-timepart-time Utrecht
In the Utrecht Master in Gender Studies, you'll learn to develop and implement sustainable perspectives in emancipation policies, diversity management, cultural initiatives and political activism.
Utrecht UniversityGender Studies (Research) full-time Utrecht
In this Research Master's programme, you will learn to critically analyse how gender and ethnicity intersect with other social and historical categories.
Utrecht UniversityGeographical Information Management and Applications (GIMA) full-timepart-time Utrecht
The master program Geographical Information Management and Applications focuses on the management and application of geographical information from a scientific perspective.
Utrecht UniversityGerman Language and Culture full-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityGerman Language and Culture: Education and Communication full-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityGlobal Criminology full-time Utrecht
The programme offers a multidisciplinary, critical, and comparative perspective on criminology.
Utrecht UniversityGlobal Sustainability Science full-time 
This program teaches students how to develop solutions to sustainability issues. This involves studying the interaction between humans and nature at the local, regional and global level.
Utrecht UniversityHistory full-time Utrecht
The Research Master's programme in History offers research-based training in political and cultural history, the history of international relations, and social and economic history.
Utrecht UniversityHistory full-time Utrecht
The History Bachelor's programme isn't just about the past. Studying history means active involvement in current debates and public discussions.
Utrecht UniversityHistory full-time Utrecht
The History Bachelor's programme isn't just about the past. Studying history means active involvement in current debates and public discussions.
Utrecht UniversityHistory and Philosophy of Science full-time Utrecht
The Master's programme in History and Philosophy of Science offers a unique opportunity to study the foundations, practice and culture of science from historical and philosophical dimensions.
Utrecht UniversityHistory of Politics and Society full-timepart-time Utrecht
The Master's programme in History of Politics and Society studies the origins, development, and impact of institutions in the field of democracy, citizenship, and the organisation of the market.
Utrecht UniversityHistory: Education and Communication full-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityHuman Geography full-time Utrecht
The Master's in Human Geography and Planning (HGP) prepares you to understand the complex social, economic, cultural and mobility issues arising from an urbanised world.
Utrecht UniversityInfection and Immunity full-time Utrecht
The Master's in Infection and Immunity gives you the opportunity to gain profound knowledge of fundamental and translational immunology through a multidisciplinary research approach.
Utrecht UniversityInformation science full-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityInnovation Sciences full-time Utrecht
In this two-year research programme you will get the perfect training to work as an innovation specialist. You will learn how new ideas or inventions are transformed into marketable innovations.
Utrecht UniversityIntercultural Communication full-time Utrecht
In the interdisciplinary Master's in Intercultural Communication you will carry out practice-oriented research relating to communication optimisation in multilingual and international contexts.
Utrecht UniversityInterdisciplinary Social Science full-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityInternational Development Studies full-time Utrecht
International Development Studies focuses on current development issues and teaches conceptual, theoretical, and empirical knowledge of trends and topics on the development agenda.
Utrecht UniversityInternational Management full-time Utrecht
In this one-year Master's programme, you specialise in managerial decision making in a global context, with a keen eye for all stakeholders while managing international businesses.
Utrecht UniversityInternational Relations in Historical Perspective full-time Utrecht
International Relations in Historical Perspective bridges the historical and political science approaches of international relations. In this way, the programme offers you the best of both worlds.
Utrecht UniversityItalian Language and Culture full-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityLanguage and Culture Studies full-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityLaw and Economics full-time Utrecht
The Master of Law and Economics was established in response to growing demands from international employers for multidisciplinary experts in competition, regulatory issues, and governance.
Utrecht UniversityLaw and Technology in Europe full-time Utrecht
This Master's programme covers the interplay between law and technology in Europe and teaches students about the legal challenges resulting from digitalisation.
Utrecht UniversityLegal Research full-time Utrecht
The unique LLM in Legal Research gives you the crucial research and analytical skills that are in demand today - whether your ambitions focus on working in academia or in a commercial law firm.
Utrecht UniversityLiberal Arts and Sciences full-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityLinguistics full-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityLinguistics full-time Utrecht
In this Research Master's programme, you will learn how to conduct your own research in theoretical linguistics, psycholinguistics, and language use.
Utrecht UniversityLiterary Studies full-time Utrecht
Students taking Utrecht University's Bachelor programme in Literary Studies will take a comparative look at literature of all eras, ranging from antiquity to the present time.
Utrecht UniversityLiterary Studies full-time Utrecht
Bij de bachelor Literatuurwetenschap in Utrecht bekijk en vergelijk je literatuur van de oudheid tot en met de moderne tijd, ook in relatie tot andere kunsten en media. Van epos tot roman en van roman
Utrecht UniversityLiterature Today full-time Utrecht
In the Master's programme in Literature Today, you will learn how literature works in the modern globalised, digitalised, and commercialised world.
Utrecht UniversityMarine Sciences full-time Utrecht
Marine Sciences studies how marine systems and processes operate naturally and how they change through human intervention.
Utrecht UniversityMathematical Sciences full-time Utrecht
Mathematics is the science of structures, including mathematics itself. Discovery of new patterns and relations, and the construction of models with predictive power are the core of mathematics.
Utrecht UniversityMathematics full-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityMathematics & Applications full-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityMedia and Culture full-time Utrecht
The Media and Culture programme studies different types of media in a broad context and in relation to one another.
Utrecht UniversityMedia and Culture full-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityMedia, Art and Performance Studies full-time Utrecht
This Research Master's programme approaches the wide range of media and performance that we encounter in our contemporary culture from a comparative perspective.
Utrecht UniversityMedical Imaging full-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityMedicine full-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityMedicine full-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityMedicine, Clinical Researcher full-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityMethodology and Statistics for the Behavioural, Biomedical and Social Sciences full-time Utrecht
The Master's programme familiarises you with issues of research design, data collection, analysis methods and statistical tools as applied to biomedical, behavioural and social sciences.
Utrecht UniversityMigration, Ethnic Relations and Multiculturalism full-time Utrecht
The Master's in Migration, Ethnic Relations and Multiculturalism allows you to develop the knowledge, attitude and skills needed to evaluate and conduct premiere research in this important field.
Utrecht UniversityMolecular and Cellular Life Sciences full-time Utrecht
Molecular and Cellular Life Sciences focuses on understanding molecular-level cellular function and rests at the crossroads of chemical, biological, physical and computational science.
Utrecht UniversityMultidisciplinary Economics full-time Utrecht
During this two-year Research Master you will learn to cross the borders of economics into other scientific disciplines to provide sound research and applicable solutions to real-world problems.
Utrecht UniversityMusicology full-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityMusicology full-time Utrecht
The Research Master in Musicology offers advanced research training into the study of Western music across different historical periods.
Utrecht UniversityNanomaterials Science full-time Utrecht
The combined talents and expertise of physicists and chemists are the key to success in the field of condensed matter and nanomaterials science, which is the focus of this programme.
Utrecht UniversityNeuropsychology full-time Utrecht
In the Master's Neuropsychology, you learn to understand the relationship between brain and behaviour, and to assess and treat cognitive behavioural disorders.
Utrecht UniversityNeuroscience and Cognition full-time Utrecht
The master Neuroscience and Cognition gives you insight in the principles of the field normal and pathological brain function and delivers a new generation of multidisciplinary neuroscientists.
Utrecht UniversityNew Media and Digital Culture full-timepart-time Utrecht
The Master's programme in New Media & Digital Culture teaches students to critically assess the meanings and functions of new media and their effects on daily practices and cultures.
Utrecht UniversityNursing Science part-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityOne Health full-time Utrecht
The master program One Health focuses on multidisciplinary research on the interface of public health, animal health and environmental health with a clear focus on infectious diseases.
Utrecht UniversityPharmacy full-time Utrecht
De Nederlandstalige master Farmacie leidt op tot basisapotheker: een geneesmiddelendeskundige die op wetenschappelijke basis een actieve rol vervult in de gezondheidszorg.
Utrecht UniversityPhilosophy full-time Utrecht
In the selective, Research Master's programme in Philosophy you can deepen your understanding of internationally-oriented research on philosophical issues and their history.
Utrecht UniversityPhilosophy full-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityPhilosophy, Politics and Economics full-time Utrecht
The PPE programme at Utrecht University considers political and economic issues from four different perspectives: philosophy, politics, economics and history.
Utrecht UniversityPhysics & Astronomy full-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityPhysiotherapy Science part-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityPsychology full-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityPublic International Law full-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityPublic International Law full-time Utrecht
This unique Master's gives you a broad, solid foundation of international legal knowledge and the chance to specialise in such areas as human rights, the environment, and law of the sea.
Utrecht UniversityRegenerative Medicine and Technology full-time Utrecht
The new Master's programme aims to educate the next generation of scientists and engineers to innovate at the intersection of biomedical science, technology and clinical applications.
Utrecht UniversityReligious Studies full-time Utrecht
The Research Master's programme in Religious Studies offers research-based training in the multidisciplinary study of religion as a dynamic historical and cultural phenomenon.
Utrecht UniversityResearch in Public Administration and Organisational Science full-time Utrecht
The MA in Research in Public Administration and Organizational Science (PAOS) focuses on societal problems and critical challenges that organizations in the public domain face.
Utrecht UniversityScience and Business Management full-time Utrecht
The Master's programme in Science and Business Management is designed to acquire scientific knowledge and skills, together with the ability to translate a scientific idea into a successful product.
Utrecht UniversityScience and Innovation Management full-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityScience Education and Communication full-time Utrecht
If you are broadly interested in science, and feel an urge to understand the social significance of your field of expertise, then it is worth looking at the details of this programme.
Utrecht UniversitySocial and Health Psychology full-time Utrecht
Investigate the social and health-related aspects of behavioural regulation.
Utrecht UniversitySocial Policy and Public Health full-time Utrecht
Study social policy and interventions in the domain of health and wellbeing from an interdisciplinary perspective, in particular as related to work, care and participation.
Utrecht UniversitySocial, Health and Organisational Psychology full-time Utrecht
In this Master's programme, you will study how theories from the field of social, health and organisational psychology can contribute to the management of complex problems within these specific psycho
Utrecht UniversitySociology and Social Research full-time Utrecht
In the Master's programme Sociology and Social Research, you will learn to develop explanations for relevant social phenomena using state-of-the-art social theory.
Utrecht UniversitySociology: Contemporary Social Problems full-time Utrecht
In this Master's Programme, you will be thoroughly trained to analyse and advise on contemporary social issues.
Utrecht UniversitySpanish Language and Culture full-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversitySpanish Language and Culture: Education and Communication full-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversitySpatial Planning full-timepart-time Utrecht
The master's programme Spatial Planning (previously known as Planologie) trains students to solve conflicting interests on urban land.
Utrecht UniversityStrategisch human resource management full-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversitySustainable Business and Innovation full-time Utrecht
Sustainable Business and Innovation focuses on sustainability business challenges and technological and non-technological options that can be used to innovate in a sustainable way.
Utrecht UniversitySustainable Development full-time Utrecht
Sustainable Development is the study of scientific solutions and societal interventions for an environmentally accountable society.
Utrecht UniversityTeaching Art History full-timepart-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityTeaching Biology full-timepart-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityTeaching Chemistry full-timepart-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityTeaching Dutch full-timepart-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityTeaching English full-timepart-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityTeaching French full-timepart-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityTeaching General Economics full-timepart-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityTeaching Geography full-timepart-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityTeaching German full-timepart-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityTeaching History full-timepart-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityTeaching Mathematics full-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityTeaching Music full-timepart-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityTeaching Philosophy full-timepart-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityTeaching Religion/Philosophy of Life full-timepart-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityTeaching Science full-timepart-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityTeaching Social Studies full-timepart-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityTeaching Spanish full-timepart-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityTheoretical Physics full-time Utrecht
Theoretical physics is an international and highly competitive field. For several decades, Utrecht University's Institute for Theoretical Physics has been on the forefront of research in this area.
Utrecht UniversityToxicology and Environmental Health full-time Utrecht
In the Master's in Toxicology and Environmental Health you gain knowledge and skills in the recognition and evaluation of human or animal exposure to potentially hazardous factors in the environment.
Utrecht UniversityUniversity College Roosevelt full-time Middelburg
University College Roosevelt (UCR) is the honors college of Utrecht University in Middelburg. Students design their own program by choosing from nearly 200 subjects.
Utrecht UniversityUniversity College Utrecht full-time Utrecht
University College Utrecht (UCU) is an international honours college of Utrecht University (Shanghai ranking: best Dutch university) in the Netherlands.
Utrecht UniversityUrban and Economic Geography full-time Utrecht
In this master students are trained to analyze increasing urbanization, growing environmental threats and uneven economic globalization.
Utrecht UniversityVeterinary Medicine full-time Utrecht
Utrecht UniversityWater Science and Management full-time Utrecht
Water Science and Management is the study of modern water management techniques and water policies from a sustainable development perspective.
Utrecht UniversityYouth Studies full-time Utrecht
You will learn to observe and examine contemporary Youth issues by combining different social scientific disciplines (psychology, pedagogy, sociology, anthropology) in an interdisciplinary approach.
Utrecht UniversityYouth, Education and Society full-time Utrecht
In this interdisciplinary programme, students learn to connect issues of youth, development, and education to contemporary (inter)national social issues.