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diplomabsc B Global Sustainability Science
start1 september
taalvolledig English
opleidingsduur3 jaar voltijd
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A sustainable planet is one that is liveable for current and future generations. You are of course conscious that we face huge challenges: the distribution of water, food and energy, climate change and the depletion of our resources are only some of these hot topics. Sustainability is a complex concept and it increasingly calls for broad expertise and a multidisciplinary approach. This programme gives you the tools you'll need to examine sustainability from a number of different perspectives and to come up with solutions that can change the world.

The programme offers you the right balance between natural and social science subjects, preparing you for a future as a professional interlocutor, bridge-builder and problem solver. You acquire an understanding of the natural, biochemical and hydrological processes (water cycle) that maintain the Earth in balance. This means taking science subjects like mathematics, physics and chemistry. You also learn about how socio-economic processes contribute to solving sustainability issues. To this end, you take social science subjects like public administration, economics and innovation. The programme also stresses team-work and communications.
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taal van onderwijs100% en
case study, computer exercise, group assignment, group discussion, individual assignment, lecture, literature study, oral presentation, practicum, project, research, research project, self evaluation, self study, seminar, tutorial, working group

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Beroepsperspectief / arbeidsmarkt

This new programme provides students with a fantastic basis for an international career, which will be the envy of many. As a broadly trained interlocutor, bridge-builder and problem-solver, students are thoroughly competent and knowledgeable. Students can analyse issues, grasp them from a variety of perspectives, and formulate solidly-grounded conclusions. Their line of reasoning has an impact on organisations and on people with conflicting interests.
Managers and administrators of private and government organisations need consultants like our graduates to help develop sustainability policies or organise sustainable production chains. Students might also set up their own sustainable production chain, webshop or international sustainability consultancy.

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