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full-time research-master Energy Science - Utrecht University

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This two-year Master's programme in Energy Science at Utrecht University offers an interdisciplinary approach to tackle challenges including mitigating climate change, securing our long-term energy supply, and providing access to sustainable energy for everyone.

Energy collection, conversion, transport, storage, distribution, and end-use application are all steps in providing energy services to society. All these elements form an energy system, which is complex and interacts with other systems in a multitude of ways. Transitions in energy systems and the merits of innovation for the individual components of each can only be analysed in the context of the complete system. This is why we place energy systems analysis at the very center of our Energy Science programme.

Analyzing energy systems requires a thorough knowledge of the fundamental scientific and technological principles of the discipline. This knowledge enables us to understand how the characteristics of individual technologies can influence their performance, as well as the impact of market and policy contexts on energy systems. Both economics and policy studies are covered in the programme.


taal van onderwijs100% en
lecture, literature study, research, research project, self study, tutorial, working group
instruction modes

Consultancy project – work in a small group on a project assigned by a real-life company
Master's thesis – independent research
Internship - optional for the System Analysis track


The aim is to educate natural scientists that are able to contribute to the transitions towards sustainable energy and material systems, by doing applied research, consultancy work or policy advice.

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